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09-28-2008, 11:29:15
This thread is for anyone who is mad about final fantasy and wants to chat about it, especially with the release of final fantasy 13 within a year so enjoy :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

10-30-2008, 16:54:08
I like how they got rid of the Turn based stuff, but I don't lik how you have to wait to attack again.

10-30-2008, 17:31:00
I think it is actually better with the turn based rather than waiting to attack. ;)

10-30-2008, 17:31:50
Turn based games annoy me a little bit.

10-30-2008, 17:35:32
Ummmm well thats the only turn based game i like in final fantasy 10 :(:( So whats ur favourite game

10-30-2008, 17:38:56
I like them all, but I find turn based a little tedious sometimes.
I also like how they got rid of rendom encounters.

10-30-2008, 19:05:54
Yeah I liked that bit ;) I find it irritating when ur trying to go somewher and ur constantly being stopped. Final fantasy 13 is supposed to be a cross between the two

10-30-2008, 19:27:53
let's hope the random encounters are still gone.

10-30-2008, 19:33:29
Yeah ;)

10-30-2008, 19:36:21
But that doesn't change the fact, the final fantasy games are very good.

10-30-2008, 19:38:47
Yes they are!! they are actually my favourite!!!

10-30-2008, 19:42:02
Good series.
I'm anticipating the new final fantasy game.

11-01-2008, 13:56:41
Umm it looks good by the trailer. I think the main character is a girl

11-01-2008, 17:39:01
Here's some snooping I did for you Geordie ;)

"August 3, 2008 - Square Enix fans were thrilled to enter the DKΣ3713 Private Party and check out ten of the company's most anticipated titles. However, Tetsuya Nomura had an extra surprise for attendees at the event – a behind the scenes documentary filmed at the Square Enix internal studio that was only completed yesterday by Nomura himself at 8:40 in the morning. What seemed rather apparent from the start of the documentary was that Nomura's filming was a surprise to everyone – many of the designers and character artists seemed shocked that he was taping at all, and were nervous about some of the elements being shown, including some character designs and concept art of Final Fantasy XIII versus the game translation. There was even some gameplay shown of Final Fantasy 13 which highlighted the size and scale of the world.

While this went on for a minute or two, the documentary soon shifted over to early development footage of Final Fantasy Versus XIII, which showed the main character running around through different environments. It also showed off a sequence that was included within the trailer montage of the young king climbing a staircase, although the trailer paused and the camera was manipulated in real time with a mouse. The developers zoomed out and spun around the character, focusing on the lighting on his face and the detail within the environment. This, and a few other sections within the trailer montage was shown in-engine in real time, and was emphasized by the development team that it wasn't CG at all.

In fact, the next sequence was a round table style discussion with Motomu Toriyama, Hajime Tabata and others, where they discussed elements of Final Fantasy XIII. The inclusion of Versus XIII was specifically done to highlight that the development on the game was real, as the team had read numerous rumors online that stated that the game didn't exist. The developers also wanted to make a specific point about how Final Fantasy XIII is still being developed on the PS3 first, even with the recent announcement of the game crossing over to the Xbox 360. Apparently, the team is focusing on the PS3 as the main development platform, and will release the game in Japan first. The North American and European versions of Final Fantasy XIII on the PS3 will be held back until the 360 version is done so a simultaneous release can be made.

The designers also made a point to debunk the Internet rumor of Final Fantasy XIII coming to the PC, a rumor they claimed was made from a misunderstood comment from E3 this year. Nomura mentioned that he was trying to explain that he develops his games on a PC instead of indicating that Final Fantasy would be coming to a PC.

From there, the room of designers talked about the upcoming demo of Final Fantasy XIII, which will be included on the Blu-Ray disc of Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete. They aren't sure exactly which section of the game will be included on the disc, and they're still deciding what areas will be included for the demo itself, but it should be a large bonus for the disc. Nomura and his team also pointed out that while development on Final Fantasy XIII is fully underway, there are still a number of elements that need to be worked on, such as some characters that haven't been approved of yet, and other gameplay features. They also mentioned that while they're casting voice actors for the game's roles, they haven't made a decision yet, although they think that TGS might be the first time that such an announcement would be made."

(Posted full article from game site)

EDIT!: More snooping around

"July 15, 2008 - By now you've surely heard the big news: Final Fantasy XIII (http://xbox360.ign.com/objects/142/14266574.html) is coming to Xbox 360. Square-Enix is trying to reach as broad of an audience as possible for its next epic role-playing game, which means bringing it to a Microsoft system in North America and Europe. Final Fantasy XIII producer Yoshinori Kitase and Square-Enix corporate executive Shinji Hashimoto were in town for the announcement and IGN got the chance to sit down for a small question and answer session to go into a bit more detail than what was revealed in yesterday's larger press conference. The game is still a work in progress and so details remain slim, but we were able to wrestle a few details out of the tight-lipped developers.

The first question on the floor was one to clarify how, if at all, the Xbox 360 release would affect the PS3 version. The short answer is that it won't. Final Fantasy XIII is being developed first for the PS3 in Japan, a region that won't see an Xbox 360 release. The Xbox 360 iteration is a port of the PS3 build, but Square was quick to point out that you can't say this will cause a delay of the PS3 release in America. Separate teams are working on the two versions and both are moving along on schedule. There shouldn't be a delay in any releases.

Previous Final Fantasy games have taken at least six months to bring them from Japan to North America, and then another six months to reach Europe. The team plans on cutting this time down considerably for Final Fantasy XIII. Because of this shorter time, there are no plans for additional content over what the Japanese original has.

There also are no plans to have the games be different on Xbox 360 and PS3. Nothing has been decided for sure yet, but the team is looking at ways to compress the audio and pre-rendered cutscenes that take up a lot of data without affecting the quality when bringing the game from a blu-ray format to the DVDs that Xbox 360 reads.

