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04-25-2008, 16:56:50
Some pivot comics will be made. 50 to be correct. though i need to know what will happen and what the name will be. so i made one with my idea but now i need your ideas for the next comic. and you can reply on how good the comic is or how it could be improved. i can edit it.

What to do:
Look at my comic i made and think of what you want it to be and what the name of it you want it to be.
Give me a idea and it will be on the polls list down below in this post.
After 5 ideas are in, vote for which one.
After 3 days, the votes over and whatever wins ill make and put here as the comic.

This is Comic 1: Bazooka Jam
Any Differences you want me to do on it ill do just post on what you want fixed.

Ok guys give me your ideas now!

Please wait for comic...

Always A Place For Great Ideas!

READ THIS!: If theres no new idea in a week then the polls will start anyway. no new characters. only the 4 characters (Victom and Dumbass, SkateShooter and Lil Robo) can be in the comics. Ideas must have only 1 or 2 characters. cannot go over this limit of characters.

04-27-2008, 11:55:40
Hey Neww999!!

I think your animation is smooth and runs nicely. You did a good job on it. :) (I'm not a fan of violence, however, so that's why I haven't replied to your thread until now. ;)) But I do think you did a good job of creating it. :) You want to know what happens next, huh? What about something where the VICTOM gets to have something good now that the bad guy isn't around. Maybe have him driving a cool car or something. :D

Btw, I really like how at the end the VICTOM holds up that part of the speech box at the end. That was a cool idea, and it really works. :D

As for the title...:hmm: Maybe something about how the underdog wins. But, it's late here, and I'm not too sure what a good title might be. :P

Anyway, I hope I was able to give you some useful feedback. :)

04-27-2008, 12:01:26
Ill call it "Victoms Escape". that ideas in. thats for the feedback too. also that ceiling is a speech box. and hes name isnt Victim its Victom its a name for him. now all i need is 4 more ideas.

04-27-2008, 12:05:08
Oh, oopsy!! :$ Told you its late. :$ I'm gonna edit my post so I use his proper name and call it the speech box instead of ceiling. . :)

I hope others offer you some more feedback soon. :D

04-27-2008, 12:12:51
yep or some more ideas for the polls. just need 4 more ideas and the polls start. well i cant have the real polls i dont think i can get rid of the polls then and make a new polls here for more ideas so my first post here will have polls and as a little good thing at the end where i say about the characters ill put above "Thanx to *Winners Name* for idea" and Winners Name will be replaced with the winners name of the polls idea.

04-28-2008, 18:09:03
Sounds like a great idea. :) I hope more people come and visit this thread for ya soon. ;)

04-29-2008, 14:44:06
For guys who dont want to put their ideas here cause its stupid i dont care. just put in your idea stupid or not. any idea.
Edit: hows the picture and text guys? :)

05-08-2008, 02:46:26
I thought that it flowed very well, and it had certain aspects of creativity incorporated into it. :)
I think a way to continue it would be for it to actually be a secret compound, and VICTOM makes his escape. :D

Hope I was any help. :)

05-08-2008, 09:43:03
Ok jones. ill accept it in the polls unless i have the title. dont know what its called without a title.

How bout call it "Escaper"? that will do. Its in.

Edit: hey i made one:
Skateshooter is skating when he hits the SB (Skate Brakers) leader and they chase him all the way and at the end we see a guy who jumps with hes fist on the board. then it frezzes and ends. Skateshooter does not have his desert eagle in this because its the start of the hole story.

Its called "The Beginning Of Skateshooter".

My idea is added and i can add my ideas in too.

Edit: well now im putting in a new rule. and its a good one. its been 3 days since theres no new ideas.

07-14-2008, 08:40:53
well its been long (too long) and nobody has vote so i made my own way of a comic. New Style! enjoy! This is Comic 2: Hanging On.

Please post some ideas and some voting. i like that really much.

Please can someone rename this thread "Comics Made By New1000 In Pivot" cause im not New999 anymore.

07-19-2008, 17:22:09
I say that they're good.
The only flaws that you really have is that there is no camera movement. Also in your first one, the bazooka movement was a little to loose so it looked like it was just flailing around in the guys hands most of the time.
And how the ceiling or whatever that is that falls is kinda weird. The bazooka bounced up and it the ceiling. You also forgot to get rid of the explosion, unless it's supposed to be a scorch mark, then it's fine.

As for the second one...
The camera is stiff, like in the first one. The animation runs smoothly enough. But the motion of the guys arm when he gets the gun...there should be a little more motion in his arm. And the animation itself was kinda slow. Try to decrease the frame rate.

Those minor problems aside, you did pretty good. You've gotten better.

07-20-2008, 16:04:59
Thanx someguy. you must be really good with pivot.

for Comic 1: yea in Comic 3 there will be camara movement. so that will be ok. yea the bazooka was a little bumpy and stuff. it was hard to make a bazooka rotate. ITS A SUBTITLE BAR! because theres no sound in pivot (why wont Peter Bone make a new version of Pivot which you can add sound to.) you cant hear what they say so theres text that comes up there so you know what they are saying but since the text did go a little fast Comic 2's subtitle was just a line and text and the text was slower to see proply. though yea it was weird that the bazooka went up like that but there was a air vent under the tip of the bazooka on the floor and it blew making the bazooka get pushed up, hitting the colapse subtitle bar. oh and that "explosion" was just dust on the wall.

for Comic 2: already said it bub dont need to repeat it for ya. yea well the arm was... well... off the animation so i couldnt move it. i knew i should of made him go in the animation a little more. oh well. and it was slow because of the text. it had the same frames as Comic 1 so i had to slow it down so it wouldnt go the same speed as Comic 1 which was fast. really fast.

and thanx for saying im better. do you have an idea for the next comic though?:?

07-21-2008, 15:05:53
I was thinking of trying your luck in hand to hand combat.
If that doesn't work out. You could always have one trying to survive traps.

07-22-2008, 13:08:40
im ok with kicks but punches... no. though traps are better then hand to hand combat. anyway ill call it "trapped in a lab". since my other characters didnt get on the comics Lil Robo will do this. Lil Robo will not though have the axe thing... yet. also i cannot add more characters. the only characters for my comics is Lil Robo, SkateShooter and Victom and Dumbass.

so get this everyone: if your idea has a character that is not one of these guys and you want that characters in it anyway i will do your idea but i must use my characters, not yours. also it must have one or two people. if a idea includes 3 or more characters it must be down to 2. not 3. not 4. not 5. not 189472748373862. just 2.

these will be in the rules. also Comic 3 will have a little surprise at the end. and no its not a scary surprise.

07-29-2008, 15:25:46
Opps! forgot my idea: A Big Mistake with Victom and Dumbass. Dumbass finally gets Victom and wants to explode hes head but when he gets hes head Victoms head actully shrinks. he finds out it was on the shirink side and Victom chases Dumbass saying "Fix Me!" and when they are gone it ends.

07-29-2008, 15:31:31
You should probably save it for the comic ;)

08-09-2008, 10:14:07
Time to vote! which one? please vote now. it would be good to see a vote instead of 1 vote in the polls.

08-09-2008, 13:31:37
You should choose what you want.
Your making them, you should chooses the ideas.
But I like the one where he shrinks. That would be nice to see.

08-12-2008, 15:13:41
The votes are in. A Big Mistake wins! watch out for it for ill be working on it right now.