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07-12-2008, 03:52:27
Meat Mansion is a new point and click adventure type room escape game from The Basement Group. "Sure, you've escaped before. But not while zombies are eating your face! Fortunately, there's a gun in the house, if you can find it in time." Good luck and have fun!


Warning: This game is not suitable for children, because of some simulated blood and violence

07-12-2008, 04:48:25
Got the guns, keys and cog. out. Thanks for posting

07-12-2008, 13:59:17
No problem!

07-12-2008, 17:20:21
I'm stuck at a view of the front door, and I can't do anything or back up.

07-12-2008, 17:28:09
I'm stuck at a view of the front door, and I can't do anything or back up.

Same for me.

You have to find a key from the mansion before you go to the main doors. Might be a bug in the game.

07-13-2008, 19:18:10
I have found 1 of the 2 key to the front door

07-13-2008, 20:54:49
never mind

07-13-2008, 21:25:35
look under the rug to get gun
get the key from near the corner
go left
get medkit go back
go right kill zombies
go straight kill ghost
go right get iron bar
go back kill zombies
check the painting and get the paper
remove the planks and enter that door
kill ghosties
get key from between the barrels in the next room
go down kill zombie
get medpack & small key
go back up
open the door by the painting
kill some more zombies
go thru the door
kill zombie
get m16 ammo
get piano key(middle shelf)
pull the chain
go up
get pliers go down cut the chains
go back up
the monster is gone get the m16
go thru the collapsed wall
kill tht new zombie
fix the piano
read the note it has the hint for this puzzle


get key from piano
go back to the door with 2 locks
open it
kill ghost
go up and left
get key in the window
kill ghost
go back to painting
go right kill zombies
get 1st aid pack on table
go down stair and right
kill again
check lower right corner of painting for a razorblade
go back to the junction and go into the other room
get matches on the bench to the left(near the fridge)
cut the still bag to get a cog
go back to the room where you found the razor blade
light the fire get key
go back up the stairs
enter nursery
get shotgun and ammo on table
get key from under the upper bed
go out enter master bedroom
fix the clock
get key
go to the main entrance(2 back & 2 right)
click on the door to get out
the end

hope this helps

Dark Halo
07-14-2008, 04:00:31
thanks for da walkthrough dolg, i guess it was kinda scary but after u see the fat guy from 300 its pretty predictable cept that ghost on window

07-14-2008, 04:26:43
yeah it was kinda scary
specially wen da girl zombie/ghost things come rushing up
2 u. i jumped every time :S

07-14-2008, 16:57:41
The piano thing is not working for me...

Ok, Got that but now I am stuck by the front door that is still locked and aI have no arrows to go back??? What the heck.

07-14-2008, 22:43:16
michelle if yu have been to the master bedroom and got the key from there click on the door

07-15-2008, 21:02:33
But, I think you have to fix the clock first and I haven't found a cog anywhere for it...

I have one key left that I got from the window and three weapons. If I go to the door, I'm stuck and the key I have won't open it.

I've restarted this game like three times now. I'm in the master bedroon and got some shells.

The drawers won't open with the key from the window...

Oh. It totally helps if you read the walkthrough that someone went to the trouble of writing.

07-18-2008, 02:39:39
Holy <<removed by moderation>> is right for the thing at the window.

I don't know why i play these games when they creep me out so much