View Full Version : Flatbread Express

05-24-2008, 08:24:28
This is a promotional game for Stouffer's flatbread sandwiches. :P Pay attention to the orders of your customers. Then create, cook, and serve them in a timely manner. It gets going pretty fast. Good luck and have fun! :)

Play HERE. (http://www.miniclip.com/games/flatbread-express/en/)


05-24-2008, 13:37:19
ohhh customers............

sharna 94
05-24-2008, 15:36:25
they all come when its getting easy nooooooooo i just died not good

05-24-2008, 15:50:40
Anyone else notice that the drink machine's kinda pointless? I got to the level where you need $145, and didn't use it at all.

05-24-2008, 16:06:54
Haha, the game was going too slow in the first few levels that I got bored and quit.

08-03-2008, 18:28:29
I like it the music was kinda relaxing but I have to cut it short gotta go to work and basically do that but for $$