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04-06-2006, 22:15:48
Play game:


Point and click game.

04-06-2006, 22:33:00
1st, I submitted that game

04-06-2006, 22:38:52
Nice boyfriend! *note my sarcasm* I would have to kick his a** for his stupidity and disrespect if I were her! :hit: :P
Then take his sorry a** to the police myself! :shv: What a big wussy! lol

Wow! I'm still playing, It is such a long story, but it's good!

04-06-2006, 22:53:49
lol! That was good!

04-06-2006, 23:16:39
im stuck yo!

04-06-2006, 23:19:02
peeps im stuck ya gotta help me, im on tha bit wiv the old bitch, what do i tell her?

04-06-2006, 23:25:42
Wow, great job! I haven't played it through yet but I like it very much so far.

04-06-2006, 23:56:24
i ended it wrong but i cant be bothered to start again

04-07-2006, 03:02:59
yeah a walkthrough would be great!

04-07-2006, 05:37:00
Ok first of all, you need to USE THE OLDMAN's CELLPHONE TO CALL THE POLICE.

Then the two idiots will go be begin their long argument (this is gonna last for quite a LONG time). You should tell Wilma to EXPRESS MORAL OUTRAGE AT SYD'S SUGGESTION. Then ADVISE HER TO INQUIRE OF SYD WHETHER HE INTENDS TO TELL THE POLICE THAT SHE WAS DRIVING WITH THE LIGHTS OFF AND THEN USE THE PHONE TO CALL HOME. Wilma then will reveal to you about her affair with the mayor... So you should then ASK HER TO CALL THE POLICE, AND ASK THEM IF YOU SHOULD BRING THE BODY IN SINCE YOU DON'T KNOW WHERE YOU ARE. Wilma will agree with you, and voila! You've completed the 1st and 2nd scenerio!!!

The start of 3rd Scenerio, you encounter an approaching vehicle. You shloud never try to flag the vehicle for help!!! Hence you should DRIVE OFF WITH THE BODY TO VISIT CARLA BEFORE THE CAR ARRIVES. And now come Syd, the trouble maker. He will talk to you in private and you are suppose to convince him to drive off with the body. Both Wilma and Syd are rational, hence you should TELL HIM THAT YOU SYMPATHISE WITH HIS SITUATION BUT WHATEVER HIS PROBLEMS ARE IT'LL ONLY GET WORST IF HE DOES THE WRONG THING HERE. Syd will comment that you're an one-string banjo, but what the heck?! You're the only sane person in this situation! TELL HIM THAT YOU'RE WITH HIM ALL THE WAY AND YOU NEED HIM TO RECONSIDER HIS DECISION TO RUN WITH THE CASH. (Geeze, he's stupid!) And after some bull-shitting, he will ask you turn to ask you for advice to stop Wilma from stopping the car. ADVISE HIM TO REMIND HER THAT THE PLAN WAS TO RESCUE CARL AND CALL THE POLICE FROM THE UNKNOWN LOCATION. Voila, Wilma listens to you!!!

However the bad guy in the car is following you!!! Ok, Wilma still decides to stop... ($%#*) NOW, YOU SHOULD DO THE TALKING!!! Obviously, tell that weird guy that HE IS BEING AN IRRESPONSIBLE CUSTODIAN!!! Then, the weird guy will demand you for the money. Obviously you must act like diplomatic ass now. ACT SURPIRSE AND THAT GRAMP WAS TRYING TO TELL YOU ABOUT HIS DROPPED ENVELOPE BEFORE HE DIED BUT YOU DIDN'T UNDERSTAND. Yeah, plus, YOU DIDN'T FIND ANY ID ON HIIM EITHER, BUT WOULDN'T MIND HELPING HIM TO LOAD THE BODY. Yeah, you've bluff that weird ass off!!!

