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07-05-2008, 04:17:12

A Polish game between point&click and escape. The game sometimes gets a little slow, you need absolutely patience.

set game options as following picture will help:

I found all items except one, the very first one in my inventory.

Please use spoilers to give hints:
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07-05-2008, 06:14:16
Yea a lot of patience. I don't know the requirements for the game but I have graphics and sound cards and it's still choppy. Think I'll skip this one.

07-05-2008, 09:01:28
slow, and as i don't speak Polish, nigh on impossible to understand or know what to do, I quit

07-05-2008, 09:42:08
In fact, language is not that important in this game I think, I don't know Polish too. And if you give it enough time to download completely, it's not that slow either.

08-09-2008, 18:27:09
choice of what to click on to begin?? or to do something .. I'll pick last one and see what happens.
Some papers and 3 items at this point. Probably should have made some notes.
4 items - no key yet ..
intered a ?museum? and another paper.
?barbar shop? - paper. got a purple light to go around the room. What was that?
- tiled tunnel - found something there. Should have mapped ..
- place with a pump of some kind, house, shed. To row houses - went in one and did damage - oh dear! but found nothing. Room had fireplace.
by base of clock post in lower left is a paper. I found a key in the tiled tunnel way back then. Ended back in town with door that needs key I don't have. went right to a place with fence and to left a "machine" that makes a noise when you click on it. Above that machine you can use your pick - for what good that does? and hammer to the far right. Not sure what that does either.

Back in town with biker with a basket on it. Can't get to Aby yet but can see further to the right and enter a building. typed, looked at map and picked up object.
My main trouble with the game is having a time to getting back to a place after leaving it. Often can't go right back. And the Olylmpics are distracting me. And time to start dinner *sigh*
Good luck!

08-09-2008, 23:36:10
Well tab works if anyone is interested.
Couldn't get back either after choosing one area to go out of several choices.
Couldn't seem to use any items.
Probably a good game if you speak the language.

08-10-2008, 09:30:37
Language is not a problem ;-) but if you need any help, I know Polish

08-10-2008, 11:28:26
Language is not a problem. Game is based on the nowel so many facts written in letters descirbes parts of book. I can't use items - maybe it's automatically hammer on the sculpture in cave.
Some windows looks like "nothing to do on in"...

Two keys, lamp, map, matches, hammer, pickaxe, letters and some lightball and stuck.

Anyone in?

Got all stuff, done everything seems to be possible to do. Bored and stuck...any help.

08-14-2008, 14:57:08
Hi, glad someone is playing, ive liked so much the senarios that i read the book, now i would like to finish the game :). This is where i got so far, is my fist walktru-like so sorry, but maybe that way we can help each other by knowing were we got till now. By watching the screensavers I gess I missed two screens, but where?
Miasteczko Highfield-Surface-Go to the building that looks like a chapel, now you're in
Opuszczona stacja metra- click on the bick , and on the color thigs to get then off the boxes, then click on the boxes, you get acess to a lift but dont go there yet click on the far right,
now you are at
Opuszczony pokoj ...metra-the chief of the station room-get the lantern. Click on the map on the wall, then click on the botton left corner of the map when the pointer changes to a hand and you should get key. Click on the machine that looks like a tipping machine, dont know whats the point really, but just in case. In the book is a machine to print metro tickets. Now click on
the far rigth
Pierwszy tunel-first tunel- grab the matches (I dont know if you can do it now, but you can then go back to metro and lit the lantern over the desk) and the paper neer the wheel. touch the shovel, grab the hammer. Now you can go two diferent ways, try to inspect left.
Drzwi do podziemnego-you'll find that you need a code, go back to first tunel and then go the right path
Wejscie do Kolonni-Colonie gate- I didnt find anything in here, just a close up and went tru the door
Colonia- grab the paper neer the house, Now you need the key to that house, but first go left, click on the left street. Now you are at the torture chamber with two Stix, grab the paper, you can click the machine, but i dont know if there is something else to do, the purple light is the Dark Light, the veicule of torture!! anyway go thru the door, grab the key in the corridor. You can go strait ahed but that will lead you to the lift, so click on the far left instead. Dont know what is supposed to do in this screen, any ideas? Well, if you go tru the crater you will get to
Wiktorianska ullica- you are now at the other side of the door you need the code to unlock, grab the paper on the floor then go to the middle house, you have the key use it, besides making some noise dont understand whats the point, well get back to colonie gate and to colonie. Now go donw the corridor to get the lift , click first button to retur surface
Surface- go the the museum, the building behind the phone box.grab the paper. What about the watches??? go out and to the far left of the screen.pick the axe neer the wheel. If you click near the car carcass you will get back to the first tunel, so click a litle above the car , you will get to the
Jaskinia-Cave-grab the paper with the code for the door and by the right click on a small area near the double vertical wheels 2 times, go tru the door you just opened
Cylindryczny pokoj-cilindric room-grab the paper and the key, now you have all the keys, dont know if the hammer on the valve or the wood geting on the floor is any good but then go tru the door
Odkrycie dr Burrows-Dr Burrows discovery-grab diary then click beetween 1st and 2 nd right tables
Maze-use the directional buttons, this is a litle hard, but there is papers along the way that show you the way and you need to finish where you see again two red lights. Suggestion: find the wall of bricks and then its right end, go up and on the 3rd left street. London-just click to get back to the surface-dont know if there is anything to do here. Now go back to colonie
a fastest way is going tru the car -first tunel.
Colonie-grab the magnifier near the lamp outside the house you need the key to go into, go into the house, grab the map and the paper,lit the lamps over the fireplace. Now you have a map to navigate tru the game, place the magnifier over the place and then click the star. Now lets unlock the door with the code, just in case. Go to the corridor to the lift and choose button 2,
at the door enter the code, go tru the door and then right back to colonie. In colonie go to the far rigth
Jaskinia Poludniowa-South Cave- dont know whats the point but you can click on the statue, break the stalagmites(??) and click on the gate, now back to colonie, go strait ahead
Wieczne Miasto-The eternal city-just click beetween the two statues on the bridge, on the next screen grab the paper and go ahead
Pociag-grab the yellow light that falls from the train, go tru the open left
Now the inventory is full, but looking at the screensavers on the multimedia link there are two more screens that i didnt look at. Here?? Also dont know if got all the papers. [/SPOILER]

on 24 you need to go back to the house on colonie and find on the map a place called far North, but i still cann't find it, probably need something else first

08-18-2008, 12:36:42
I haven't seen 15, 22 and 24 place. I'm trying again...