View Full Version : Made a Flash Game - Need Comments

07-02-2008, 15:57:31

A friend of mine made a flash web RPG game. It needs testing and all
of your expert advice, comments and suggestions are most welcome. You
can check out the game at www.RivalSaga.com.


- B

07-20-2008, 16:20:34
The game looks ok from what I can tell by looking at the published screen shots on RivelSaga.com but I think it is a lot to ask to have beta testers (if that is what you mean by "testing") register in order to try the game. I think it a good idea to make it clear if you post this game on a games site that one has to register in order to play. :)

08-14-2008, 13:18:29
Log in already , but can't play , I am waiting it for load about eternity. :(

Maybe slot is full...