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09-30-2008, 22:04:58
This very nice GH poem has been interactively written by Emo234 and geordieboy, originally in the Poems (http://gamershood.com/forum/showthread.php?t=12932)thread.

Since it reflects our community very well, it has been decided to become the Official GH Poem:

I laugh, you smile
I blink, you blink
we sit, we think
we stare, we gaze
we play all these days
Your sweet, caring smile
That can brighten a mile
My eyes touch yours
Which my heart adores
My heart it pounds
As our friendship bounds
Bound together in bonds so strong
As we talk so long
We chat and we talk and giggle and sing
As we send our digital bling
We dance and laugh and smirk and look
As you write, and I read your book
We watch and play all every forum game
As every where we go, we see each other's name
All our friends are cool and fun
As we get to know each one
We are united together at gamershood
All but to change our mood
We are friends, forever and ever

(Btw, other members should not feel discouraged. Further poems which describe our GH community, might get picked and added to this thread by moderation aswell, so that at the end, we could have a collection ;))

10-07-2008, 22:59:48
This lovely, and also funny poem about the GamersHood moderators has been written by LovelyUndeadVam, geordieboy, and Emo234.

(Thank you very much again, Lovely, geordieboy, and Emo. ;))

In honor of all the mods...
A meere thank-you for all you do.
You've been so helpful,
and i thank you.
Youve helped us through all our problems
a thankyou to everyone
To Eternal Becky our favorite wolf mod
and to Escapegirl the one and only moderator kitty
Mistery, who's out of this world...
Then there Jack, the computer whizz
Then theres adventure, she knows the biz
Now there's GamersHood our wonderful administrator,and Pathfinder
Followed by Onebun, the fun and bouncy GH bunny
Then Themepark who gives a rollercoaster of a ride
Followed by lili the mad and crazy mod
Then theres vortex, the mod from the unknown???
The GH mods are helpful and cool,
They make GH easy because they Rule!