View Full Version : Contest 3: Create A Pivot Blooper

05-23-2008, 10:07:40
Theres other comps here so go see them. this is my contest.

I have a Colaborated Video of pivot animations just sitting there with only my animations and i need yours.


Dont take other pivot animations from other people and call it yourself. you must make it yourself
You must have Pivot to do this
Links and Pictures with Pivot are allowed
Must be size of 768x576 only to fit it in video
(Opicinal) Must have a background
Must be a blooper
You must have your user name on the corners. top left, top right, bottom right and bottom left only
You can only put in 1-4 bloopers. not 1-5 just 1-4 only.

Everyone can put their pivot bloopers in. But please do what this says.

The winners have their animations in the video. hate to say this but i must take your winning animations to get it. also theres a Best Animation part at the end. Best Animation not only gets their animation in that part but will also have a picture of the Best Animation trophy made by me. its a good one and you'll love it:).


Contest will now be over after 20 Bloopers!

Good Luck All And Have Fun:D!!!

See Other Comps Now On. Though These Ones Are From Renegade (Which Mistery put the comps on)

Lets hope this Comp is ok here in Cartoons cause Creative is for pictures. this is for animations.

Sorry if you wanted to put your blooper in cause it is now canceled since nobody wants to put in their blooper so thats it its canceled. sorry if you wanted your blooper here now because your too late:( this thread must be either locked or deleted. cause its over.