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I would like to write here of how I believe thing are happening in the world. If you would like me to write a story about anything of how or why it happening please PM me and I imagine a story for you :)

Why flowers grow in spring

There is a legend we have in Greece, that comes from very old times, when the 12 gods of Olymbus were ruling Greece.

Dimitra goddess of grain and fertility, had a beautiful daughter Persephone. Se was so beautiful and kind the gods themselfes were trying to gain her love, but she rejected all presents and gifts made by them.

One day Hades, god of underworld and dead, kidnapped Persephone and took her to his underworld kingdom. Dimitra was so sad of what happened she was searching everywere for her daughet. As she was searching and full of anger that Hades took her daughter she didn't gave Earth the power for people to grow grain and other vegetables.

For months people were starving and beged Zeus, king of the gods, to bring Persephone back so Dimitra would allow them to grow things again. Zeus send Hermers (god of travelling and messaging) to bring Persephone back to the living world. But before Hades gave Persephone back, she tricked her to eat the fruits of the underword. Who ever eaten those fruits could never return to the living for ever.

By eating those fruits Persephone could return to her mother for 6 months, the other 6 months would have to stay with Hades, as Qeen of the underworld. The 6 months ther Dimitra and Persephone were together, Dimitra was so happy that everything were blooming and flowers were everywere, and farmers had plants at their gardens. The day Persephone returns to living, is when the spring starts. But when the time come for her to return home and Dimitra is sad and unhappy the flowers die and winter comes.

The End :)

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I am not quit sure if this story goes here. I would like to write my view of how GH Plannet was created (Of course if it agreed with the mods :) if not I delete it :D ). If I posted in the wrong place I move it :).

How GH Planet was created
Idea person: Mandyy
One day two friends were walking down the alley of the local library. They were looking for books in order to write a report about kids’ psychology and how is the best way of approaching. They found lots of books that were written by big psychologist, that described that in order to find how the kids feeling and react in certain situations, we need to find our inner child, that still sleeps deep inside us.

One of the friends turned to the other and said:
“Something is wrong here” “Like what?” Said the other. “We are talking about kids here. We need to put aside what psychos are thinking and acting”. “but we are not interesting in psychos, we are interesting in kids and their feeling” said the other. “Then by the time we are talking about kids why we are looking in psychology books?”. The other friend opened his eyes wide and asked “So, what do you think is the best way to understand a kid?”. The first friends hit his palms to the desk, stand up, making the chair fell on the floor making a big BANK noise and said with a deep, laud, serious voice “ We need to become kids again”. His voice was so laud that the library lady started yelling “NO SHOUTING IN THE LIBRARY”. There was quiet again all over the library. The poor guy turned red, picked up the chair and put a book in frond of his face.

“So what do you think” he asked. “Becoming a kid is bit hard to be done, and I don’t like turn back to my yang years. I don’t want to go back to school” his friend said and he was about to start crying. “I didn’t say we need to start our life al over again, I am just saying that can find our inner self”, “OW OK then. What do you propose to do?” “Well my grand mother used to say that she feels like a kid again when she reads those old fashion stories about wizards and dragons, weird creatures, animals that talk, people that fly, flowers that we had never seen,to…..” his friend interrupted him as he was started to day dream again “So in other words we need to go to the kids section and read stories” “Erm… yes, he said, that we could do to”.

After hours of hard working, and reading all those “books” they got bored. “Is your imagination started working yet?” “No, and if I read one more of those books I fell asleep”. He felt a tiny poke on his back. He turned his head around and sow 20 kids waiting for those two friends to finish “Are you two done yet? We wonna read stories as well” said the boy that poked.

The two friends left the library and walking back to their homes “Care for a coffee before we go home?” “Yeah, this could take off our minds for a while” “So, your idea didn’t work. Shall we go back to the psychology books?”, but he didn’t realised that his friend had stopped and was looking the ground with the mouth open. “Hey are you al….” he said but didn’t manage to finish his sentence “WHY I HAVEN’T THOUGHT OF THAT BEFORE!!!!” he said with a very enthusiastic voice “BAHHH, his friend said, are you crazy or something? You game me a heart attack” “No time for heart attacks. I have an idea, a brilliant idea. Come at my house at 7 and I’ll show you” And he start running “HEY, what about the coffee?” but he could listen to him he only said “Yes, of course, how didn’t I though of that, Stupid”
To be continue

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Part 2 :D

“What is he up to?” Wondered Mike. He started walking to his home thinking to go back to their original plan. “By the time so many psychologists haven’t figure out how to handle a kid then how on earth we suppose to understand them?” He kept thinking.

(At this point I apologize to Gamershood, as I don’t know his real name, so I use the name Gam :))

Gam rushed at his home and run at the attic. “I know it is somewhere here..Why on earth did I hid it that good? You never find what you after when you needed”. He kept searching and searching. He moved all the boxes away but the only thing he manage to find was dust. “Ah, there it is. At long last I find you my precious.I didn’t remember you been so heavy”. He carried it all way down to the living room. Then he looked himself and saw that his jeans and green top took the colure of dust. Gam cleaned himself up, fed his turtle pet Larry, and prepared some supper. Larry was a big turtle, he needed a new tank. Gam has this turtle since he first started the university. He fed him well and now he needs a new shell as well.

As Gam was eating the meal he cooked he looked at the box he brought down from the attic. “I haven’t seen that box in many years. I don’t remember ever open it. I hope this helps us to write a great report; otherwise we have to do whatever the others do!!BORING”.

Suddenly a voice heard “Are you talking to your self my friend?”. Gam nearly chock as at that time he was swallowing a bite from his food. “I told you never scared me like that! I nearly drown” Gam said. “It is not my folt, Mike replied. You left the frond door open. What if there was someone else sneaking in your door? Like that neighbours duck that sneaking in your house so he can tease your turtle?” “Yes, but that doesn’t mean that you have to scare me like this” “OW grow up” “I show you who needs to grow up” Gam run towards Mike grab him from his head and started rubbing his palm on his head. They both laughed so hard they couldn’t feel their feet. “So, what you wanted to show me” said Mike. “Have a look at this box, what do you see?” “A box” “Ermm ok. That box is our way for the best report ever” “You mean we are going to represent the box and we'll get an A+? OW now I get it. You mean by showing this box to the examiner we will represent the imagination a kid has, how the kid can find a million of games to play, OR we put that box on our head and pretend we play pirates and…” Gam interrupted “ I was referring to what is inside that box” “That makes more sense. What is in that box then?” “I don’t know, I have never opened it” “So how do you believe it could help us? I think you need some vacation” “My grandmother gave that to me when I was a kid. She said that in there I can always feel like a kid and never grow up” “And why you didn’t open it?” “Because I wanted to grow up. I wanted to be treated like an adult” “DO you want to open it now? “Yes I think it is time to see what is actually in there”. They both reached the box and slowly opened it. They both watched what was inside with their mouth opened.

To be continue

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Part 3
In the box were two tiny people playing some kind of game, looked like chess. They were seating above a white box that had some colourful drawings.

“Are you gonna play or what?” said one of them.
“It is your turn to play”, said the other.
“No its your turn, I made my move 60 years ago”
“No my turn was 58 years ago”
“Great, now we have to start all over again”
“Are those real or some kind of 3D images?” asked Mike

Both of those little people looked up and hide the game, wear some silly party hats and some poppers and started singing: “Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you” One of those little people stopped singing and places his arm infrond of his friend mouth to stop him from singing “Don’t you look a bit old for a 11 year old boy, Gam?” he asked Gam. “Yes because I am 23 now” Gam replied”. The little guy turned to his friend and said:

“I told you that we are seating in here for more than 2 days”
“And what did you wanted me to do? Ilai said to us to wait until he opens his birthday present”
“We spent 12 years in here and all because you were bored to go and find Ilai”
“Don’t shout at me, I am older than you”
“Yeah but only for 521 years”
“WOW WOW a second” yelled Gam. “Who are you and how do you know my name and my grandmothers name.
“How rude of us, said one of the little guys. I am Im”
And I am Gin” said the other guy “We are given to you as a present from your grandmother Ilai”
“We know Ilai since she was a child, and also we know your grand-grand mother and grand grand grand grand mother” said Im. We are here to help you and also give you this book”
“What book?” asked Gam.
“The book we are seating on it” said Gin
Im and Gin jump off the box and asked Gam to pick up the book. Im then said:
“In there, there are generations of fantastic stories written by your ancestors. And it is time for you to write your own”

Gam and Mike looked at the book. They carefully opened it. It was nothing written on it. “ I can’t see anything” said Mike “Me neither” agreed Gam. “Are you sure it is all written in here?” he continue. “Yes” Im and Gin replied. But before you be able to write any stories you need to sign it as the other authors did, so your children and your children’s children know what part is your story” explained Gin. Gam pick up a pen and tried to write somewere. “No don’t write there” Im screamed “You will write all over Irma’s story. And by the way pen and pencils cannot write on this book” “So how am I suppose to write something by the time I can’t write anything at all?” “That need to find it by yourself” said Gin. “I get it, it some kind of computer trick isn’t it?” said surprisingly happy Gam. Gin and Im looked each other in the eye “We have a big BIG problem here”

