View Full Version : Silent Hill

04-23-2006, 14:39:41
Right i really love my games as i hope do all of you and one of the most atmospheric and frightening series of games i have ever played was the SILENT HILL series now im really hoping that the new movie can live up to the game and id love to hear some feedback from anyone who has seen it i remember when i played the first i must have had a hundred heart attacks i come close to screaming every time i hear radio static and combined with RESIDENT EVIL im now scared of the dark the fog and opening doors lol so im really looking forward to seeing this film gamersfans i just hope it dosent turn out as much a dissapoiuntment as the original RESIDENT EVIL movie!!!

07-22-2006, 04:20:22
I want to see it because Sean Bean is in it and hes from Lord of the Rings but I'm not in to scary movies and I always have to make sure I use the bathroom before I watch scary movies.