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08-18-2008, 00:59:51
It's an escape the room game by Dassyutu. You all know the drill by now. Good luck. :clover:

Language is a definate problem (I'm probably the only person in the history of humankind to take a foreign language class to play a computer game).

Please use spoilers to give hints:
Enter text here...

08-18-2008, 01:22:08
only found one item and used it and it didn't help me much :(

Edit: found eraser used, red key used, hammer

08-18-2008, 01:30:45
where did you use the spring I have everything else. Can't find a place to use the hammer yet

08-18-2008, 01:41:51
@shiningstar, check the bed further where you found the eraser.

@bmatt, use the hammer under the green picture.

Hope this helps.

08-18-2008, 02:23:32
spring under bed sheet
matchesunder bed sheet (click again where spring was
red keyopen and close left curtain, falls to end of bed
eraserbottom back right of bookshelf
hammeruse red key on drawer
code boxuse eraser on red, green, and blue notes. 395
green keyin the code box
candlegreen key on drawer
screwdriveruse hammer on wall below green picture near the floor.
examine the candle. use matches on candle. use candle on hole in the wall
ladderuse screwdriver on panel behind the yellow stand with green note on it
music boxuse ladder under shelf beside window
songopen music box, insert the spring and listen to the song
yellow keyzoom to left side of shelf, hit 'X' with hammer,
zoom to right side of shelf, click the '0'.
zoom out and pick up key from floor at end of bed
the back of the picture under the pillow hints to this part
last code boxuse yellow key on the drawer.
Code is the name of the song you heard
song nameSpring -Vivaldi Four Seasons

I realize it is a little early for a walkthrough, but language for the code box was a big problem. I separated each item so you don't have to
see the whole thing if you don't want to.
(I got the number for the code from another site. After that it is pretty easy so be sure to try it before you peek ;) )

08-18-2008, 15:01:52
Out! Thanks for the hints! :D

08-18-2008, 22:54:35
Thank you wolf for your wonderful work.
Without your clear and effectiv hints I would never found matches, yellow key, code for red box and spot for tu use hammer .

08-19-2008, 00:36:04
You're welcome. Glad I could help.

08-19-2008, 08:36:59
yay..!! OUT ..but thnx for code HINTS...;)

08-22-2008, 22:21:45
What the heck? Matches. I can't find them! :( I clicked where the spring used to be but nothing happened.

EDIT: Nevermind! It's not WHERE you got the spring. It's NEAR there.
Click the bed sheet nearest to you then click around the sheet again and get the matches

EDIT: Stuck I do not get the paper. And which shelf?

EDIT: I see the shelf, I see the X, hit it with the hammer, went to the otherside and clicked the O (black hole thingy) and nothing happened!

EDIT: Me so stupid to look. I love the music in the musicbox. Thanks for the help and thanks for posting this game it was a lot of fun playing this game!

08-24-2008, 03:42:13
How do you get to play that darn music box I can't get it to work. :( and yes it's whole.

08-25-2008, 00:44:29
anyone need help? coz i am out :D thnx for the gr8 hints ;)