Ok now is the GRAND FINALE!!! YOU WILL DO THE NEGOCIATION, BUT DO REMIND THEM TO CALL THE POLICE RIGHT NOW!!! OK here's the final showdown with this old witch... TELL HER THAT YOU'VE BROUGHT THE CORPSE OF THE GRAMP. She will then ask her butler to get rid of the body (by feeding it to the pirahna...yikes!) She'll then ask you what you've found on the body. To that you should answer CLOTHES, CELLPHONE AND SOME MONEY. Obviously that old witch is only interested in the money, and she'll will ask you for the exact amount. Being a good negotiator, you should NEVER reveal the amount to her. Hence you should say THE MONEY IS INTENDED TO SECURE CARLA'S RELEASE. Yes, and she will go on to bitch about that vase that was broken by Carla which cost only $80... (sigh...) ASK HER HOW MUCH IT WOULD COST TO REPLACE IT. Yeah, and she will bitch again about her useless vase. Now ASK HER ABOUT CARLA'S DEBT REPAYMENT PLAN. SKip this part if you like about the explanation of Carla's salary... It's miserable. Anyhow, then ASK HER IF SHE CONSIDER HERSELF A PRINCIPLED PERSON. And being an old witch, she would definately answer Yes...TELL HER THAT YOU'RE RELEAVED TO HEAR THAT AND YOU MUST SEE AN INDEPENDENT EVALUATION OF THE BROKEN VASE. Now you kinda caught her right there, and TELL HER THAT SENTIMENTAL VALUE CANNOT BE FACTORED INTO ANY PRINCIPLED AGREENMENT FOR MATERIAL COMPENSATION. Ok, here comes Carla being a total troublemaker. She would claim that she don't know you. (Right just to make things worst). TELL CARLA THAT YOU'RE COMPLETING THE LAST JOURNEY OF HER GRAMP WHO WAS ON HIS WAY TO RESCUE HER. That old witch will demand for money, butyou should REMIND HER THAT YOU REACHED AN AGREEMENT THAT NO FURTHER PAYMENT WAS DUE. OK, finally the police are here. That old witch will try her best to bestow the name of "criminal" onto you and your travel companion, obviously you should tricked her into admitting her own acts. Hence ASK HER IF YOU COULD KEEP THE MONEY. To that she will slipped... haha! From then on, you've saved CARLA!! YAHOOOoooo!!!! Congrats! :sexe:

04-07-2006, 05:43:38
I finished too, but I definately didn't have the patience to write a walkthrough, and I have written some long ones before! I'm impressed you had the patience to write one! WOW!!!!!!! :applause:

04-07-2006, 07:38:35
i dont get this game lol

04-07-2006, 11:37:07
Yes mate, safe for that walkthrough, that game was blingin mate!

04-07-2006, 13:33:54
thnx 4 the wlkthru it would have taken me hours without it

04-07-2006, 14:25:24
good game

thanks for the great walkthrough!!

04-07-2006, 17:06:51
very fun and interesting game, can play it differently, very enjoyable!!! Loved it!!!! :popc1:

04-08-2006, 04:32:19
great game...no walkthrough needed (although thanks for all ur time writing it :- D) A little too much talking thouh... :leb: :hmm: :hit: :yel: :popc1:

04-08-2006, 13:04:29
Yay i finished that and i didn't even need a walkthrough! when you loose, the thing shows tips and tells you what to say :ende:

04-19-2006, 19:09:49
Hey, anyone know how to get to part two? I'm dying to play more of this game, so if anyone could help me out that would be great.

07-05-2006, 07:41:24
Interactive online dramatic negotiation game:

<<I moved your post as the game is already here>>

07-09-2006, 00:43:05
thanks for the walkthrough it must of taken a long time to do it was a great game

07-21-2006, 00:05:34
done! geez, it took me 4 eva to do it though! but it was a great game though!

Key padj
07-30-2006, 21:29:51
fun but he should dump that cheating @$$ :nzd: