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Eternal Becky
06-29-2008, 19:29:17
Another room escape in the series of "Escape From Original Room" In this game, you are in a room and you need to escape the room by finding and using items with solving puzzles.

Please use spoilers to give hints:
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Please do not post a full walkthrough until 12th of July. :)

06-29-2008, 19:48:42
Alrighty, a new game!
ok, so far I have some sort of stick, gray piece of paper and a wire...I also see a screwdriver but can't get to it...

EDIT: also found tweezers, a magnet, managed to get the screwdriver and got something from the box on the table...now what...

06-29-2008, 20:00:43
Where did you find magnet?

06-29-2008, 20:00:45
Hi Tweety...where did you find the magnet? I got something from the drawer but it looks like a card

06-29-2008, 20:04:06
Aha! And I'm out!

Magnet - you need to put that gray paper in the the panel above the desk then click the panel. if it doesn't work, take the paper out with tweezers and try again

06-29-2008, 20:08:03

Nope, doesn't matter what I do I can't get that screwdriver!

Yes I can...

06-29-2008, 21:02:22
1 missing inventory items?

bendable wire
gray rectangle
assembled magnet
assembled magnet
steel bar
paper roll

06-29-2008, 21:25:37
And I cannot see the screwdriver!
Now I see it, look how to get it!
It's between wall and desk. Hard to click, I tried so often to look their.
Got it
by fixing wire on steelneedle
on your blank item position I got the magnet with wire again, because where it was before there is the doorthingplate.

So sad! Spain is Soccermaster of Europe, Germany only second! But the spanish played well and our boys were not so good.

old biker
06-29-2008, 22:28:30
this game looks familiar to me ,feel i played this before or it must be a sequel :hmm:

yes indeed spain won ,and deserved they played a great game 0-1 just like i said this morning ,check silly thing :haha:

06-30-2008, 00:01:22
This is a sequel, but with the same graphics and items as Escape From Original Room 3, very small difference between the two games :)

06-30-2008, 15:11:03
I can't get the screwdriver witht he magnet...

06-30-2008, 15:17:43
I can't get the screwdriver witht he magnet...


combine 2 items with magnet, try different ways of combining - magnet 1st, then....

don't know what to do with screwdriver...

06-30-2008, 15:21:59
Thanks. Can you be more specific? I only seem to be able to add the string/wire. The other items I have are a peice of paper and the thing that came from the top of the box on table.

06-30-2008, 15:26:22
Thanks. Can you be more specific? I only seem to be able to add the string/wire. The other items I have are a peice of paper and the thing that came from the top of the box on table.

search the stool on left of table

06-30-2008, 15:42:53
YAY! Thanks. Got metal plate of door. Not sure what to do now...

don't know what to do with screwdriver...

The thing you get from the box on table is sandpaper, use it on door

06-30-2008, 16:59:39
theres a steel bar (leg of a chair) and something hook shaped.
There are NO other objects in the room to be found.
so i've no idea where you found all the stuff the rest of you claim to have.

07-01-2008, 23:54:22
this are the tweezers
Tweety posted, how to get the magnet, one of the first postings
zoom in desk and open drawer, on the right side
under the desk
look my previous post; highlight and "about item" the magnet, join the steelstick, join the string

07-02-2008, 00:55:10
Appreciate your post bip but I am still getting nowhere on this game. Two things I am really not clear on are:

1. 3 items mentioned in the posts above are wire, string and tweezers. Are these all descriptions of the same item thats below the desk. I can find that easily. It has a bendable tip. I will call it the wire. That leaves a string and tweezers to be found.

2. I can place the grey card on the panel above desk just above the bullethole looking spot. That's as far as it goes, no magnet and no retrieving the paper to try again.

07-02-2008, 19:12:46
Sorry, RBS, I answered on brainisdead question, so he told he had sth like a hook and did not find so much more.
Yes, string and wire are the same, but you use it like a string; for me wire is for electric? (Sorry, I'm not english and so I used in the other posting the word someone before used)
The tweezers are an other item it under the cushion on the bed, near the wood
When you don't get the magnet with the paper, you need them to put paper back and try it again.

07-02-2008, 22:09:22
Thanks for responding bip. I could not find those tweezers on my own!

Out! Strange game but I enjoyed finishing it.

08-30-2008, 19:29:50
I got the thing off the door with the sandpaper but I still can't get out??? Or, does this room not open the door and usher you into darkness like the rest?

08-30-2008, 21:46:03
I tried everything on black hole of door - the wire that bends is what worked. and I got a C .. only thing I could read on the page

08-31-2008, 20:27:58
Whew...thanks for the help about finding the magnet, Tweetybird. I'm not very good at the "original room" games. The graphics aren't so good, so I have trouble trying to figure out what I have!

@NannaJoy--The "c" is probably the copyright symbol. I couldn't tell you what the other text says, but I'm thinking the first word is "Congratulations!" At least, thats what I think it probably says.

Auntie LaLa
09-02-2008, 20:08:10
How do I use the screwdriver?

nvm...i got out

09-03-2008, 08:05:09
the sandpaper is found
use tweezer on metal box on table, upper left corner hole, the sandpaper is rolled up