To be continue

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Part 4
Gam was trying to think how on earth he could write something in a paper that pens cannot write, and where were all those stories Im and Gin were talking about. “Can’t you give me a hint?” Gam asked. “No, you need to fid out y your self” said Im “That is the whole point of this book, to make you feel and think like a kid, I mean what did you do when you was bore….” said Gin but he was stopped by Im “You are going to spoil the fun part” then he looked up Gam and said “Well we are here to give this valuable book to you and say to you, you need to think like a kid for the book to work. And I only say that cause you supposed to open this box years ago. Now it might be a bit difficult to make it work. Good luck and we shall see you soon”. “Wait” said Gam but it was too late. Im and Gin were poofed away.

Mike then said: “What was that all about?”
“I don’t know, I am confused too”
“Do you still believe that, that book will still be able to help us with our project?”
“What project?”
“Earth to Gam, our university project? Do you remember?”
“Of course I know. I have a feeling that this is more than a help to our project”
“Do you think that what we saw was in our imagination?”
“Imagination. That’s it. I think I understand what those little people were talking about”
“Do you think you could explain that to me too”
“Gin said what have we’ve done when we were kids and we were bored?”
“Playing games?”
“Exactly, we were using our imagination and played pirates, cowboys, undersea adventure, alien exploration and many other. So, using our imagination we’ll be able to write in this book”
“And by improving our imagination we will be able to write the report”
“Right! Lets think”

After 2 hours of complete silence the two boys order a pizza to eat
“All this thinking made me dizzy” said Gam.
“There must be another way. What if we tried and read the book, or what if we try to think what the book writes?”
“I believe that we’ll come to the same result, but we can try. I’ll start: Once upon a time there was a princes, who was waiting for her prince to come and rescue her from the tall tower”
“Wait, I think we do it all wrong. By the time kids are using their imagination they won’t only talk about knights and dragons. It must be something more”
“You are right. I remember when I was a kid I thought I was climbing a tall mountain, in order to find the big treasure. And in each corner there was danger. I though that the rope was cut and I started felling and I though I was gonna die, when suddenly I grabbed the root from a tree..”

As Gam was talking Mike saw the empty pages to feel with the story that Gam was describing. “Gam I think you find something. Look the book. I can read your story. I have a better idea that might work as well” said Mike smiling “I go back home and I’ll be back in an hour”

To be continue

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Part 5
An hour later:

The door bell rung. Gam opened the door and saw Mike holding a huge box
“Can you give me a hand” he asked
“This box is really heavy”. Gam hold one side of the box
“What do you have in here” he asked “It is so heavy, how did you managed to bring it all over here”
“Ermm I had to ask people for help”

They placed the box on a table and opened it. In there, there were lots of silly hats, plastic swords, costumes, and many other party masque things.

“What are all those things?” Gam asked
“Don’t you remember when we were kids? We used to dress up and played all those games with those costumes. The clothes won’t feet us any more but we can improvise”

This idea sound silly to Gam but he thought it would be fun to remember their games, even if they don’t manage to do anything else with the book.

“What shall we start with?” Mike asked.
“Do you remember an undersea adventure we had started long time ago? We haven’t managed to finish it. Lets play that. If I remember correctly you were cut under a rock while I was fighting some sea monsters”

Mike created a small cave with the pillows from the sofa and asked Gam to cover him so the rest of his body was covered.
“My oxygen is nearly over Gam. I need to go to the boat or I will be drown”
“Hold one Mike. I will help you as soon as I win this battle”
What they haven’t realised was that the living room was started looking like the deep sea, with fishes swimming all over them. As they played they believed that all those were just an imagination. But there was more than that, they haven’t discovered it yet.

“Gam, Gam what is happening?”
“I hit my head on this rock but I am ok. The sea monsters are running away. Go and never come back”
“Gam I only have one minute of oxygen and the way to the top of the sea is far”
“Try not to speak Mike, you loos oxygen. I need something to push the rock”
“There behind you”
Gam turned and saw a branch. He placed it between the rocks and made an opening for Mike to come out. “When your oxhgen is over we are going to share mine”. They swim and swim until they saw the top of the sea “We made it Mike. There is the boat” “But we lost the map. Now we’ll never be able to find Atlantis” “Or you think so. Before we dive I took pictures of the map. Now I now where to look. Let’s rest for the night and we will continue tomorrow”

When they finished they found themselves seating on the sofa.
“I haven’t done this since I was a kid”
“Nice touch Mike. Did you saw all those fishes passing buy. It was so realistic”
“That is what is called imagination my friend”
“So alive though”
“Why our hear are wet?”
“OW not again. Another licking. I need to call the plummer in the morning”
“But there is no hole on the ceiling”

They both looked on the ceiling trying to solve the mystery. But they fell asleep as the time was way passed 2 a.m.

To be continue

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Part 6 :D

The next day the 2 friends woke up and went to the university for their lectures. Gam was trying to think if whatever had happened the previous day was real or he seen them at his dreams. Little guys talking, the living room to be transformed in to the deep sea, a book with no letters but full of stories. All of that was really strange, but he liked the fact that his imagination was once again so real that he believed the stories came to life. “I need to try it again, he though.

The lecture had finished and Gam and Mike met each other to the campus for some lunch.
“You can’t stop thinking what had happened, don’t you?” Mike asked
“No, it was so magical, I couldn’t tell what was real and what was imagination”
“To tell you the truth I don’t mind. I liked what I saw and I wish I can see it again”
“Do you know what I just remembered? That time when I told you that I wanted to be rich in order to create the best fun park ever”
“OW I remember. You said that when it is over the first think you are going to do is to push me in the pool as a revenge of what I did when we were little”
“We are at the high school and all the class went to the beach as the last day of school before the summer started”
“You were talking to that girl and you were trying to tell her that you liked her, and just before that me some other guys through at you a big bucket with cold water” Mike started laughing.
“That was cruel”
“It just killing me laughing just thinking the idea of us wearing those fancy costumes for the grand opening of the part and instead of you being serious, pushing me at the pool”
“The park full of people and instead of been the quiet kind of guys all those visitors looking at us with their mouths opened”

Again as they were talking the view of the campus were started to change. The buildings began to look like huge trees and fun rides, the tables as game stands and the kids as families walking around the part. The boys had started laughing real loud that all students were looking at them. Suddenly a girl came near them.

“Sorry to interrupt. If in the future you build the park and it look exactly of what I saw I am expecting an invitation” and smiled nicely.

To be continue

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Part 7

Both of the boys looked the girl with wide opened eyes. Then the girl pushed her hair in the back of her ears and in order to make them feel more relaxed she said:

“I don’t know how you managed to do such trick, or if you have any special effect equipment in your back but I am most assure that all the students as well as the teachers will be very impressed”
“But we didn’t used any Equipment” Gam said.
“Are you trying to confused me so I won’t discover how you did it?” the girl asked.
“No honestly that wasn’t a trick”

The girl looked with a smile and with a suspicion looking eyes to the boys. Then she stopped 3 students that were passing by and asked them if they liked the sudden realistic change of environment. There was silent for couple of minutes and they all answer “What change of environment?” “The one that had happened few minutes ago. The fun park the splashing on the pool, all of that” The students looked the girl and say no and stepped slowly away from her as they believed she was crazy.

“Please tell me that I ma not crazy. That I didn’t imagine all of those things” she begged the boys.
“Emmm….look. It is complicated to explain. It is better to forget what you saw” said Mike
“Please do tell. I am a paranormal student and I believe of anything unusual that is happening around us. I am looking answers to mysteries that make no sense, and one day I hope I can prove that Earth is not the only living planet in the universe. I know that other creatures are near us but we cannot see them cause they are afraid. If only I could see them small creatures, big creatures, all kind of colure animals around us, animals that understand us and we can understand them”

Once more as the girl was talking the environment had started changing. Mike and Gam could see what the girl believed other planets, or even parallel universes, would look like. The more the girl daydream the more the environment became more and more beautiful. When the girl realised that she stopped and turn to the boys.

“Ok now I am scared. What just happened” she asked
“I didn’t believed this would happened to anyone else but us two” said Gam.
“Happened what” the girl asked
“This becomes more and more weirder” Mike respond
“What is weird?” the girl continue asking
“If I am thinking correct I thing I figure out how to use the power of the book” Gam said
“HEY GUYS IT AM HERE AS WELL” screamed the girl “Can you please tell me what is happening?”

The two friends explained the whole story to that girl. Then she said “You know. It would be lovely to create worlds that anyone can see things that they have never seen. An not to be afraid to say their crazy ideas, as everyone that will live there will have their own ideas of a relaxing fun place”. Her face turned red as she saw the 2 friends looking at her. She grab her backpack and run to the university building.

