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04-08-2008, 17:04:37
Nightlife Addict is a competitive online multiplayer game in which you can open and manage your own nightclubs all around the world.


Sign up and open your first nightclub in minutes. Get into the business world with this entertaining market. You can;

http://www.nightlifeaddict.com/img/temp/icon_ownership.gif rent or own your clubs
http://www.nightlifeaddict.com/img/temp/icon_capacity.gif increase or decrease capacity
http://www.nightlifeaddict.com/img/temp/icon_decoraiton.gif decorate interior design
http://www.nightlifeaddict.com/img/temp/icon_cuisine.gif set your cuisine
http://www.nightlifeaddict.com/img/temp/icon_equipments.gif buy a variety of equipments
http://www.nightlifeaddict.com/img/temp/icon_money.gif set prices
http://www.nightlifeaddict.com/img/temp/icon_staff.gif hire and fire staff
http://www.nightlifeaddict.com/img/temp/icon_organization.gif organize events
http://www.nightlifeaddict.com/img/temp/icon_advertise.gif and advertise

This online game will entertain you more than ever! You don't want to miss!


05-07-2008, 01:10:18
must create an account (on the game's site) to play this game!