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This is the real story of how chocolate created Part 1:

Once there was a spirit name Choc. Choc was the protector of the village near the sea. The villagers were quiet people, working for their survivor. One day a stranger came to the village. All people welcome him and they offer him shelter and food. The stranger told them his name was Gloomy.

Gloomy liked the place and started making friends with all the people. He was very different with the villagers. His clothes were fancier, prettier and his accent, it was nothing they have ever heard before. Villagers visiting Gloomy’s house to hear stories from places he had visited.

“I come from a place far away from here”
“How far?” A man asked
“Further that your imagination goes” Gloomy replied.
“How is there?” Another man asked
“From where I came from all people are dressed like me. They don’t work as hard as you do, but they have more time for their families and friends” Gloomy respond.
“But if they don’t work how they ensure that their table will have food?” a girl asked.
“My dear child. From where I come from people are so generous that they give jobs to other people, so they share their work with others, who don’t have work. I’ve been travelling from town to town, village to village, to learn new things, to see the world”

People were amazed of what Gloomy said. All the stories he was telling them sound so magical, they believed he was more than a simple man.

Choc was worried about the new villager. He sow that people stop coming to him for advice, to talk to help them solve their problems, and they went to Gloomy. Choc agreed that what Gloomy said was right, and he gave good solutions to peoples problems. Choc was happy, from one hand, that someone could guide those people, but on the other hand, there was something wrong about him. Spirits can feel the danger from miles.

Everyone believed that Gloomy was the nicest person in the world. They didn’t new what Gloomy actually wanted from this village. He started poising peoples mind. He was talking to each villager individually:

“You know from where I come from, people using this to pay for nice things, things they like, instead of trade them with other items”
Gloomy took out of his pocket a small bag. In side there was some shinny round things, some in the colure of sun and some in the colure of silver.

“Those called coins” Gloomy continued “With them you can buy anything. You know not all places accept to exchanges goods with goods. If you have lots of them you become the most important person in the village”
“We don’t make such things here Gloomy” people explained. We are happy the way we trade” they told him.
“ Once you start using them you’ll see they will start multiplying more and more, as other people from other villages cities will come with coins to buy from your village. You my friend will be better that anyone else in here” He smiles and left them thing about it.

People had started thinking ho many good things they could buy if they only had started using coins instead of exchange products. They liked the idea of being the most important person in the village.

Gloomy also said: “Having people working for you is very important if you want to remain the popular person”

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Chapter 2:
People started to like the idea of been more important than the other, and have other people to work for them as well. Few months pasted and everything had changed. Some people were seating home with their families, while others working for them. People from other villages were coming to trade. But it wasn't as fun as Gloomy said. Even though people had money most of them were unhappy.

Gloomy "supported" both sides:
He was telling to the people seating home that, people working for them are paid to do their jobs, and they had to demand to work harder otherwise they will get fired. While to the workers he said, they didn't have to deal with that attitude. Without their hard work their employers wouldn't were seating home and they had to work as well. It wasn't fair for them to work all day and live in poor.

People didn't see it but by having the village divided in too forces he was earning lots of money, by giving them advice "You have to invest in this product, you need to buy those books to learn what is fair or not. Give me the money and I'll make a better deal for you"

Everyone was trusting him. Choc was very sad that his people were divided. One night he was cleverly disguised as a villager and join the celebration party they do every year for the name of Choc. He manage to convinst some people from both sides to spy on Gloomy and see what he realy wants from the village. They heard talking to one of his close friends, that they will split the earning at done, while all village was sleeping. Their plan to fool those people succeed and they could stay here for ever. Then all the villagers chased those too enemies away. But the unhappiness they had brought to the village was still visible.

Choc didn't like the way his people was hurt, angry and sad. He had to do something. He open his magic spell books, and after 4 moons reading, he created a brown bar. He appeared to the village and all people gathered to worship him.

Then he gave one bar to each person. People were afraid to taste it. They haven't seen anything like it. Choc ensured them that they have nothing to worry about. He wanted to make them happy again, so he created this. When everyone had a bit, they started smiling. It tasted so good they could believe it. This bar made them relax, happy and a sweet mouth of course. Choc told them the ingredients to create such things, whenever they were sad. In order to thank him they names the bar Chocolate.

They could eat it and eat it every day, any time. It was good for their health. But greediness got in to the blood of some people. They wanted to gain lots of gold coins from that Chocolate. They travelled other villages, other countries and they sold the Chocolate to others, they even gave the secret recipe for other to create it as well.

When Choc learned what had happened, and how they betrayed his secrete and the gift he trusted to his people, he got angry. Not even his own gift could calm him down. But it was too late to change what had happened. Everyone new how to make it. But what he had done was to change the spell. Now who ever eats lots of chocolate they will start gain weight, and if they over done it their teen will be destroyed. From that time, Choc abandon the village, and never helped selfish people again.

That is why when we don't brush regularly, especially after eating chocolate, we have toothache.

The End

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cool story!!
Though chocolate is still good for our health =) yum.

06-26-2008, 17:07:32
that was a great story! i wish that chocolate was still good for us :D i would eat it and smile because i love chocolate!! :D

06-26-2008, 21:38:51
I am glad you two liked the story :D I will try to write another one as soon as I have some inspiration :P

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how cake was made? :D or how gh was made?? ooor maybe how the gh hotel was made and y its locked and raining? :P

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Thanks mandyy :D I am glad you liked it, and your wish is my command. I started writing a story of how GH was created. Please find it here ;) Stories of why and how thingas are happening (http://gamershood.com/forum/showthread.php?p=692033#post692033)

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thts awsome :D you have a really good imagination :D