Several screenshots have been released at this E3 and Square has been showing a trailer behind closed doors and at press conferences to attendees. We asked for details on these characters, but Square is not ready to talk about them just yet. The only one they would go into any detail on is the girl featured prominently in the video. She's called Lightning, though that isn't her real name. The trailer often shows her alone, which was done to portray one of the major themes in the game. The game doesn't begin with a large group of people fighting together. "There's almost sort of a rejection at the beginning," says Kitase. Lightning refuses to fight alongside others at first and, "then the relationship builds from there. The trailer was crafted to portray that theme and get that message across."

The trailer also showed some key words, such as cocoon and pulse. The Final Fantasy XIII series, including Versus, is based on the Fabula Nova Crystalis mythology. Pulse is a keyword that arises from the crystal mythology. Just as bridges or streets could be named after myths, Pulse is the name of a certain region in Final Fantasy XIII.

As far as the battle system goes, details are still slim. The system is called "ATB" and is said to be an enhanced version of FFXII. FFX, for those that aren't in the know, did not display the enemies on the battlefield and then teleported the player to a separate screen for the randomly occurring fights. FFXII, meanwhile, had a battle system closer to what you find in a standard MMO where the enemies can be seen in and then engaged on the same screen. Kitase says he "took the best of X and XII and created something entirely new and evolved it... there will be monsters on the field but it's a little bit different from the MMO style that XII had."

The director of the game, Toriyama, really likes to focus on story and motion. The director of the battle system, meanwhile, likes to focus on the battles and making that exciting. Kitase says that those two elements will be very well blended. "There is possibly going to be certain moments of the game where the story is very played up and players will be going in a linear direction, but then battles will also kick in at a certain point. [They're] aiming for a good balance there."

Kitase spoke briefly about the audio direction Final Fantasy XIII is taking. The team is in the midst of casting voice actors for the Japanese version right now, so there are no key names that could be given. "In the Final Fantasy series, we're always looked to find voices that match the appearance and personality of the characters best. So in that sense, we're looking for someone that is right for the image of the character and has talent in voice acting." In terms of the music, the team will start working on putting together the soundtrack after the cutscenes are finished and polished to match them properly. This hasn't happened yet, but they do have an idea on what direction the music should take. For this game, the team would like to incorporate more voices and choral work.

Kitase spoke about carrying the Final Fantasy torch and commented on how this game will be unique, yet familiar. "In the grand scheme of things, Final Fantasy XIII is probably very different and new from anything you've seen in the series before. But, everybody on the team has played XII and the previous titles and there is an unseen connection there among the series." He then went on to tell a story about a conversation with Hironobu Sakaguchi, creator of the Final Fantasy series. In it he asked Sakaguchi about what makes a Final Fantasy game a Final Fantasy game. Jokingly, Sakaguchi told him that as long as you have white text on a blue background, you should be fine. Final Fantasy XIII doesn't have that, but Kitase says it's still a continuation. Megaton?"

(Posted full article again)

Very interesting :D

11-01-2008, 18:47:41
:o:o:o Thanks heart!! OMG reading that i am looking forward to the battles. And i also knew about versus 13. Umm but it didnt tell you the release date :(:(:( Umm but thanks i am even more looking forward to it :):):D

11-01-2008, 22:03:35
Gerodie - :D I am also looking forward to this because finally the 360 will have a final fantasy series! :D (Other than the online one but that is stupid because I can't pay the monthly fee so there's no way I can play it.. They should have had an offline!)

Release date is TBA 2009 so i'm guessing around august and maybe into fall when it's gamer season in 2009 :)

11-04-2008, 22:32:48
Yeah! I am really looking forward too it, I enjoyed all final fantasys

01-30-2009, 23:08:17
Final Fantasy Alert!

A video featuring gameplay from the Ps3 was released yesterday!
Watch it HERE (http://ps3.ign.com/dor/objects/826843/final-fantasy-xiii/videos/ffx3_whitecombo_012909.html)
(The speech is in Japanese I think but it has subtitles ;))

Final Fantasy XIII Gameplay Revealed
New trailer shows off eye-popping visuals for the series' high-def debut.

UK, January 28, 2009 - Square Enix (http://games.ign.com/objects/546/546688.html) has shown off the first in-game footage for Final Fantasy XIII (http://ps3.ign.com/objects/826/826843.html) in a trailer just released on the game's official site (http://www.finalfantasy13game.com/).

During the two-and-a-half-minute clip we're treated to our first proper look at the game world, which bears a remarkable resemblance to the 'real' world in The Matrix trilogy, with a Nebuchadnezzar-style ship gliding gracefully through the green-hued metropolis, in front of a hooded Vanille.

The action then kicks in with Square proving once again it's still towers head and shoulders above its peers when it comes to CG animation, with a battle between Lightning and a squad of General Grievous-style robots demonstrating why the Final Fantasy series – and in particular Tetsuya Nomura's distinctive art style – has won the hearts of gamers across the globe.

The main action begins with a conflict on a high-speed train, where Lightning takes out several troops with some sort of personal electric field that heightens her abilities and allows her to perform some flashy acrobatics. Other highlights of the CG elements of the trailer include a hi-octane fight between the four main characters – Lightning, Snow, Vanille and Sazh – and a bunch of machinegun-toting troops, plus an epic scrap in which the hot blonde takes on a giant scorpion mech.

But what of the gameplay? Initial impressions are that the combat system will be a natural progression of that seen in Final Fantasy XII, with players cuing up turn-based-style attacks that then play out almost in real-time. The effect is nothing short of spectacular with the battles looking more dynamic and action-packed than in previous Final Fantasy games. There seem to be hints of Kingdom Hearts action as well, given how Lightning knocks an enemy skyward and jumps up to follow it, continuing the combat while airborne.

Other hard facts are few and far between apart from a release date of 2009 in Japan, with a worldwide date yet to be confirmed. Story elements are hinted at but not directly revealed. From the looks of the trailer, an oppressive force is attempting to forcefully remove residents of the Cocoon into the Pulse area -- two sectors of the Final Fantasy XIII world that seem to be at odds. Regardless, we certainly hope it comes this year because judging by the trailer it's going to be a return to form for Square's much-loved series, which has gone off the boil somewhat following a string of solid but not brilliant handheld remakes. But don't just take our word for it, check out the movie for yourself (http://www.finalfantasy13game.com/) now.

IGN has also posted an estimate release date of April 2010 for the rest of the world and Q4(late August-December) For Japan

01-31-2009, 15:12:53
OMG :jawdropper: I AM SPEECHLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! i cant wait!

02-15-2009, 20:39:37
Final Fantasy XIII Release Could be Affected by Dragon Quest IX Delay

Square Enix president says it's a possibility.

by John Tanaka (http://ps3.ign.com/email.html)

February 12, 2009 - By now, you've probably heard that Square Enix (http://games.ign.com/objects/546/546688.html) has announced a delay for the Japanese release of Dragon Quest IX (http://ds.ign.com/articles/953/953733p1.html), pushing the RPG back from March 28 to July 11.

Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy share little in common, but one definite similarity is that both are sure-fire multi million sellers. So would Square Enix stand to have two massive hits within the same fiscal year? Or would DQIX's Japanese delay into fiscal 2009 push FFXIII's Japanese release to 2010?

Japan's ITmedia reports that (http://www.itmedia.co.jp/news/articles/0902/12/news122.html), speaking at a financial briefing today, Square Enix president Yoichi Wada hinted at the latter. "It may be affected by DQIX's delay," said Wada of FFXIII. "We'd like to work to try and (release it) within fiscal 2009."

"I can't say that there won't be an influence," he later added, but also noted that the company's plans for the coming fiscal year aren't finalized, preventing him from making a clear statement.

For Final Fantasy fanatics outside of Japan, it's not necessarily the case that a Japanese delay for FFXIII would lead to a similar delay elsewhere. For now, we'll just hope that Wada was referring directly to the Japanese market and that FFXIII is still on track for us at... well, whenever it was due in the first place.

In my opinion I think that there's a big possibility a Japanese release pushback could affect the world release seeing as they will be the first to get it, if they discover anything wrong with it they will have to delay the release for the rest of the world to fix it, now if that happens, we will have two release date pushbacks...

In other FF news IGN has posted an April 1st 2010 release date as their estimate :)

02-16-2009, 12:06:28
Final Fantasy XIII Release Could be Affected by Dragon Quest IX Delay

Square Enix president says it's a possibility.

by John Tanaka (http://ps3.ign.com/email.html)

February 12, 2009 - By now, you've probably heard that Square Enix (http://games.ign.com/objects/546/546688.html) has announced a delay for the Japanese release of Dragon Quest IX (http://ds.ign.com/articles/953/953733p1.html), pushing the RPG back from March 28 to July 11.

Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy share little in common, but one definite similarity is that both are sure-fire multi million sellers. So would Square Enix stand to have two massive hits within the same fiscal year? Or would DQIX's Japanese delay into fiscal 2009 push FFXIII's Japanese release to 2010?

Japan's ITmedia reports that (http://www.itmedia.co.jp/news/articles/0902/12/news122.html), speaking at a financial briefing today, Square Enix president Yoichi Wada hinted at the latter. "It may be affected by DQIX's delay," said Wada of FFXIII. "We'd like to work to try and (release it) within fiscal 2009."

"I can't say that there won't be an influence," he later added, but also noted that the company's plans for the coming fiscal year aren't finalized, preventing him from making a clear statement.

For Final Fantasy fanatics outside of Japan, it's not necessarily the case that a Japanese delay for FFXIII would lead to a similar delay elsewhere. For now, we'll just hope that Wada was referring directly to the Japanese market and that FFXIII is still on track for us at... well, whenever it was due in the first place.

In my opinion I think that there's a big possibility a Japanese release pushback could affect the world release seeing as they will be the first to get it, if they discover anything wrong with it they will have to delay the release for the rest of the world to fix it, now if that happens, we will have two release date pushbacks...

In other FF news IGN has posted an April 1st 2010 release date as their estimate :)

yup, i already heard :P Umm April 2010... :| OMG thats like 14 months :( I am unsure i will still wanna play it by then :@ however i am happy square arent rushing with the release and are taking plenty of time to make sure the game is perfect :)

02-18-2009, 08:14:37
final fantasy sucks... that's write, i can say that if i want to.. it's just like if someone says it's good, i can tell you if i think it sucks, i can also tell you anything i want whether i believe it and am lying or not, so there..

02-18-2009, 14:12:28
final fantasy sucks... that's write, i can say that if i want to.. it's just like if someone says it's good, i can tell you if i think it sucks, i can also tell you anything i want whether i believe it and am lying or not, so there..

O_o :croc: Ok then :P

02-18-2009, 18:21:10
final fantasy sucks... that's write, i can say that if i want to.. it's just like if someone says it's good, i can tell you if i think it sucks, i can also tell you anything i want whether i believe it and am lying or not, so there..

Your opinion :P

Frankly I think FPS's are for idiots because all you do is run and shoot over and over again:P Brainwashing? I think so.. :S
(Some FPS cross overs to say.. Fallout are really good, but the plain as vanilla FPS's are lame!)

03-18-2009, 19:17:55
Sorry for not posting some news recently if you hadn't heard already..
(Also sorry about the double post)

New Final Fantasy XIII Characters Revealed

Spikey hair guy, goggle boy, and "the girl."

by John Tanaka (http://xbox360.ign.com/email.html)

February 17, 2009 - Things went quiet on the Final Fantasy XIII (http://xbox360.ign.com/objects/142/14266574.html) front following that marvelous trailer from a few weeks back, but today Japan's Weekly Shounen Jump manga magazine came through with a few new details.

The biggest revelations concern new character names. The magazine introduces a team of fighters who battle alongside Snow (the guy with the bandana) during the early train sequence as part of what appears to be a team called "Nora." They were shown in the last trailer but never formally introduced.

Here's a look at three members:

This is the guy with the spikey blond hair who looks somewhat like Final Fantasy X's Wakka.

Lebro is the character with the impossibly low cut shirt that you'd never wear for a battle unless you were trying to win by distracting your enemies. She's the only female member of the team and is said to be strong-willed, but kind.

