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07-29-2008, 19:34:03
This is a Japanese room escape game. Collect and use items, and solve puzzles to get out. Good luck! :)

(It is possible to complete the game without knowing Japanese)

Play Here (http://shiira.boo.jp/aya.html)

Please use spoilers to give hints:
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07-29-2008, 19:45:22
Ok... I am playing this slightly slowly :$ ... so I don't have many items yet...but I DO have
strawberry, key and note book

EDIT: OH! Sorry! Also have
screwdriver :)

07-29-2008, 19:49:20
It doesn't look good - found so far strawberry, screwdriver, colour hint and 3 hints but two in Japanese

edited spoiler

07-29-2008, 19:59:04
Where'd ya find a key?

07-29-2008, 19:59:58
Can't seem to use my screwdriver on the pink box

07-29-2008, 20:00:33
cant seem to do anything. Got a strawberry and ive seen 2 numbers, and thing in the trash

EDIT: Got a screwdriver

07-29-2008, 20:00:45
by the painting

click on box after using screwdriver on it... keeep clicking :P

Got into a room and got
a stick. Used it to get a blue box
Liiiittle stuck now :P

07-29-2008, 20:03:40
thanks Lilli! Got it after reading that :P

07-29-2008, 20:03:42
Oh that thing on the upper right corner of picture? I click that and it won't budge or go in my inventory...

07-29-2008, 20:05:02
Did you zoom in on the picture?

07-29-2008, 20:05:23
click the corner of the picture to get it ;)

07-29-2008, 20:07:57
? I don't seem to be able to zoom in.

07-29-2008, 20:08:22
I Cant Zoom!!!!

07-29-2008, 20:09:38
Well, at least I'm not alone. :)

I think I've ckicked every pixel of that picture and I don't get a zoomed in view.

What do you think might be wrong?

07-29-2008, 20:15:38
No clue... Im thinkin ill come back to it and worry about it later. I have 3 numbers and a picture showing what to do with them but i cant find the fourth. :'(

I have to go though... Ill keep playing but im gonna lose internet connection. If i stay in the window i can keep playing but i wont be able to post. Ill let you know when i get in a better area... Goodluck! bi!

07-29-2008, 20:18:24
I have a view of the room with a gray door and the picture next to it. I click the pic and it zoom in on the picture. IF I have not gotten
a yellow item - key - in my inventory, then the key is still there to pick, if not there then I have it and then it isn't possible to get anything. That is what I can tell you about what I did but I honestly have no idea why that does not work for you. Very sorry :S

07-29-2008, 20:21:38
Well, I think maybe it's time to restart the game and see if that makes a difference.

Hmm. Not so much. I think I'll just pass on this one for now.

07-29-2008, 20:21:58
o man, the zooming worked but did not work before :) miracle !

maybe you have to do things in order?

now I got strawberry, screwdriver (used), y. key (used), memo (used), hook or something like that, blue box, colour hint

old biker
07-29-2008, 20:30:17
gonna try now ,i see everybody is already here :haha:

07-29-2008, 20:37:33
missing one piece of code for second safe...

edit: got it, had it, forgot about it later :P

07-29-2008, 20:41:03
Piece...? One needs a piece? :? :haha:

07-29-2008, 20:46:57
hmm, it seems I can get out but there are some more things to do here...don't know how to use some stuff from second safe and the thing with heart on locker

edit: ok, I decided to go through the door and I'm out :)

07-29-2008, 20:52:54
:o... but.. how did you get the code?! :?

07-29-2008, 20:58:13
:o... but.. how did you get the code?! :?

Well, did you find the colour hint?

if yes then sum up four numbers corresponding with colours and then you got the code :)

07-29-2008, 20:58:50
i played this for about 2 minutes.
and then promptly gave up as the playing area is TINY!
what was it designed with, A Magnifying Glass?

07-29-2008, 20:59:29
Why.. you... I OH! *slaps head* Me so stopid :P Thank you! :hug2:

A Magnifying Glass is a very lovely tool ta use when creating games, yes :D

07-29-2008, 21:00:28
Woohoo a new escape room :D

old biker
07-29-2008, 21:08:16
im at the point of stepping out ,but one item is missing (the 6 th) ,so... do i get killed or am i free ? :hmm: :haha:

que ???

07-29-2008, 21:09:04
Well. let me go first and if I survive, you go too :P

07-29-2008, 21:12:23
:laughSMILE: You welcome Lilli and of you go through that door now :D

old biker
07-29-2008, 21:12:24
all raydi :wink:

out without 6th item ...anybody ?

07-29-2008, 21:14:19
I am missing the blue number :|

old biker
07-29-2008, 21:15:23
find code for door ,there you ll find what you need
investygate the memo

07-29-2008, 21:16:32
but what was all that stuff in big safe? and that pink device in main room ?

07-29-2008, 21:18:56
By memo do you mean the paper with colored dots? I have three of the numbers. Looking for the blue one.

Nvm I found it :D

07-29-2008, 21:21:58
@old biker - how could You escape without 6th item ? it was a piece of code

07-29-2008, 21:30:43
Wow that was crazy, couldn't load any pages here :|

Ok I have all 4 numbers and added together, the door doesn't open :S

old biker
07-29-2008, 21:32:10
same here rhianan
so found first code in the memo 915 ,and second after doing the math with the found numbers ,think it was 168

im playing again and now i get 6th item ,makes me wonder about the game

cant get the key now

07-29-2008, 21:33:30
I'm wondering if I have the pink number right. It's the strawberry right? Although to me that seems red :|

Edit: Oh duh I had it all along. Number from memo opens the door. Colors added together opens thing in room after you open the door.

I am out :D

07-29-2008, 21:37:19
I am with brainisdead, the screen is very small, hard to watch and click.
I have some questions to the second code: Is the strawberry for the pink colour? Which number should I add - the 9 points on it or backwards the written 15? Or is the pink one hidden in the memo? That would be hard! In the trash bin the yellow circle with seven stars is it for yellow? The green one is inthe plant pot, right? I'm searching for the blue one too, Riannanns Nvm was not so helpful, lol.
The shapes on it - are they corresponding to a number? Have I let work my imagination? Or could someone open it?

07-29-2008, 21:41:00
The pink number is the number written on the back of the strawberry. The note in trash bin is yellow number. Blue number is on the box you get down from the shelf over closet (which never opens lol). The shape on the box is the number. The memo number opens the door with the code on it. The colors added together opens a box inside that door.

07-29-2008, 21:43:22
Thanks for fast answer! Very nice (I first tried for blue one the clock.)

Edit: Out! In the safe - are there 2 rings for marriage? Is there someone on the flew for it???

old biker
07-29-2008, 21:43:53
first time i saw the note with the colored dots but it never came in my inventory ,strange

07-29-2008, 21:45:55
It seems things have to be done in order or it's very pixel oriented lol. I am playing again and cannot get the stupid key from the pic hanging on wall.

Edit: Now it lets me take it. I had to click on everything in the room first.

old biker
07-29-2008, 21:48:37
i know ,i stopped playing

07-29-2008, 21:48:54
You'll get it/key after screwdriver, think, must be highlighted

07-29-2008, 21:51:51
Yea I had it highlighted but I had to go around room a couple times clicking on everything before it would let me zoom in on it :|