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Eternal Becky
05-15-2008, 14:50:41
The Several Journeys of Reemus is a Point & Click adventure game created by Zeebarf.

"Help Reemus, the insect exterminator, and his buddy Liam defeat the Queen of the giant ants. There are two endings and different variants on how to get to the final screen. Click around to solve the puzzles. Click Reemus for a relevant action. Click Liam for information on the level." - freegamesnews.com

Please use spoilers to give hints:
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Click Here (http://www.gamershood.com/flashgames/5726) To Play!!!


05-15-2008, 14:58:12
HAHAHA! :haha: Funny intro :P

05-15-2008, 15:02:41
right got both batteries, started the watch & ran it thru a complete cycle, made fire. No idea what to do to progress to next screen.

05-15-2008, 15:31:35
got both batteries. picked up rock and used it over green carrot to make hole. pop the caterpillar open at stage 3 (green berries) to keep the bugs from drinking the berry juice

Can't get the dude to do any more primary actions. He just acts confused about what I want him to do.

Edit: Ok, through to next round. Pretty funny.

Edit2: Ok, not so funny you can die in stage 2 which of course I did.

05-15-2008, 15:40:59
Picked up which rock? I have the batteries in and can cycle through, but, that's about it...

EDIT**Oh....got rock and started fire....

05-15-2008, 15:41:37
Oh... I got him to jump down a hole :D This is a very silly game :haha:

05-15-2008, 15:41:54
I got to the next screen!

05-15-2008, 15:43:22
@ Michelle notice the seasons, notice the tongues, notice the stems are made of metal...remember the flagpole scene in Christmas Story

Edit: after death in stage 2 you get to start over at stage 2, not the beginning.

Eternal Becky
05-15-2008, 15:44:19
Just started and so far
I got the two batteries and rock

05-15-2008, 15:45:43
LOL. Awesome. Yes I remember that scene. Maybe we'll get to put an eye out in this game.

On to next scene.

05-15-2008, 15:47:19
tongues on frozen Iron "stems" :P
Becky :D

05-15-2008, 15:51:43
I need to AFK for a bit. On stage two I can't figure out the best way to use the 4 cannon shots you get. My purple bear keeps telling me I made a mistake

Back in a bit. Have fun.

05-15-2008, 15:52:44
Me too, RBS... pity. Can't figure this one out :P

See you, da RBS :hug2:

05-15-2008, 15:53:36
Same here. Failed a few times trying to figure it out.

05-15-2008, 15:57:13
Oh... I made him jump! Thaz sooooooooo silly :haha:
click those tiny grey balls on that little tree root near the dude

Edit2: Managed to go to the next scene
Make sure to place the "cannon" so that it points straight up and then shoot twice so that a piece of the crystal sticks in the big fungus thingy

05-15-2008, 16:02:55
OK, but still failed even with flowers. How do we get the sponge rock to fall down to the water?

EDIT** Nevermind....BOO!

On to stage three where timing is key.

05-15-2008, 16:09:21
Back. I notice if you shoot up twice a crystal fall into pond at it bubbles a little

Edit: reviewing Lilli's post. Revamping method

05-15-2008, 16:10:57
Well.... my timing is bad. :P I have no idea whatta do with the little
blue stone but I think it must be something with the egg thing :?

05-15-2008, 16:14:00
Where did you get a little blue stone?

05-15-2008, 16:16:57
The ant brings it and then I gotta through it down... I suppose on that egg :?

05-15-2008, 16:17:23
still no luck on 2, my crystal keeps falling into pond.

05-15-2008, 16:19:12
Lilli: you need the arm to catch the rock instead of the egg, stuck getting pass the bat

RBS: inflate you sponge first, shoot your first bomb all the way left:)

05-15-2008, 16:21:41
I see... ok, thanks da Shining butaaa... I tried and
the roch went right though the arm :(

Eternal Becky
05-15-2008, 16:22:33
Still stuck in first scene :sad:

05-15-2008, 16:23:28
Oh I see. Maybe we time it just right so it falls on the egg or the brack/claw thing feeds the rock to the frog.