Ths is the guy with short blond hair, goggles, and what appears to be a Chicago Cubs jacket. Yes, it's a "he." Markie is somewhat timid, but is said to be a fine member of Nora.

Please note that the above names are not official Romanizations of the Japanese. It's possible that some of the names will have slight differences once Square Enix (http://games.ign.com/objects/546/546688.html) provides a more official look at the characters.

Lightning is not listed as being a member of Nora. In fact, the magazine states that while Lightning and Snow have a common enemy in the holy government army, their goals appear to be different. Nora's goal is said to be to help people who are being forced to move to the world of Pulse below. Lightning's goal may not be so clear, though .

Further insights should come from direct play of the upcoming Japanese demo, which is being packaged with the Japanese release of Final Fantasy XIII Advent Children Complete in mid-April. All the scenes in the magazine are from the demo, meaning we'll be getting a closer look at a good number of characters through the sampler.

Final Fantasy XIII On Track for 2009

Director speaks out on development progress, characters, and more.

by IGN Staff (http://ps3.ign.com/email.html)

February 25, 2009 - Were you concerned when Square Enix (http://games.ign.com/objects/546/546688.html) president Yoichi Wada told investors that Dragon Quest IX's Japanese delay to July might have an effect on the release of FFXIII? If not, what's wrong with you? Any delay in the Japanese release of the game almost assuredly means a delay outside of Japan as well!

All is not lost, though. FFXIII director Motomu Toriyama had some calming words in an interview in this week's Famitsu. Development on FFXIII is still progressing towards a 2009 release and is going smoothly, he told the magazine. He also noted that that the the game's demo version, which will be included with the Japanese release of Final Fantasy Advent Children Complete in April, was finished in December.

Of course, Wada and the other Squenix suits will likely have the final say on when FFXIII gets released, but it's certainly good to hear that the game is coming along.

Famitsu also got Toriyama to spill a bit about the demo. Players will be able to play for about an hour, he said, confirming past reports at a sizable play experience. There may actually be a multi-faceted side to the demo, as Toriyama revealed that Snow and Lightning will not meet during the course of the demo. Players will be able to enjoy the stories for the two characters separately.

Furthermore, because the full battle system is included in the demo, Toriyama expects players to find a lot of replay value. Despite the inclusion of the full battle system, though, he assured that the battles we see in the final version of the game will be evolved even further.

Joining Toriyama in the interview session was FFXIII character designer Nao Ikeda. The two shared a few details on some of the recently announced characters and story elements.

First off, afro guy, Sazh. This character is like nothing ever seen in the series and appears to have caused quite the impact, said Toriyama. He admitted to being a bit worried. In Toriyama's mind, Sazh is bright and full of expression, and also has a comical element about him.

Don't like Sazh? Well, you'd better get used to him, because Toriyama also revealed that Sazh has the most lines in the game! For his voice actor (presumably the Japanese version), Square Enix made use of a veteran who was given freedom to ad-lib.

Sazh and Lightning come to know one another at the outset of the game's story following some big happening, explained Toriyama. They did not know each other prior to that.

One of the reasons Sazh's unveiling caused quite the stir was due to the baby Chocobo he keeps in his afro. The Chocobo caused a big reaction, explained Toriyama, and the development staff is now considering giving it more time in the game. He joked that while the Chocobo does not appear in battle, he's currently in negotiations with the battle team about this.

Our latest update on FFXIII detailed Nora, a group comprised in part by four members: Snow, Lebreau, Maqui, and Gadot (these are the official Romanized names, as listed in Famitsu). Famitsu confirms that Snow is the leader of this group, whose name comes from the Japanese word for stray dog (nora-inu). There's actually a hidden meaning in the name, Toriyama explained, but players will not learn it until events that take place after the demo.

Ikeda shared some background on Nora, explaining that it was formed by youths who do not like being controlled by the holy government. Their major activity involves fighting off monsters, but they consider their role of protecting the city as somewhat of an enjoyable sport. The residents of the city place great trust in them.

Monsters? Yes, Cocoon has monsters, and one of the holy government army's jobs is to deal with them. The "PSICOM" soldiers, mentioned in the last trailer, deal primarily with fighting monsters and rarely face off against human foes.

The members of Nora have made it their business to save people who are being force migrated to Pulse because it turns out that their city, which is located by the shore, is believed to have taken influence from Pulse and is being purged. The members of Nora hope to stop that.

Those four members mentioned above will be encountered in the demo version of FFXIII. But when playing the final version, players will encounter a fifth member, whom Toriyama joked was too cool to be revealed just yet.

We can do without the fifth character as long as we get to at long last get our hands on FFXIII. The April Japanese demo can't come soon enough!

Final Fantasy XIII Site Updated

Producer Yoshinori Kitase delivers a bleep-filled message.

by John Tanaka (http://xbox360.ign.com/email.html)

March 4, 2009 - Square Enix (http://games.ign.com/objects/546/546688.html) has at long last given the official Japanese Final Fantasy XIII site (http://www.square-enix.co.jp/fabula/ff13/) a major update, with new screens and even a message from producer Yoshinori Kitase.

The screens (accessible under the "character" section of the site) show off the characters we introduced here at IGN last week (http://ps3.ign.com/articles/957/957010p1.html). Yes, you can now have your first moderately-sized look at Team Nora, including Gadot, Lebreau, and Maqui. These three don't appear to be primary characters, as they're all bunched together while Snow, Lightening and Vanille get their own pages.

There's a bit of new information at the site regarding the characters. Gadot and Lebreau are revealed to not only be subordinates of Snow in Nora, but also his childhood friends. Maqui, who was previously revealed to look up to Snow, is described as lacking confidence, and being not too big on fighting.

For everything else, we'll refer you to our writeup from last week (http://ps3.ign.com/articles/957/957010p1.html).

The "message" section of the site has also been updated. Following up on the first message from director Motomu Toriyama, producer Yoshinori Kitase is in the hot seat for this update. He mostly teases in his message, revealing that as he creates the message he's viewing FFXIII running on dev kits. The ability to play FFXIII in advance of everyone else in the world is the thing that makes him happy about developing FFXIII, he says, adding that players will get a chance to experience a similar feeling when the FFXIII demo hits Japan in April.

