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07-31-2008, 11:36:37
Anybody think they're pretty similar. They both enjoy playing mind death games with people. However, there's quite a lot of differences. Jigsaw appreciates life and targets people he deems unworthy of their lives while the Joker...??does appreciate life?? and targets random people. However, their death traps are quite interesting and fun to watch except the Joker's traps are more public.

A few of the Joker's Traps:

Christopher Reece
While Christopher Reece was on the news live, the Joker called in live and announced if Christopher wasn't killed within sixty minutes then the Joker would blow up the local hospital.

Rachel and Harvey
The Joker told Batman the locations of Rachel and Harvery, revealing they only will die soon. However, Batman only had time to reach one, forced to make a choice of who to save. Elsewhere, Rachel and Harvey awake tied to chairs surrounded by explosive materials hooked up to a timer.

The Boats
Two boats; one containing convicts; one containing innocent people. The two captains were supplied with detonators. Pressing the detonator would detonate the bomb on the opposing ship. The Joker announced the rules of the game via intercom, telling them should anyone attempt to leave their boat or should the time pass mid-night without any boat blowing up; he'd blow up both boats. The boats would have to choose who to die. (It's not as simple as it seems.)

An accomplice of the Joker held a family at gunpoint and told the father to choose who to die.

A few Jigsaw's traps:

The Death Mask
Police informant, Michael awoke with a device locked onto his body, aiming two masks filled with nails at his head. Should he fail to retreive the key from behind his eye using a scalpel, the mask would slam shut, driving nails into his skull.

The Angel Trap
Kerry awoke with a device hooked into her ribcage and was told to obtain the key from the jar of acid or the device would rip her ribcage out of her body.

The Jaw Splitter
Drug addict Amanda Young awoke with a device hooked into her jaws. If she failed to retreive the key from the stomach of her "dead" cellmate the device would rip her jaws wide open.

Pretty similar killers eh?

09-01-2008, 16:50:15
I don't know a single thing about The Joker.
I do love Jigsaw though :D

The Saw Series is pretty tight.

10-04-2008, 19:42:31
They're pretty much the same, but there's one big difference. Jigsaw is more cool-headed, while Joker is more of an "out of control" person. :crazy:

10-04-2008, 20:38:14
What hitman said.
They are pretty similar. Jigsaws traps are more gruesome though, and usually make you get rid of or not use the part of your body that you use or care about most.
Joker is just straightforward with his "traps." Which I associate more with decisions.

10-26-2008, 18:27:08
the Joker doesn't really care who he hurts or kills, as long as his point gets across.
actually they both have messages they are trying to get across.
Joker: wants justice for Gothem ie. telling batman, a law breaking vigilanty, to turn himself in or else..
Jigsaw: wants the people who don't appreciate life to put themselves though extremely difficult tasks where they usually injure themselves or someone they love so they will appreciate life more.

So in there own sick and twisted ways they both want good..but they really should choose a better way of doing it lol.