View Full Version : Testers Needed: Escape Games - CarazyHouse-Feugshui

04-08-2008, 04:42:45
These are downloadable Escape games distributed as .EXE files. The are made with Adventure Maker software and are made for WINDOWS [Vista compatible]

Collect and find items, solve some puzzles..Goodluck and Have fun.!..

There are 2 games, one is CarazyHouse and the other is Feugshui Castle.
They're my first games....I hope you enjoy~!..

And Thank you for playing! and viewing~:D

Carazyhouse can be found here (http://www.mercedes-games.webs.com/Carazyhouse.exe)

FeugShui can be found here (http://mercedes-games.webs.com/FEUG_SHUI.exe)

05-04-2008, 11:00:08
Oh yay!!! I didn't even notice this thread!! I don't know how I missed it!! It's 3 a.m. here, but I will try to make a bit of time later to test some for ya. ;) :D

Congrats on finishing them, btw!! :appl: :D

05-05-2008, 22:00:15
Oh thank you..!!..very much for that..yes i know i'm pretty happy about it..:lol: