View Full Version : Online Game Patch Installation Problem

09-20-2008, 07:48:34
Hi folks, what are the possible causes of an online game patch installation to fail? It's pretty self-explanatory. I installed an online game in my PC so I can play it at home, but when I tried to play the game, it patched itself, but it never succeeded. Didn't I mention that "I installed an online game in my PC", which meant that "I installed the main game in my PC?" Please read the question before deciding to answer, please. Thanks.

09-20-2008, 15:56:39
Well your wording is kind of confusing me but I think I get what you are talking about :)

The possible causes of a patch failing could be:
The download/upload of the files to install didn't go smoothly (Meaning try again)
Your computer already had a corrupt file of the file needing to be patched/downloaded a corrupt file of the file needing to be patched ( Try uninstalling and reinstalling )
Your computer encountered an error while patching ( Try again to patch it or uninstall/reinstall )
Firewall/security programs did not allow files contained in the patch ( Shut off the firewall/security things)

That's all I can think of because i've never had anything other than those problems
I really suggest uninstalling and reinstalling the game, if that doesn't work there should be a number/website you can go to for help :)