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09-08-2008, 18:54:13
Bomb Escape - 1 is another new point and click type room escape game by 123bee. "You are trapped in a room which contains a live bomb. You have to defuse the bomb in 10 minutes, for which you have to solve the puzzles and use the correct code format, which you will find while playing the game. After which you can come out of the room." Good luck and have fun! :)


09-08-2008, 19:45:03
I've been blown up 3 times now...and stuck.

found :

unused note
note with password clue
screwdriver (used)
2 keys (used)
number under vase
2 secret panels

done puzzles:

ball puzzle in drawer
cats eyes
number puzzle

pretty sure the door code is from the number puzzlebut it doesn't seem to want to work

09-08-2008, 20:57:19
Only got the screw driver and the note about the game so far.
Have solved cat, chess, and ball puzzles.
But am totally stuck now.
Wonder what Alfred Nobel's got to do with it.

09-08-2008, 21:05:54
Wonder what Alfred Nobel's got to do with it.
He invented something...which pertains to another note you will find

I'm out.

09-08-2008, 21:14:46
Congrats! Any tips for me? Where do I find the two keys and the number puzzle? I've opened the thing next to the boms with the srewdriver, btw.

09-08-2008, 21:17:37
The bomb can be disabled. Look at the cat's eyes:
the red lines are an upside down 'Y'.
apply that to the panel beside the bomb with the red lights


secret panel to the right of nobel picture, push red button
secret panel on back wall to the left of the light beam, get key

use key on desk door
get note. answer is the password to bomb panel.
panel contains second key and light pad

09-08-2008, 22:01:32
Thanks, but I must be a bit thick tonight.

panel next to bomb for the numbers + secret panel left of light beam

Oh well. Time for bed.

09-08-2008, 22:08:04
Found the key on the wall, but only by using tab. Still can't find the number panel, though.

Edit: Got it now! Only the last puzzle left to solve. Will do that tomorrow. Many thanks Wolf!

old biker
09-08-2008, 22:34:32
nobel and TNT :hmm:

cant get the ball to move
and here i go again :haha:

replaying(again) and the key disappears before i can take it
i think this is the end for me

09-08-2008, 22:49:02
Anybody know how I can solve the chess puzzle given that I don' know how to play chess? :(

All I can do is the cat puzzle.

The ball puzzle won't move or do anything.

OH! Got the ball thing.

arrow keys-slowly

old biker
09-08-2008, 23:11:55
michelle just move the white tower to the right(king)

after replaying a few times there seems to be a bug in the game

and wont accept password 1867

09-08-2008, 23:46:56
after replaying a few times there seems to be a bug in the game

and wont accept password 1867

The patent was 1867, it was invented a year earlier

09-09-2008, 10:28:08
GAH! Can't figure out the number puzzle. And the bomb blew up even though I have disarmed it (or so I thought).

09-10-2008, 17:54:47
The chess isn't working for me
I don't know why

Countess Roxy
09-10-2008, 22:48:48
ummm i need a walkthru plz
im new well ok not quite ive been here alot but never replyed :laughSMILE: :longface: heheheheh

09-10-2008, 23:33:03
Chess board - Rook A5 to Knight H5
Complete the cat's eyes puzzle

Far desk - take note from center drawer, move the blue vase and read note

Clock - click to open and get screwdriver

Green cabinet - do puzzle in center right drawer. Use the arrow keys and
don't touch the sides.

Secret panel to the right of the painting of Arthur Noble, open and click the red button.

Far back wall - zoom in and click to the left of the beam of light. Take
key from secret panel

Green cabinet - use key on large cupboard, take note

panel beside bomb - use screwdriver to remove cover.
enter code from note clue 1866
take the key
red lights, click the ones that match the shape of the red lines in the cats eye

press 2-5-7-9

Panel on left wall - use key to open
solve the puzzle

7 - 14
13 - 20
19 - 21

The door code is the 2 numbers from the number puzzle that are
highlighted in red

Countess Roxy
09-11-2008, 23:57:03

i ned u 2 be oree clear plz?

09-12-2008, 12:41:43
@ countess roxy...

wolf walkthrough is quite clear but even though u r not getting it so..hope this walkthrough will work for you...;)


In Chess Put the white tower ( 5th row ) on the black horse. Go back.

Check the picture. It’s Alfred Nobel.

Put the cat puzzle together, make the cat blink (you’ll get a bigger zoom by clicking on it), note the upside down positioned “Y”s in its eyes.

Click on the table, click the vase, note the number 65. Take the paper from the drawer.

Click on the clock, take the screwdriver.

Check the drawers. In the middle one there is a game you need to complete with the help of arrow key . Don’t make the ball go fast, it will always make you start again.

Go back. Right beside the Mr. Nobel’s portrait is a secret panel. Click it, push the red button. Go back.

Click on the wall (right under the hanging chandelier), where a round white reflection is visible. Move your cursor in the area left from the light reflection and when it turns into a hand, click. A secret drawer will come out, take the key.

Use the key on the cabinet door beside the drawers, take the paper. Read the question.

Use the screwdriver on the plate by the bomb. The password is 1866 (the answer to the question). Take the key. Now, remember the upside down letters “Y” in the cat’s eyes? Click the red buttons to create an upside down “Y” (i.e 1st upper row - middle, 2nd row -middle, 3rd last row- first nd last red button) .Go back..

Use the key on the safe like looking door next to the cat puzzle. Look at the numbers. If you add up the numbers horizontally, you get 65. It’s the same with the columns (if the note with a 65 was suppose to point to this). So, we need to put the missing numbers. And they are:>>
7, 14;
13, 20;
19, 21.

You see that two squares are marked (13, 20). That’s the code.. For the door! ..i.e 1320

yupieee...now you are out..:D...as i was....:leb: