View Full Version : Harpoon Lagoon

04-21-2006, 15:48:28
Harpoon Lagoon:


Fun game where you have to catch fish, buy new items to help and see if you can get enough to buy the harpoon.

Eternal Becky
04-21-2006, 16:27:08
Hey cool game, reminds me of the goldminer game.

04-21-2006, 16:50:30
:roga: I'm back! I just got back from goin' fishin' so heat up the fryin' pan! lol
Cute game! It reminds me of the goldminer game too. Thanx for posting! I really enjoyed it!

04-21-2006, 19:09:40
Bit better than gold digger i think, cos there are more items to get, but i geuss i only got 2 lvl 3 or 4 on gold digger...