Kitase also teases at a few names:

"Strategic battles using using XXXXX"

"Summon beasts like Shiva and XXXXX"

"Lightning does XXXXXX to XX and XX..."

The Xs represent Japanese characters. If you can figure out what they are, you get to advance directly to Final Fantasy XIV.
I have to say though, I dislike the characters so far that they've introduced in this final fantasy :S Maybe my opinion will change when the game comes out

04-10-2009, 01:43:45
Final fantasy alert ;) (Sorry bout the triple post :haha: :S)

Final Fantasy XIII Update

Trophy support, frame rates and more ahead of next week's demo.

by IGN Staff (http://ps3.ign.com/email.html)

http://de.ign.com/event.ng/Type=count&ClientType=2&ASeg=&AMod=&AdID=123943&FlightID=111329&TargetID=8726&EntityDefResetFlag=0&Segments=1,255,264,348,1931,2092,2747,2863,3494,39 75,3982,4170,4178,4602,4603,4608,4611,4678,4723,48 34,4840,4917,4951,5015,5036,5188,5194,5195,5718,59 06,5971,6102,6312,6382,6398,6483,6654,6666,6671,67 01,6886,7017,7102,7396,7752,8587,9208,9319,9554,95 98,10327,10820,11071,11754,12248,14991,15028,15232 ,16251,16799,17011&Targets=6556,11060,7012,6781,6505,8726,8027,8617,1 1480,11739,20714,6507,6918,19866,7143,7085,7898,78 45,20188,10619,13523&Values=25,31,43,51,60,72,84,91,100,110,150,155,225 ,227,235,240,268,465,702,806,1041,1188,1228,1481,1 503,1591,2661,2721,3006,3481,3932,4056,4295,4662,4 799,5120,5999,6612,6623,8052,8150,8210,8978,56833, 58049,59328,59609&RawValues=&random=bqIsgtK,beKKfdohrxuAp
April 8, 2009 - The big Final Fantasy XIII (http://ps3.ign.com/objects/826/826843.html) demo is all set to hit Japan next week. But just ahead of that, Famitsu has come through with a huge update on the game via an interview with director Motomu Toriyama.

There's a whole lot of new information in the interview, but let's start off with some details on the demo. The demo is split into two parts. The first part puts you in control of Lightning, who's joined in battle by Sazh. In the second half, you take control of Snow, who's joined in battle by the Nora crew. Vanille appears in the second half as well.

As previously detailed, the demo encompasses the first hour of the game. A group of people are on a train on route to their expulsion from Cocoon after being accused of having taken influence from Pulse. Lightning arrives on the scene just as the group has started to revolt. Meanwhile, on a separate train, Snow and crew are among the to-be-purged and have started a revolt of their own.

Here's some of what you won't experience in the demo. Although Lightning and Sazh start off together, you won't learn about their relationship until a reflection scene that takes place after the events of the demo. Also, while the demo lets you play from the perspective of just Lightning and Snow, the final version will also have sequences that take place from Vanille's perspective. As you advance with one character, the game will switch to another character and you'll experience what that character has been up to. Apparently, such scenes run in parallel with one-another like one of those "Meanwhile..." transitions in a movie.

http://ps3media.ign.com/ps3/image/article/970/970920/final-fantasy-xiii-20090408090106501-000.jpg (http://media.ps3.ign.com/media/826/826843/img_6632054.html) Lightning and Snow will take center stage in the demo.

Most of the demo takes place in an area of Cocoon called "Hanged Edge" (please note that our roman form for this name could be incorrect). This area is on the border of Cocoon and has taken the most influence from Pulse when compared to other areas of Cocoon. It's a dark area, but this is apparently not indicative of the full FF world, which Toriyama describes as being bright and like a futuristic city.

The end of the demo will feature a look at a new character who appears in prison clothing. Toriyama hinted that she's an important character, but did not get into specifics.

The magazine expressed surprise with some of Sazh's motions from the demo (yes, the Famitsu editors were able to sample the demo ahead of everyone else -- see below for what they thought). Apparently, Sazh reacts with surprise from the kickback of his weapons. It turns out that he's not particularly used to battle, and ends up making a lot of unnecessary movements on the battle field.

Sazh's Chocobo may end up appearing along side Sazh during battle. This is something that Toriyama has, in past interviews, suggested might happen, and here he said that the development team is actively looking into it. One problem, however, is that the Chocobo's fur uses a "rich" rendering technique, which makes putting it into the battle system difficult.

On the note of Chocobos, there will be standard Chocobos in the game as well, Toriyama confirmed. However, they won't be used as a means for transportation.

Moving on to the battle system in general, the interview cleared up a lot of the areas that have been a mystery until now. First up, Toriyama explained that the FFXIII battle system is based around the concept of fusing strategy and action -- that is to say, adding the flash and speed of action to command-based battles.

The demo will give only a sampling of the game's strategic component via the ability to stock up commands. Another area of the strategy, which won't appear in the demo, comes from your allies. During battle, you control just one character. Your allies are controlled by AI. However, they react to the moves your character makes. The strategy here comes from figuring out how to connect with your allies and better draw out their abilities. The demo will offer a basic glimpse at this, with allies going in for follow-up attacks when you send an enemy into the air. The final version will give you better control over such things. Specifically, it seems that you'll be able to switch off freely between the characters.

We'll see just about 30% of the final battle system in the demo, explained Toriyama. The game's "Evolved ATB" system (the name for this system is currently under consideration) will show itself in only its base form. There won't be summons in the demo, although they'll be in the final. Additionally, the demo will limit you to just three move stocks, while the final version of the game will have your possible move stock increase as your character develops. The final version will also have changes to the game's menus to make it easier to input commands once you have a lot of commands at your disposal.

04-10-2009, 01:44:19
(Super sorry about the quad post :S :( it didn't fit in one post)

Toriyama also revealed something particularly surprising about the battle system. At the end of each battle, your character's HP will be totally recovered! The game is being tuned so that individual battles are tough and you won't win unless you think.