Gah, The bat killed me

05-15-2008, 16:24:29
thanks ev1, onto stage 3

1. open clock
2. get batteries from rock on wall and green carrot top
3. Use clock to go to season 3, green berries
4. Click catipillar coccoon to eat the bugs
5. Click clock once to ripe berries, pick up rock at feet and throw it
6. Squeeze berries
7. Click clock to winter to freeze juice
8. Click the tongues
9. Click dude to to hop out.

05-15-2008, 16:27:16
Hurrah! Me got to the next step :D

Make sure to get the berrys to pour juice on the stems and then turn the weather thingy to winter. Click the tongues and they will stick on the stems

05-15-2008, 16:30:20
How did you do it Lilli? The bat eats me :(

Eternal Becky
05-15-2008, 16:37:17
Hurrah! Me got to the next step :D

Make sure to get the berrys to pour juice on the stems and then turn the weather thingy to winter. Click the tongues and they will stick on the stems

That is what I am trying to do. I did that earlier and now when I restarted the game, I can't do it anymore.

Edit - Power of posting. I got it.

YAY :happy-dancing: scene 2 was easy. Did it all by myself :D

05-15-2008, 16:37:19
Me is having a queen problem :P

Try the rock where the bat was sitting on :)

YAY :leb:

EDIT: I AM OOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUT!! http://smilies.sofrayt.com/^/aiw/dance.gifhttp://smilies.sofrayt.com/^/aiw/yahoo.gifhttp://smilies.sofrayt.com/^/aiw/dance.gif

05-15-2008, 16:39:31
Oh got past the bat

As soon as he starts to climb up the rock click the pointy rock on the ceiling so it falls on the bat.

Eternal Becky
05-15-2008, 16:41:16
OMself, that green bat killed me http://bestsmileys.com/fainting/1.gif

05-15-2008, 16:41:59
Thaz nuthin' Becky! Wait until you see how it ends :P :haha:

05-15-2008, 16:43:02
Hello Queenie! Let's party..brains or brawn? WTG LILLI

Edit: Ouch, spears in head really hurt!

Eternal Becky
05-15-2008, 16:43:54
Ohh I got past it :D bad bat http://bestsmileys.com/bat/2.gif

05-15-2008, 16:44:48
Thank you RBS :hug: :D

Eternal Becky
05-15-2008, 16:46:55
Edit: Ouch, spears in head really hurt!

Tell me about it http://bestsmileys.com/doh/1.gif

05-15-2008, 16:51:09
Good ending! This was a very funny game.

Eternal Becky
05-15-2008, 16:53:52
The queen keeps squashing him :angry-dude:

05-15-2008, 16:56:37
Supooooooooooooooose... you canmake him jump before she does that. Also make sure he has his "helmet" on :P

05-15-2008, 16:57:30
I am OUT! I guess I didn't taste very good! Are there more endings? I never pried the thing up cuz I didn't have a spear anymore. That was fun

05-15-2008, 17:00:52
I think there is but so far I have not been able ta make it without getting squished :P

05-15-2008, 18:42:55
my ending was I poisoned the queen :P

05-15-2008, 18:55:41
How did you manage before getting squished? :P

05-15-2008, 18:57:58
I clicked the little fire bug till the sponge had all the poison then I clicked the sponge and the guy was holding it then when the Queen came I clicked the guy and the queen ate it :P But I clicked like mad to get everything done, didn't work the first time I tried it tho:wht:

05-15-2008, 19:11:40
Can someone explain level 2?
How do I not get eaten by the plant?

05-15-2008, 19:14:30
HI, Whats up!!!lol

05-15-2008, 19:21:29
Can someone explain level 2?
How do I not get eaten by the plant?

you need to get the crystal to fall on the sponge and the light will shine into the eye:)

05-15-2008, 19:28:45
how are the crystals made to fall then?
I dont see ANY way to get them to fall?

