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Eternal Becky
04-19-2008, 11:32:33
* This game contains scenes that are not be suitable for young players.

Get Lost is another point and click adventure game from E4, who is also creators of Which Way Adventure game. Choose-your-own-adventure of nearly unlimited choice (and also death). Be a rich and varied number of creatures from across the animal kingdom! Infiltrate ruthless organisations, haunted mansions and the cave of the elder bunny!
(Info taken from Nordinho Forums)

Please use spoilers to give hints:
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Click Here (http://www.e4.com/games/get-lost/) To Play!!


04-19-2008, 12:08:29
hehe, I already like the preloded animation and text about difficulty level :D

I found two buddies :)

...and I died :(


ok, I died so many times being a bunny that I'm afraid to make any further step in this game :P

I found a delicious cabbage and it didn't kill me so I think I found a good ending sort of :unknw:

04-20-2008, 01:58:49
Strange Game. I was a female, although I didn't look it. :|

Does anyone else remember the "Choose Your Own Adventure" and "Which Way" books, too?

04-20-2008, 05:28:37
I remember the "Choose your own Adventure" books. :D I'll have to give this game a try if it's anything like those! :D

04-20-2008, 16:31:21
did I mentioned that playing as bunny I also found a bunch of really strange looking rabbits yesterday? And that I got another "good ending" finding other vegetable ?
But playing as a human I constantly die and die and die again and finally I gave up on finding good ending.

but still it was a pretty funny game. thanks for posting :)


I won as a human, couldn't resist myself :P

08-02-2008, 17:01:27
LOL! This is an addicting game. I am in the Land of the Dead. Then I died in there, then went to the Land of the Double-Dead. I have not made any buddies yet.

EDIT: LOL! OMG! ROFL! LMFAO! I am the bunny and I found a female bunny and... my character...

08-02-2008, 19:33:02
I found some interesting things playing human.
In ther first room, you can take the lightbulb and you can use it either in the cellar in the haunted mansion to make it brighter or in the television room in the Mansion to get a fuse
You can also get the cheese on the mouse trap and give it to the giant mouse for an egg

08-02-2008, 20:59:43
this game may just be my favorite game ever!!! i found a bug in the sewers

08-03-2008, 01:11:34
I met a devil! Weirdly a health pack kills me. Then I go to this double-dead place.

08-03-2008, 02:56:59
Hey. Found a lot more stuff Just to say, I made up the names of these eggs
In the haunter house, take the cheese from the cellar (as human) and give it to the giant rat upstairs in the room with the Uni-Rabbit?!?
In the first room as human (The Bedroom) take the light bulb. From here, go to the Haunted House. NE then W and use the Light Bulb. It should blow up, and break the TV. Take the Fuse from the TV. (don't worry about the ghost with the gun, it won't shoot you) Then get to the scene with the three tubes (Quickest way is through green tube in the celler) use the fuse. W and pick up the brain. I haven't found what I use the brain with though.
Easy egg to get. As the rabbit, get outside of the caves. Head into the forest where the Rabbit with the horn is. Take the horn from it. Head N, W, and north again. You should be on a screen with a female bunny. Use the horn and click the bunny. Ignore what just happened and take the egg.
Ok, so rabbits don't lay eggs. Big deal. Anyways, from the beginning off the rabbit, head W, S, E. Click on the clickable honey comb (or whatever you want to call it) and take the egg. DO NOT USE THE EGG IN THAT ROOM or the rabbit will take it. I haven't found a way to get here using human yet.
I don't know how this is a bug but oh well. As human, From the beginning head E. DO NOT ENTER THE MANSION. Instead, pick up the moon in the Top Right Hand Corner. I don't know how this is a bug, but it classafied as one.
As human, enter the sewers. Follow the Bread Crubs (the light brown dirt) to the Right until you get to the exit. Instead of going south to exit the Sewers, click East. Pick up the Black Panel
Get to the 3 Tubes in the Labartory Area (Near the Big Brain) and take the Green Tube. Ignore the Gaurd and go S, W. CLick on the Machine and Far Left Button. Same thing, except press the Middle button
Go the three way split near the Transformation Machine. Go East three time. Take precaution on the third time you move because you MUST hit the switch there or you "Will be to flat to continue". Go back West two times. Pick up the Spine. Although it kind of disappears and doesn't appear in your inventory.
Still missing a few a bug and an egg though, and can't seem to get the Rabbit Egg as human yet.