Continuing with the new revelations, Toriyama shared details on the game's chain and break systems, both of which have been only partially detailed in past updates. The goal of these two systems, said Toriyama, was to recreate some of the motions, such as launching enemies up into the air, that were seen in the 2006 E3 FFXIII trailer.

As previously revealed, as you attack enemies, you build up a gauge in the upper right of the screen. This gauge depletes with time. Perform successive attacks before the gauge reaches zero, and you'll have chained your attacks together, resulting in added damage for your blows. The gauge fills up differently depending on the type of attack, with fire magic attacks being particularly generous.

When you chain attacks, you also build up a "Bonus" percentage. When this reaches a certain percentage, your enemies will flash red and reach a Break state. The percentage required for this state depends on the enemy. The chain gauge becomes a timer gauge during Break time, indicating how much time you have left in the Break.

http://ps3media.ign.com/ps3/image/article/970/970920/final-fantasy-xiii-20090408090043892-000.jpg (http://media.ps3.ign.com/media/826/826843/img_6632051.html) Looks like the developers are trying to replicate the flashy combat from the early trailer.

An enemy in a Break state takes on greater damage with every blow, but more importantly also opens itself up to some of those E3 trailer-style attacks. In the demo, this amounts to simply being able to launch your foe up into the air, signaling your allies to let loose with follow-up attacks. The final version of the game will include more options for such break moves.

As a side note, you're not alone in your ability to launch foes into the air. Enemies can do the same to you. In the demo, the Behemoth enemy will launch you up.

Once you've cleared battle, you're presented with a result screen which gives you a one to five star rating indicating your performance. To get a high rating, you need to fight efficiently and finish the battle quickly.

This star ranking system will be in the demo. A couple of points about the results screen won't make it out until the final, though. The game will have support for Trophies and other PS3 features, Toriyama revealed without getting into specifics. He also briefly mentioned that mysterious "TP Bonus" icon that has been shown in screenshots of the result screens. It has something to do with summon magic, but that's as far as he'd say.

Toriyama was even more vague about the game's character growth system. FFXIII will feature a new character development system, similar to how FFX featured the Sphere system and FFXII the License Board system.

One thing to note about character growth, however, is that you won't be able to make just anyone use magic. As part of the story, only the L'cie characters can use magic. Also, magic won't appear in the game until a bit into your adventure, although the demo has been put together to give you access from the start.

Toriyama also offered up a preview of what happens prior to battle as you move about on the fields of play. As indicated by past trailers, FFXIII's enemies are visible prior to battle. The enemies have fields of vision, and when they see you, they will attack. In the demo, all enemies in the area will proceed to join in on the attack, although in the final version, the enemies will react to you individually.

When encountering enemies, the associated effects are colored differently depending on if the enemy has spotted you or not spotted you. When you haven't been spotted prior to an encounter, you end up with a greater time gauge.

For the tech heads, the interview also shared a few technical details. The game will output at 720p and 30 frames per second. There are a few slowdown issues with the demo during battle, but these will be cleared out in the final. Also, for those with SD televisions, the development staff is taking care to make sure the game will be readable by all.

Finally, some good news for those concerned about a massive wait for the final version of the game. According to Toriyama, the major areas of the game are nearly done, and now it's just a matter of connecting everything together. The work of the designers is, for the most part, finished.

This hopefully means a 2009 release is still on track for Japan with an international release not too long after that.

But first, that demo! Two Famitsu editors were given a chance to sample the demo in advance. Their play time lasted one hour and twenty minutes or so. They praised the speediness of the game and the near zero load times. The background music is "cool," said one editor, who also made note of the detail in the backgrounds which allows you to see characters fighting enemies far in the distance as you move about the fields of play. It would be a loss to not experience the demo, said another editor.

We'll be sure and do that next week and let you know what we think.

Have fun with the demo for all those playing it :P I won't be able to :( (Unless it's on a game for the 360 I don't know about :haha:)

04-20-2009, 23:32:49
(Okay this is getting kinda outrageous, sorry about the fifth post in a row :()

Final Fantasy XIII Demo Hands-on

Impressions on the new characters and combo system.

by IGN Staff (http://ps3.ign.com/email.html), IGN AU

http://de.ign.com/event.ng/Type=count&ClientType=2&ASeg=&AMod=&AdID=128632&FlightID=115522&TargetID=6556&EntityDefResetFlag=0&Segments=1,255,264,348,1931,2092,2747,2863,3494,39 75,3982,4170,4178,4602,4603,4608,4611,4678,4723,48 34,4840,4917,4951,5015,5036,5188,5194,5195,5718,59 06,5971,6102,6312,6382,6398,6483,6654,6666,6671,67 01,6886,7017,7396,7752,8587,9208,9319,9554,9598,10 327,10820,11071,11754,12248,14991,15232,16251,1679 9,17011&Targets=6556,11060,7012,6781,6505,8726,8027,8617,1 1480,11739,20714,6507,6918,19866,7143,7085,7898,78 45,10619,13523&Values=25,31,43,51,60,72,81,91,100,110,155,225,227 ,235,240,268,465,702,806,1041,1188,1228,1481,1503, 1591,1825,2661,2721,3006,3932,4056,4295,4662,4799, 5120,5999,6612,6623,8052,8148,8978,9113,56833,5804 9,59328,59609&RawValues=&random=bvqyfuw,beRzKrbdahcKg
Australia, April 19, 2009 - Such has been the purposefully slow build-up to Final Fantasy XIII (http://ps3.ign.com/objects/826/826843.html) that the opportunity to finally play the thing seems like it could be some kind of once-in-a-lifetime privilege. In fact it's not: playing through this brief but revealing demo build of FFXIII is as simple as buying a copy of the Japanese Blu-ray release of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete, limited editions of which are bundled with a separate disc containing said demo as well as a selection of trailers.