Eternal Becky
05-15-2008, 19:35:17
@ Brain
Just where Reemus is standing you will see a cannon behind him. Aim it upwards and fire until the crystal falls

05-15-2008, 19:52:00
1. Click orange bug, tilt flume, click new bug to empty into pond.
2. Open 5 spots near you, click horn bug, click you to scare and drop sponge
3. Click vine near cannon to activate, point up, click orange bug to fire twice
4. Jump and click yourself on belly to leave.

05-15-2008, 19:57:52
OK. I'm going to need one of those for level 3 as well now?
All I can do is ride a snail which breaks the bridge, make a rock fall which you can't use, click the bat to scare the bird to lay an egg which the machine grabs & feeds to a frog.
then your snail sinks & you drown. no solutions there at all. HELP?
I'm moments away from quitting. This game is rubbish.

05-15-2008, 20:04:09
Working on level 3 spoiler. Timing is hard to explain but you have to make the

frog eat ants rock instead of egg

If I can make an understandable post I will. I just lucked out on the timing.

05-15-2008, 20:11:23
Your supposed to do that as your sinking?
Screw that, I quit.

05-15-2008, 20:13:05
Yes, you are sinking while you finish the stage but its the only way out.

06-29-2008, 00:38:05
its a cute game with a long intro
kind of hard, couldnt get past the 1st lvl.


06-29-2008, 00:57:51
very fun game! made it to level 2 so far. Thanks for posting

finished!!! great game. hope there is a sequal

06-29-2008, 01:08:54
this was a fun game, although it has been posted before. thanks though!

08-25-2008, 05:27:49
Where are you stuck?
Have you got past the first room?

I figured it out, but cannot click fast enough on my laptop, lol.

08-25-2008, 05:30:41
I am on a laptop too....am past the first room.....no fast clicking.....stuck on room 2 now.

08-25-2008, 05:31:29
Haha, I thought you had to make the tongues lick, then freeze them real quick, not another way, lol

08-25-2008, 05:34:15
Did you get it????

Wahoo....past 2....lol

and 3

omg this is funny.....but I think it needs a warning for little kids....some blood.

08-25-2008, 05:36:51
Yeah, I'm stuck in room 4

Hmmm... have you Made the sponge rock fall, then water it?

Ahh, accidentally reset, and cannot get the timing right for 3 again...
The stupid stick won't catch the rock anymore... GRRR

EDIT::: Past 4, but going to bed, will leave it idle because I don't want to start over, lol

08-25-2008, 05:51:16
yeah....I am in 4 too.....still working on it

Ok....done....I don't know if there is a different ending...mine said "Reckless"
and I never caught a rock?

08-25-2008, 05:57:41
I got legendary ending:

Part 1:
Click staff
Click food ant is holding (for crumbs)
Click staff with fire
Click bubble thing above you
Click ant
Click ant head and spear
Click your man, then crumb on the ground
Part 2:
1: Throw spear at sponge rock
2: Click on fire bug until he leaves
3: Click on rock again
4: Feed rock to queen

How'd you get reckless, :P
NVM, Got reckless too, nite

08-25-2008, 06:04:20
I don't remember....lol....but am playing again and got killed by a pencil.....

I guess it's reckless to jump in her mouth.....lol

09-08-2008, 18:14:51
I can't find the second battery in the first screen. :$

EDIT: POP! Nevemind. :D

EDIT: Stuck again - still on the first screen. :$ I have The all the tongues frozen to the stems, and I have the rock, but I can't seem to do anything else. :wht: :( All tongues that I see were used, but it keeps saying I need more tongues. :S And no one else is playing. :sad:

Okay, that was a glitch. :S I couldn't get him to do anything when I had the tongues stuck to the stems. But when changed the seasons, and the tongues went back to the ground, he jumped on the spaces where the tongues WERE, and THEN went down the hole. :haha: Weird.

09-09-2008, 09:21:25
Out with reckless end. I love these games!!!

09-09-2008, 18:25:31
I can't figr out what to do in thr room wif bat

Countess Roxy
10-13-2008, 03:57:01
me either emo!!!!!! :mad: