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06-25-2008, 06:36:02
Yuubari's Memories, a.k.a. Miners Seeking Yuubari. A point and click game.
I am not sure (at least of this posting) if language is a barrier or not.
In this game you need to point and click on the right things to solve the puzzles and figure out of the game. Good luck and have fun. :clover:

Please use spoilers to give hints:
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old biker
06-25-2008, 12:57:28
woohoo ,thanks purp, just have time to spare

uh.. ? this is weird
got 5 white blocks now in the underground

06-25-2008, 13:10:22
wow, a travel in time :)


I'm collecting some items but in inventory they look like white bloocks - I think this is too weird for me :P

06-25-2008, 13:34:58
I just don't get it! lol :)

old biker
06-25-2008, 13:36:26
7 blocks now

really hard game in the cave

gonna quit this game ,impossible passing by those falling blocks
the game is way to slow

06-25-2008, 13:42:45
I've got 3 blocks now. Not really sure what I'm doing. lol

old biker
06-25-2008, 13:43:55
b matt are you in the cave?

06-25-2008, 13:47:44
hey is are you guys still playing

06-25-2008, 13:49:13
yeah, waiting for the screen to scroll and my cursor to change so i can click! lol

old biker
06-25-2008, 13:49:38
sort of :haha:

gonna give it one more try

06-25-2008, 13:50:19
is anyone still in the cave

this game is weird

7 blocks but can't seen to use them in the cave

old biker
06-25-2008, 13:58:52
made trough the cave pffff

06-25-2008, 14:05:23
made some progress... now at a scene where it gives me a link and 4 boxes to change the symbols on. I think language may be a barrier.

EDIT: more progress I randomly click the symbols then clicked the right arrow and it changed the symbols to numbers, randomly clicked them again and re-clicked the arrow then got a box pop up with shapes I had to drag to make a picture. Looks like the logo on the website from the link. Got two more blocks (7 in total now)

06-25-2008, 14:11:08
Those blocks are puzzle pieces. If you go to the map and look at the location marked with a star near the top of the map, that's where the puzzle is assembled. Once you have all the pieces, anyway.

I found a couple of spots where I'm supposed to have a code, one is in kanji, one is numbers, one is a keypad, and one is...I don't know what it wants.

EDIT: I've got 12 blocks after making the picture. I'm assuming the other three are behind the other code walls.

06-25-2008, 14:14:01
I think I give up, I made it out of the cave and then it lead me right back to it. Every time I click the map button I just get a picture of a woman. Good luck to all that continue. :)

06-25-2008, 14:31:12
I brute-forced the two four-digit codes and got two more blocks. I don't know what code made the blocks appear, though - they just pop up when you get the right code and don't go away when you change it. Sorry.

Still stuck on the keypad. Language is most definitely a barrier here.

EDIT: Keypad-style code is 1962 I stoled that from Nordinho, otherwise I never would have gotten it. I'm out, or finished, or whatever the goal in this game is.

old biker
06-25-2008, 19:01:03
still missing 9 and 15

think i have for piece 9 true the whole cave again ,sig...
just cant get the chinese ?signs done
,any help ??
figured out myself ,looking for number 15 now ,strange... could place pieces in the puzzle ,even without number 15

yay back true the cave (again...)

out ! replay ? ,nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

08-29-2008, 17:52:35
I turned out the light - can't see a darn thing. Didn't expect a switch .. maybe just night all of a sudden?
Think I'll skip this one.