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07-10-2008, 20:55:14
As we all know there's a forum game called '3 word story', and as more and more people have played, the story's starting to make less and less sense. Therefore I 've decided to write it all down, to make it easier for all to read and hopefully give us all a lot of ROFL's :D

I will update this once in a while, posting the story from some pages at the time :wink:

The original thread can be found here: http://www.gamershood.com/forum/showthread.php?t=2070

Wish me good luck! :D

In a land, where men didn't get any chance of surviving to eat icecream and cucumbers came packed in toasters made of long hard powerlines. Such as large human sacrifices to get alcohole into a tiny rat who eats cats.

Just to give you a taste of what this story'll look like :D:D
Enjoy the complete insanity caused by several more or less crazy minds!

07-10-2008, 21:52:30
Continueing ^^

Unfortunately this made the rat a very fat animal that could fart a tornado, and could also talk indian in his dreams. His owner got very scared when he saw his own cat got eaten by a strange alien looking moderator named Mistery, on the planet of Cheeze chatting on GamersHood to find wierdo guys like me who don't know what aliens look like, but will soon realise the magic of being beamed up and tossed around by a round, flying sausage (no, not the plate ufo-thingy) looking tasty thng which Mistery was controlling by as small butler called Zox of D00m, who can do music out of sausage.
This method is called to say I'm back and running fully from a giant with a massive official Canadian flag stuck up his (Freakshow: "On a sidenote, I have to go here, I just have to xD") ass. The giant wore a big furry pink tutu with blue flowers and yellow stripes. Everyone kept saying how huge his ass was, untill they saw his little pink brain that smelt like swiss cheeze stored under a sweaty buch'o socks named bob, who likied to eat chocolate half naked.

Note: I'm not editing this at all, so the spelling's not all me :P

Weehoo, only 707 pages to go :P

I'd prefer it if noone else posted here, sinde that'll make the story easier to read :wink: I guess you can comment on it in the "story reviews"-thread

07-11-2008, 00:58:08
Suddenly he tripped over a mutilated hedgehog that liked to suk out the juice from grapes, but choked on the seeds while tying his shoelace. And then he jumped into the water where he saw a fish because he was opening his eyes, looked around and noticed a small object....was it a shiny key? Or a swimming snake?
He decided to get out of the pool and decided to meet his best friends which was a half melted alien and a metal dog. But the rest of his family thought he had murdered his twin brother and was very sad about that. They had never seen his massive and weird friends who were so jealous of his huge bank account that they decided to stalk him. So they gathered and made a huge list of all the things that they wanted so they could remember every step of their journey.
Unfortunately they forgot to take everything from the kitchen so they went to buy food from the shop around the corner, and they bought bread, cheese and milk. But they didn't have enough so they stole some cheeseburgers from a stand outside. When the police come and see what happened, they were knocked out big their big hand caused a earthquake in china!

:o this is getting exiting!

07-11-2008, 13:10:59
Then a huge brown recluse bit popped out of some fat guy's big and fat sandwich and hit anothey guy's brand new car. He saw the owner who was very very upset when he tripped and on a smelly fury little cat who belonged to mr beans teddy. Then you died and lived again then died again and visited your chicken coop party with lots of chickens feeding pigs which got fat and then died and turned into a giant onion and smelled like a giant onion! Which also underwent some plastic surgery for the celebritys party, where it turned into a small onion and got more sommon sense than the smartest person on the planet who is called earl earlington. early one morning Drury Lane, Earl earlington decided to take a walk into the lake in limbo where he saw two big fat onions who was eating pond-scum shouting we have never touched a living rock. so next time they wanted to swallow a whole truck full of severed body parts but they had forgotten about the dentures that were recently given to earlington who was badly constapated and seriously on a mission to find the mysterious egghead who's left armpit was full of sweet sweet candy!! Earlington badly needed the toilet but couldnt go because it was occupied by an onion! But then earlington ate the onion loaf from Outback their favorite restaurant which was a onion store which had employees who liked to lick his bald head with his appendix and kidney beans flovoured with sour jelly babies and sprinkled with urine, sauteed with onions and fried wid of burnt fat.

01-14-2009, 22:27:30
When he saw this big giant that was yelling his name and that he wanted to have a big long pee so he did and bought a giant mad axeman to destroy the who killed him and threw him in a big chicken coop that was filled with chicken poop that was covered with chicken poop made by chickens that was eaten by a big onion!! That's an onion and has onion'y onion like legs with onion'y feet and onion'y toes and onion'y toe-nails! that smells like onions and celery and more onions! With onion'y onions, onion'y onion juices smothered with onions.

Once upon a time there was a small man in a small shoe with other small beings. They all lived happily until one day the big cheese licked the orb of confusion. Suddenly he was confused and fell over onto the snakes and he died. The end, but he was reincarnated when he ate the onion tree which then fell to the ground, killing half the carrots of Equador squishing them into some onions! They of golden proportions which killed off the megaman toy with 17 action-phrases and robotic punch that could penetrate a very large fart that lingured up his nosdrills and showed me a rather nasty, but still funny light pink coloured box with a white gold lock and a big big plain object sitting just inside a large corner covered in green leaves and white flowers with matching ribbons, and stunning big eyes, like bulbous tennis balls.

Back after a break, peeps!