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07-10-2008, 23:41:50
Well the third times a charm. I sat here thinking..."now what can I make that's not violent, or hardly violent." Then, the answer came to me.


So, I'll do a fictional ghost story.

Chapter 1

"But I don't Wanna do it."
"are you a chicken or a man?"
I'm more of a man than you are."
"Then go in."
Jeff started the day like any other day. He woke up and hung around the house for a while, and then around noon he went to hang with some friends. Except, today, his friends didn't want to have a normal conversation.
Jeff was and ordinary teenager of 14 with 3 ordinary friends. But today at the park, Andy started up something different. "I heard that Robby went in the house down the street and didn't come out.he said. Jeff told Andy, "Now you're one of those cheesy directors that starts a ghost story the same way every single time?" Andy said,"No I saw him go in and Jake, Don, and I stayed there until the next day. He didn't come out." Jeff toldhim Well he probablyslept the night their after getting tired of boredom.
Andy gave Jeff an irritated look and said, "Well, if you think it isn't haunted then why don't you stay the night there.
Jeff quickly agreed to go in. "I'll stay there the whole night, you'll see."
*Later that night*
Jeff quickly went in the house when his friends got there. He wanted to quickly get this over with. Before Jeff went into the house, he heard Andy yell, "TRY NOT TO CRAP YOURSELF, OK!!!" Jeff quickly gave him the finger and when in. As soon as he stepped in the house, he was overcome with a sudden wave of eeriness. He went to open the door and leave, but remembered the bet and didn't want to be embarassed in front of the probably large croud outside. Jeff went further into the house. He decided that he would explore the first story now and the second story later.
Further inspection of the house showed Jeff that someone had abandoned the house several years ago. The furnishings of the house had been unmoved and it looked as if the previous owner had not bothered to pack anything. This struck him as weird, but nothing that proved ghosts.
Jeff had only one room left to explore. So far nothing had happened. Nothing at all. Jeff went to the last room, and found it locked. He decided to kick the door down.
When he did, he saw a limp corpse on the bed in that room. Jeff stumbled back startled, but then saw that there was nothing there. "Must just be my imagination," he said. But, he knew that it was far worse than that.
Jeff was downstairs listening to his ipod, when the battery on it went dead.
"But it had a full battery just five seconds ago," he cried out. He put the now dead ipod in his pocket and heard a voice call his name. "Jeeeeeeeeefff," it said. Jeff heard it come from the room he busted open. Jeff quickly ran to the room. When he got there he felt a cold mist coming from the room. He walked in and the door slammed shut behind him. He was startled and turned to see if someone was in there with him. But he saw no one. He turned back around and saw the white mist of a girl. Jeff quickly screamed, OH MY GOD, and stumbled back into a dresser, that mist was the last thing he saw before he slumpped into unconsiosness.

07-12-2008, 22:41:11
Chapter 2

Jeff woke up a couple of hours later. His head was throbbing from the fall he had taken. He stumbled to his feet and saw that the door he had busted down was in perfect condition. He stared amazed at the seemingly untouched door, and went to open it. It opened to his surprise, because he thought it would be locked. He stepped out into the hall and saw the shadow of the small girl again. Jeff was starting to believe that this place was really haunted. But Jeff sucked it up and managed to stay in the house.
Jeff went and rested on one of the ancient pieces of furniture. He thought about just sleeping the night away on the couch he was laying on. He thought if he slept there he could avoid any other supernatural encounters. But before hecould doze off to sleep, he heard footsteps upstairs. Jeff thought either it was one of his friends being stupid or another ghost. Jeff assumed that it was the latter of the options. Jeff travled upstairs, not knowing what to find because he had not explored the upstairs level yet.
As soon as he got upstairs, he hard what sounded like a male voice scream, "GET THE HECK OUT OF MY HOUSE!" and then saw the doors slam shut. Jeff ventured further into the hall, and hear a loud gunshot come from the closest room on his left. He almost fell back down the stairs, but got control of himself and went to the room where the gunshot came from.
Jeff opened the door and saw a grisly scene unfold right in front of him.
A man was pointing a .22 rifle at a woman. The woman was bound and gagged to a chair. Jeff could see that the womans wrists were chaffing and starting to bleed from trying to break free from the bounds. The man stared at the woman, and then finaly shot her.
Jeff stumbled back into the now closed door, and tried to open it. It was locked. He turned and saw the words "get out" written all over the walls. He kicked this door down like he kicked the other one down. He stumbled into the hall and ran downstairs. The front door was locked. He was starting to panic. He went into a nearby bathroom and locked himself in. Jeff turned on the sink just by instinct and was surprised to see water was still running in the house. He took a drink of water and turned the sink off. He looked in the mirror and saw the girl again. He turned and looked to find that nobody was there.
Jeff crawled into the corner of the bathroom, and started crying. He knew this was going to be a long night, and dreaded every minute of it.

07-13-2008, 01:16:07
Chapter 3

Jeff woke at about 11:00 at night. He was unaware that he had fallen asleep in that bathroom. He got up and opened the bathroom door. He looked in shock as he saw that all of the furniture in the living room had been removed. He travled throught the whole bottom story and saw that all of the furniture had been removed throughout the whole bottom story. He couldn't believe it. How could all of that furniture get moved out in a matter of a couple of hours.
Jeff went back out of the living room and saw a single sheet of yellow paper with writing on it in the middle of the living room. He picked up the piece of paper and read the writing on it.

It simply read:
Jeff, you are in danger. Get out as soon as you can.
Jeff couldn't figure out what this meant. That's when he noticed a newspaper article that had been folded up and taped to the back of the paper. Jeff ripped of the article and started to read it. He read how there had been a mass murderer living in the house about fifty years ago. The murderer had claimed 69 victims over the course of his lifetime. The murderer had died in the house that Jeff was now sitting in. When the police scanned over the house, they found the bodies of most of his victims in what looked like an underground chamber in his basement.
On the back of the note was more writing:
The killers body was never put to rest. So his spirit haunts this house killing all who come in.
Jeff thought this was a load of crap. Jeff now believed in ghosts, but not zombies. Or vengeful killing spirits. Jeff was ready to walk out of that house. He tried the front door again, but found that it was still locked. "Shocker," he thought. Jeff decided that he would explore the unopened rooms of the house upstairs. He went upstairs and started opening the doors to the rooms.
All of the furniture was gone from these rooms too. There was no collection of dust either, or fading, as though nobody had ever lived here. Jeff had only one more room to explore. He opened the door and saw a single wooden chair in the middle of the room. He stepped further in and saw someone at the window.
Jeff suddenly realized that the note contained the truth. The person at the window was no person at all, but looked like a zombie or ghoul. This thing was obviously male, and it held a bloody ax in it's left hand.
The thing said to Jeff, "I've been expecting you." It quickly turned around and threw the ax at Jeff. It barely missed Jeff, and dug into the wall behind him. Jeff turned and ran out of the room. The ghoul yelled, "YOU CAN'T RUN FROM ME!!!" Jeff ran down stairs and saw that a new door had been revealed. Jeff went and opened the door. There was a long corridor and he started to run down it. He could hear the ghoul running behind him yelling, "I'M GOING TO GET YOU!" Jeff started to run faster. Jeff was convinced that he would get away, but then slipped and fell on a rock, knocking him out.