The demo begins in what is already familiar territory, as female lead Lightning and her goofy sidekick Sazh are aboard a train that is heading at breakneck speed into Cocoon, a capsulated civilisation moored above the enemy underworld that is Pulse. The train is full of hostages who are being monitored by guards (they look pretty similar to Stormtroopers, but not quite to the point of copyright infringement) when it crashes through a force-field barrier, the impact of which gives the carriage's hostages a perfect chance to break free from their captors. This also gives SquareEnix an early opportunity to show off its Hollywood-rivalling extreme sci-fi dramatics for FFXIII, with slow-motion gunfights and over-choreographed acrobatics setting the tone.

http://ps3media.ign.com/ps3/image/article/974/974245/final-fantasy-1_1240193181.jpg (http://au.media.ps3.ign.com/media/826/826843/imgs_1.html) Clearly military-issue clothing and hairstyles differ a little in Cocoon.

Once they've escaped, Lightning and Sazh are initially alone in the shimmering green metal world of Cocoon. This is a place where you don't look to the horizon for a sense of scale, because there isn't one – instead, like Osamu Tezuka's Metropolis, Cocoon stretches up and up: there are impossibly tall buildings all around, ships flying overhead, docking stations and future railway lines as far as the eye can see. You're able to select from four (slightly) different camera setups, but all options enable you to look around simply by moving the right analogue stick. The camera is pitched directly behind Lightning as she runs forwards into the screen, but occasionally the perspective swoops or elevates to give you the optimal view when running through mazy areas. In Cocoon's initial stretch of one-way paths, this 'semi-automatic' camera system works a treat.

The first battle here doubles as a tutorial, guiding you through basic use of the Time Gauge system, which will be the bread and butter of FFXIII's combat. It's pretty simple to begin with: Lightning has a Time Gauge divided into three parts, and she can only make a move when at least one part of that meter is full. Moves have specific requirements in terms of Time Gauge parts, so while Attack, Fire, Launch and Cure moves require only one part each, the more powerful Faiga special needs Lightning's Time Gauge to be full (all three parts). The best thing about this setup is how it permits you to 'stock' a series of moves before executing them as a chained combo. For example, you might select one Fire, followed by a Cure and a standard Attack, using a full Time Gauge of three parts to execute these moves in quick succession – and the actual execution demands only a tap of Triangle. Alternatively, if you find that the enemy is most susceptible to damage from Fire, you could line up a string of three Fire attacks to be executed as a combo. There's clearly huge potential for complex, strategic use of the Time Gauge system deeper into the game.

http://ps3media.ign.com/ps3/image/article/974/974245/final-fantasy-2_1240193320.jpg (http://au.media.ps3.ign.com/media/826/826843/imgs_1.html) Lightning uses her in-built taser tech to fend off unwanted attention.

The enemy in that first battle is a giant robotic scorpion. He's extremely easy to defeat – as you'd expect from an enemy in a tutorial – though he does destroy the bridge on which you were standing before returning for a second bout. But after beating him a second time, he ends up falling off into the black abyss below and that's the last you see of Mr. Scorpion. After each battle, your performance is assessed and your stats are displayed in a fresh window: as well as an overall ranking of one to five stars, you're also shown Max Chain and Max Break stats and are told precisely how long the battle went on for. In two minutes of fighting against Mr. Scorpion, we achieved a Max Chain of 31 and were awarded four stars for our overall performance in battle. Our second battle, against a couple of guards, yielded a Max Chain of 14 and lasted only 20 seconds, netting us our first five-star ranking. While it is possible to avoid some battles by weaving a way between enemies, you'll eventually get caught up in another fight whether you like it or not. But that's no big problem, because the battles are so engaging that you probably will like it.

Away from battle, it's impressive how Cocoon feels alive as you journey through it. Ships whoosh down and leave green laser trails, and eventually one of those ships fires a missile that lands just 100 yards or so ahead of you, triggering an instant cutscene. Somehow, SquareEnix' technical mages seem to have found a way to make the jumps from gameplay to cutscene free of any loading time whatsoever. There are no pauses, and that seamlessness only enhances the sense that you're part of a constant, real universe.

http://ps3media.ign.com/ps3/image/article/974/974245/final-fantasy-3_1240193599.jpg (http://au.media.ps3.ign.com/media/826/826843/imgs_1.html) Fun Fact: Snow wears a beanie to hide the dandruff problem that gave him his nickname.

Fortunately this "real universe" is full of helpful, game-assisting features. The map, which is displayed at the top-right of the screen, shows not only the present position of your team and your enemies, but also displays your recent trail of footsteps, so you always know where you've come from. There are Treasure Orbs containing Gil – we got 100 Gil from the first Orb we found, 981 Gil from the second – and illuminated 'jump pads' make your path through obstacles startlingly clear. All very helpful stuff.

We're also happy to find that comedy still has a part to play in Final Fantasy. The relationship between Lightning and Sazh – a guy who hides a pet chick in his Afro hairdo – is an unlikely one, and funny for it. While Lightning was once a government official, Sazh is apparent just "an ordinary guy". Lightning repeatedly tells him to "shut up" – and understandably so, as he keeps on yelling "What are going to do?!" Just as Lightning is about to leave him behind, using a special ability to escape from a dead-end pathway, Sazh literally holds her back, wrestling with her until she finds that she now can't use the trick she was about to, meaning – to her dismay – that she's stuck with this guy. Sazh thinks she'll be impressed when he points out that there's an escape route visible in the middle distance: "Look, we can ride on that instead!" he beams, and Lightning retorts with an acidic "Seems so", followed by a look that says "Don't you dare mess with me again, boy." Bizarrely, Sazh appears ignorant of Lightning's objective, and when she tells him that she intends to expose the fallacy of Pulse, he's visibly shocked. She then lands the knockout blow: "Following me was a big mistake."

04-20-2009, 23:33:24
(Once again sorry :(, Didn't fit in one post)

http://ps3media.ign.com/ps3/image/article/974/974245/final-fantasy-4_1240193810.jpg (http://au.media.ps3.ign.com/media/826/826843/imgs_1.html) Odds are she doesn't even know what that wacky gadget she's holding is used for.