08-03-2008, 03:26:12
ok.... i think the goal is to get 5 eggs and throw them all down to the sacred egg shrine and each item can become an egg if you use it right.... i was able to
get white egg from bunny honeycomb stuff and unibunny egg by putting unicorn hat on a bunny in the grassland place

i have also found the long lost squash racket although i dont know what it does..... and i found a key

08-03-2008, 15:01:10
Finished. Would of prefered more of an ending though but boy, was that game tough.
Many endings to this game including.
As human, go to the room with the blue beast and go south A little harder to find, First chase away the blue beast as human (In the a Yellow Tube Room) Then go Bunny and head up the Yellow Tube. The blue beast won't be there to eat you, so go N, W, NE, N. In this room you would normally end up crushed by the machine, but since you a bunny, you JUST fit underneth the Machine. Head East to claim your prize. Funniest ending yet. Go to the transforming room and press the button on the far right. You will become a manticore who want manna, whatever that means. Go left and click on the women. Now with the women gone, you can now get free samples. Go W, S, and you will transform back to human. Work your way back to the Transformation Room and click on Manticore Button Again. This time you will become an ant. Go W, W (Yes, into the Dragon) and work your way to the Controls. (Do not click on the Nerves if you come across them) Using the Click the controls. You know have control of the dragon. Destory the building if you want, but then go south, your at the candy shop now. Destory the wall. And click the candy. If you didn't take care of the candy women, she will tell you no free sample All I'm saying is that you need to collect the Wyvern Egg and leave it in such a way that you can get to it no matter what happens to you You need The Red Key, all the bugs and all the Eggs (except for the Wyvern Egg of course)I feel it's to soon for a walkthrough

08-05-2008, 05:43:11
I'm determined to beat this game and I know I am so very close. This is what I have thus far:
First Off, Always start as the human. Some things you can't get if you start as the pig-bunny

Take the moon from outside the haunted mansion, then scale the tower to the east when you enter the mansion and place the moon in the sky. Go to the rear of the mansion by the pool to get the real but that lay in the sky

take the lightbulb in the first room then go into the mansion, up the right starcase and into the left room with the TV. use the lightbulb and take the fuse in the TV. When you get to the underground Lab, use the fuse by the travel tubes and go left to the big flrshy object to acquite the ?brain?

take the cheese from the mousetrap in the cellar of the mansion, then take it up the right staircase in the foyer and give it to the giant rat in the right room.
Now it time to be the bunny

when you get to the transmorgraphier (shapshifting machine) turn to the piglet, but return to the tubes and back to the machine again (don't touch anything else) and as the piglet, hit the bunny button again to turn into a REAL bunny. This will teleport you to the bunny den where you can get the bunny egg, and the key as you keep progressing right -->

as you exit the bunny den, go north and take the horn, go further north, west, north and use the horn on the bunny to get the egg. after you have this. go back to the den and clight the dirt to decent twice then go west untill your in the underlab.
return to human from here.
no need to repeat the true arrow trick, everyone's mentioned it.

when your in the bunny's starting area in the den, go to the far far left until you fall down. there is a secret passage to the left if you clight the dirt, here you get the 3rd bug... but after that i'm stumped, because if you try to leave, the millipede with kill you.

where the morph machine is keep going right until you get to the vats of acid. move one more to the right but be quick to hit the switch or your dead. then return the way you can and the Mantacore ribs will be laying there, click them and you can turn into the mantacore... unfortunately i don't think it has a real purpose to achieve the true end
through one of the travel tubes there is a blue gremlin, if you don't shew him away as the human, he'll kill you as the bunny, leave the room then return and click the door. to find a mysterious green lock, from here i'm stumped...
where the old man is inside the mansion, there is a red bump on the old man's head... i assume it's the red key but i don't know how to get it... if it's even something to begin with.
i don't know what to do with it :P
anyways... that's all i have thus far.