07-15-2008, 15:37:44
Chapter 4

Jeff woke about 3 hours later to find that he was bound to the chair that he had found the ghoul in earlier. He was bleeding from the fall he had tooken earlier. He was convinced he would die from brain damage before anything else from hitting his head on everything. The ghoul was over on the other side of the room, staring at Jeff. Just staring. Jeff was starting to feel uneasy, wondering what was going to happen to him. After several minutes the ghould spoke.
"You shouldn't have run from me. If you wouldn't have run from me, your death would have been quick. But now that you had to run from me, I will kill you slowly."The ghoul unbound one of Jeff's wrists and pulled out a knife. Jeff started to thrash, but it was no use. He couldn't get free. The ghoul said to Jeff, "I will enjoy this."
The ghould took Jeffs arm and reared it's arm back and got ready to strike with the knife. As it did this, Jeff broke away and punched the ghould in the face. He was suprised to find out that this hurt the ghoul. Jeff then took the dropped knife and cut the bounds on his wrist. Jeff then ran out the door.
Jeff ran downstairs looking for the secret tunnel again. Jeff was going to take a little more caution going down the tunnel this time.
Jeff saw the door that led to the tunnel and quickly ran in. He could hear the ghoul coming. It was running and catching up at a dangerous rate. Jeff started to run faster. He remembered what happened last time he ran this fast, so he looked foward to make sure he didn't slip on anything.
Jeff got to the end of the tunnel to find another door. Jeff didn't know what was behind the door, but he couldn't turn back now. He opened the door and found a room full of halls and turns. It took a few seconds to realize that this was a maze.
Great. A maze. A psycotic undead killer was chasing him and he had to get trapped in a maze. Jeff decided that he didn't have much of a choice though. He could hear the ghoul catching up to him, so Jeff decided that he would just have to find his way through the maze. So he ran in and didn't look back.

07-16-2008, 23:17:06
Chapter 5

In the maze, Jeff felt terror like he had never felt it before. It felt that every minute he was in this maze, the ghoul was somehow getting closer and closer to him, waiting to kill him. Jeff couldn't concentrate with that thought. If he was going to get out of here he needed somewhat of a positive attitude. Even if there was a maniacal ghoul stalking him.
Jeff had been wandering through the maze for what seemed like hours. Listening to the threats that the ghoul was making as he did. Jeff took a look behind him occassionaly to make sure that the ghoul wasn't behind him. The last time he did, he could se the ghoul walking towards him. No, jogging. No wait, running, sprinting maybe. It didn't matter. Jeff ran, fast. He took whatever turn came first. Lucky for him, he didn't run into any dead ends.
Jeff kept running. He didn't look back. He didn't need to look back to know that the ghoul was gaining on him fast. Jeff thought he would be able to get out easy at this rate. But he turned right into a dead end. Jeff turned to see the ghoul standing only 20 feet away from him. Jeff paniced and ran past the ghoul. But, as he ran by it, it swung it's ax. The ax connected with Jeff's leg and cut it wide open.
Jeff kept running but felt the searing pain of the cut drive into him and burn like fire. Jeff screamed but kept running anyways. He had a strong will to live and wasn't about to give it up. Jeff saw a door down the maze corridor he was travelling. Jeff limped to the door and opened it. He entered what seemed like a toolshed. He remembered seeing what looked like a toolshed before entering the house. Jeff fumbled for a light switch. After he found one, he was shocked to see what he saw.
It was Robby, the kid who had entered the house the night before. Jeff saw that robby had a deep cut in his head, about the size of the ax head the ghoul carried. Now he knew why Robby hadn't come back. Jeff quickly locked the door behind him. Just to buy himself some time.
Jeff looked around for some kind of weapon. He found a pack of matches and a little gasoline. Jeff couldn't believe his luck. He took the gasoline and matches. He dumped some gasoline on the bottom of the shed and lit a match there.
Jeff then ran out of the shed and started dousing the sides of the house in gasoline. Jeff was lighting a match when he saw the ghoul walking out of the shed and burning. Jeff quickly lit the house on fire.
What happened after that was just...weird.
The ghoul slumped down to one knee and just stayed there. It then let out a horrifying scream and exploded. Jeff found this to be quite weird and slightly disturbing at the same time.
Jeff limped down the street and saw his friends running towards him. Andy ran up to him and said, "Dude, what the heck happened? You have a huge gash in you leg and the house is on fire. What happened?"
Jeff just stared at him and said, "I just had one heck of a night."


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