Once Lightning and Sazh' side of the demo ends, we get to see the same environment from the perspective of the resistance, led by blond male Snow. His movement is noticeably clunkier than that of Lightning, and his performance in battle is slower yet more powerful. Where Lightning has moves such as Fire at her disposal, Snow has Blizzard – the two of them are literally fire and ice. And while Lightning is accompanied only by Sazh (during this demo, at least), Snow has a gang of four under his command: a guy with big red hair; a sassy Japanese girl who has a stock of quips such as "Whoever wins this battle will be a hero!"; an annoying brat of a teenager; and a young mother who volunteers to join the resistance, leaving behind a group of refugees that includes her son.

It may only be an hour-long taster, but this first playable build of Final Fantasy XIII (http://ps3.ign.com/objects/826/826843.html) contains more than enough visually-overloaded entertainment to leave us dreaming of what the full game will be like. We really can't wait.

06-03-2009, 15:58:09
I mean WOW doesnt it look so good :) and also it is released Japan this year and everywhere else next year :)

And BTW, those interested in final fantasy 14 YES 14 :o It is an online multiplayer MMO. Only available on PS3 and PC. It looks cool and follows on from final fantasy 11.

09-10-2009, 03:42:07
Dissidia Final Fantasy is awesome.

09-11-2009, 02:25:22
(Awesome news :D)
Final Fantasy XIII: Sazh's Son Has a Fro Too
The latest on Square Enix's Spring 2010 epic.

September 9, 2009 - Final Fantasy XIII's token black character Sazh Katzroy has more than just his baby Chocobo, his flat fro, and the end of the world on his mind. This week's Famitsu reveals that Sazh has a son.

Named Dajh (not "Dodge," as you might have heard), Sazh's six-year old son is a lot cuter than his father. And his fro has much better form.

As part of the FFXIII story, Dajh and Sazh have, for an unspecified reason, been living apart from one another. They end up meeting after a long time at some point during the course of the game, an occurrence that apparently surprises Sazh.

Dajh doesn't resent his father for being away for so long. Famitsu says that Dajh loves Sazh, and screenshots show Dajh hugging his dad and greeting him with a bring smile.

From what we can tell Dajh's fro, although certainly large enough, does not house its own baby Chocobo. But it turns out that the baby Chocobo we've been seeing all along is actually Dajh's. Sazh purchased the Chocobo from a gift shop while he was out on travel with Dajh. He gave the Chocobo as a gift to Dajh, although somehow the Chocobo ended up accompanying Sazh on his journey with Lightning.

Designer Ikeda Nao tells Famitsu in this issue that Dajh is Sazh's only son. His mother (presumably Sazh's wife -- the Famitsu text doesn't state this for sure) died three years earlier. She also notes that Dajh has a "baby afro," resembling cotton candy (it really does look like cotton candy).

Famitsu also has some serious info on FFXIII, including a few details on the game's Paradigm Shift system, known in Japan as the Optima system.

As part of this system, you assign roles to your party members. Role types include attacker, blaster, defender, healer, and enhancer. An attacker is a specialist in physical and magic attacks. A healer specializes in healing, but can't perform attacks. You can change these roles on the fly, so if you need a healer, you transform one of your characters into a healer.

Groupings of roles are called Optimas (we're using the Japanese terminology here). Executing an Optima Change allows you to switch all the characters into their new roles. You're able to make this change at any point in the battle by bringing up your Optima menu via L1. There's no penalty, and no limit.

Famitsu shows an Optima called Rush Assault. This has Lightning as a defender, Snow as an attacker, and Vanille as a blaster. The game has a number of Optimas aside from this, though. Examples include Vanguard, Buster & Support, Assault + Buster, and Strike Shield. Some Optimas are for parties of just two.

Some of the details behind how the Optima system are still a bit vague, but in an interview in this issue, director Motomu Toriyama and battle director Yuji Abe said that you'll be able to freely customize your role combinations. The name of the Optima is determined based off the roles that you combine (it doesn't seem as though you can freely name the combinations).

Previous reports indicated that you'd be able to take control of multiple members of your party during battle at some point in the game. In this latest Famitsu interview, Toriyama confirms that the player controls the lead character, with the other characters behaving according to AI, as defined by their current role.

As for which character you control, this depends on where you are in the story. Eventually, you'll be able to freely select your character. Toriyama wouldn't confirm if you'll be able to freely switch battle members in and out of your party, though (although the way he responded to Famitsu's question on the matter suggests that this will be possible).

The Optima System was featured heavily in the Final Fantasy XIII (http://xbox360.ign.com/objects/142/14266574.html) demo that we played yesterday, although it was a bit hard to try out everything without knowing what we should be looking for. This same demo will be at the Tokyo Game Show later this month.

And three months after that, on December 17, we'll be playing the final Japanese release! It's hard to believe, but Final Fantasy XIII, Optima changes, afros and all, is almost upon us!

(That's wonderful news :D, December 17th and we will start seeing player made videos, a huge info update about the entire story (If your into spoilers ;)) and only four months till the English release :D)

09-11-2009, 14:01:27
hey budy!!

i had completed lots of games in this year, but no one can replace the first rank of final fantasy..
i m exiting about final fantasy 13 which will be launch in next year.. i m ready to spend money what ever will be just for final fantasy.. it's pretty game, whole series is most like by me... i think u will also going to crazzzyyy after once u try it.

09-27-2009, 21:54:40
oh! I love Final Fantasy! Sadly I have only played VIII and 10 but havnt finished either :(

10-03-2009, 13:27:17
Final Fantasy 13!! confirmed europe release march 2010 :D

12-05-2009, 10:48:13
There's a lot I could say about my love of these games. As I state in my profile Nobuo Uematsu is my favorite composer. He composed many of the songs used in the games. I honestly lost a lot of interest in them when Hironobu Sakaguchi, and Nobuo Uematsu left though. It's not to say they're not great games any more. They're just different games. In some form or another I own I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, X-2, XI, XII, Tactics, Tactics Advance, Legend I, II, III, Adventure, Mystic Quest, and Crystal Chronicles. Of the original series VI is my favorite. Out of all of them combined the Zodiac Brave story from Tactics is my favorite. If I owned a PS3 I'd buy XIII, but sadly I don't.