“That would be nice” Gam said “A world that you can do whatever you want”
“But how she was able to see what we saw. At the begging she knew nothing about the book”
“What I believe is that, that book can bring to reality all people that they let their imagination run wild with no limits. Next time we meet her I would like to make some tests”
“How we are going to meet her? The university is big and we don’t know her name”

To be continue

07-13-2008, 00:31:53
Final Part :)

Mike and Gam were looking down the campus. The university is one of the biggest universities in the world. There are all kind of studies there physics, gymnastics, zoologist, and many other. Under the tree there was seating a girl with library books on her feet.

“Hey Mike isn’t there that girl you like?”
“SHHH she will hear you”
“Go and talk to her”
“What shall I say?”
“I don’t know you guess. What does she likes?”
“I think she likes talking about animals. I think she wants to create her own squirrel farm park”
“Then go there and start talking about squirrels. I need to go home. I have to short something out. See you later”

Mike went to talk to the girl he liked for 2 years. Gam started walking to his home. He was trying to remember the conversation he had with that strange woman. He wanted to share the magic of the book with everyone that needed to feel free from the reality, to be able to create their own reality.
He opened the frond door placed his backpack at the cupboard and went to the kitchen to prepare something to eat. He opened the television to watch a movie while he was eating and find it quit boring. For the first time he knew he couldn’t find entertainment in the TV anymore.
He finished his lunch, washed the dishes and picked up the fancy book. He opened it careful. “Lets write a story” he though. “No not a story. I might be able to do something more. Something that everyone can enjoy. I need a place. A home? A park? A flat? No it is not enough”

“What more are you after?” a familiar voice said. Gam moved his book aside and looked on the table. It was Im and Gin.
“Hey there little guys” Gam said “I though I dreamed about you but now I believe you were real”
“Of course we are” said Gin. “So what more do you want to do”
“I want to write about a big place that everyone will be able to come and do whatever crazyness they have in mind”
“In other words you need a small world for you and your friends” Im said
“Yes that is a brilliant idea. A small world,a small Earth, a planet. That is how I am going to start. Once there was a world. A different world that we use to know. There the mornings have happy and bright colures. There are rivers all over and green forests. Everyone that lived there were happy. The most nicely thing and amazing thing about that planet is that everyone could be whatever they wanted to be. They could have amazing powers to achieve any tasks”
“A new planet? Isn’t that too much?” asked Gin
“Why it is too much? Everything can happen. Why we must follow what everyone else believe? And yes with the power of my mind I am able to create a planet. And everyone is welcome there” He turned back to the book and continue “As I was walking down the alley I was watching the strange birds to fly by” Gam was so much concentrated to his story his whole body was transferred to the world he imagined. Suddenly he saw his friend mike to come towards him.

“Nice place” Mike said
“Glad you like it. What happened with that girl?”
“Nothing much. But we stayed good friends. She came here with me”
“Where is she?”
“Just behind me. Ragne…Ragne??? Where are you?”
“Up here” A woman’s voice said
“Up where?” asked Mike

They both looked up the tree and saw a small squirrel following Mike around.
“Hey there. You can call me..ermmm Simply Crazy”
“A taking squirrel? But how is that possible?” asked Mike
“In this world anyone can do anything they like. The real question is how she knows about this place? No wrong question. How do I know her name?”
“Well we were talking about things and suddenly we came here”

Gam was interrupted by the doorbell. It was Mike at the frond door.
“I though you’d wait for me before we learn how to use the book. But I really liked that place”
“What place?”
“The planet you just created”
“But I didn’t….” said Gam and run torwards to the book. Everything he just dreamed (or he thought he did) it was written at the book. Gam then was so enthusiastic about what just had happened he started thinking again about that new place. This time he saw more people walking around. Kids, and adults, talking cats and dogs, wild animals, grannies, heroes. It was so amazed. Then he decided to change his profile as well. “I would like to look like my turtle pet” he said and puufff he turned in to a giant turtle. He was so happy of what was happening there.

“I am glad of what you made” a voice said. Gam turned and saw a smiled alien. “BAHHH” he was scared for a second. “Sorry” said the alien “Didn’t mean to scare you”
“That is OK don’t worry” said Gam.
“Now people can do what they have in mind. I for example. I have my own spaceship”
“I have the feeling that I know you”
“Of course you know me. I am the girl that came and talk to you earlier this day at the campus”
“I remember now. Sorry I forgot to ask your name”
“You can call me Mistery”
“And I am Gam. Or even better Gamershood. Well come to the craziest planet”
“And how shall we call this planet?”
“I am thinking :The planet that everyone can come whenever they want for some unexpected fun”
“You are right. I am going to give my name to it. Gamershood Planet for looney people”