View Full Version : Resident evil 5. Should it come to the Wii?

07-22-2008, 00:32:04
My opinion...Yes.
They did it with resident evil 4. There is no reason it shouldn't be on the Wii. With RE4, they put it on three different systems. Sure they might have to down the graphics a little, but I'm sure true fans would be able to see past slightly worse graphics and focus on the gameplay. Maybe if it becomes a best seller on the Xbox360 and PS3, they might move it over. Which it probably will, considering that they are going to stay with the same plot as RE4.

So what do you think?

07-25-2008, 22:35:13
When Resident Evil 5 comes out, it's gonna be a big "boom". I think it definitely will be made for the Wii too.

07-25-2008, 22:36:43
Yay. A supporter. And someone I haven't seen in forever.

Go to chat hitman.

07-25-2008, 22:56:09
I wish I could. I gotta go soon, I just poped in to see what's poping! (:? :haha:)
Anyway, it's been a long time Someguy. It's always nice to see other RE fans.

07-25-2008, 23:04:45
Thanks for the support though.

07-25-2008, 23:12:44
No problem at all. I think everyone should be able to play such a great game!

08-03-2008, 10:49:26
I don't have an Xbox360 or a PS3, just a Wii but I'm pretty sure it will be released on the Wii, as Capcom will of course make more profit.

08-03-2008, 17:28:33
I doubt it won't see the wii seeing as capcom is one of those multiplatformer companies

08-04-2008, 04:57:32
Of course it will go to Wii, they will be crazy if it doesn't... And I Will GO CRAZY, lmao

And, you mentioned slightly worse graphics... I have to disagree...
Have you compared the graphics on RE4?
The graphics on the PS2 were worse than either the GCN or the Wii version. A good place to check this would be viewing an egg in your inventory, where they are like 4x blockier than the Nintendo ports.

08-04-2008, 05:17:37
Justeazy- He's comparing them to the PS3 and the 360 in which the Wii is not at the same level as the other two consoles

08-04-2008, 20:49:23
wow. hell hath no fury over a fanboy scorned.
^that is what happens when you make a fanboy mad.

@justeazy-heart is right. I was comparing them to the PS3 and 360 consoles. compared to GCN and PS2, of course the wii is better.

08-09-2008, 10:20:15
nah. Resident Evil 4 was ok (and scary at first) but a Resident Evil 5 on WII? no way will that happen. ok for PS3 and Xbox360 but Wii? no.

Also Someguy you should have a polls too. you know incase someone says yes or no and cant say it.

08-09-2008, 13:14:50

08-09-2008, 16:44:18
This is like, REALLY delayed (because I couldn't find this thread for some reasome)

When I was saying that, let me put it this way.
The PS2 generally had better graphics than the GCN.
But, the graphics on the GCN were better than on the PS2 (I bought all 3 versions, RE )

THE PS2 had the worst graphics of the 3, the GCN had the middle-good, and the Wii had the best graphics of them all. If you can compare them, do so, and you will see that I am right. There are also some pictures comparing them, showing the same results.

PS, house of the dead sucked, so go ahead and have it. And Umbrella Cronicles... You can have that when we get Parasite Eve, or Evil Dead. :P

08-09-2008, 16:48:24
I was talking about comparing
PS3 to 360 to Wii. The PS3 and 360 graphics are much better than the Wii.
wherever the PS2 and GCN came from in this conversation, it's gone now.

And house of the dead? boohoo.
They couldn't come anyways. To many zombies that pop out of nowhere. The targeting rectile couldn't move fast enough to hit the zombies.

10-31-2008, 02:39:40
So, does anyone still have any objective ideas?