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04-26-2006, 06:44:41
This is a French adventure game about a cute little monkey named "Too." You must do things in the right order to advance, while earning points along the way.

:monkey: Play:


04-29-2006, 17:29:39
Figured out the first bit:
To cross the river you have to keep clicking on those rock type things, until you find some that can't move that you can step on

once you cross the river, go through the bushes, use tab to find some "hotsports" in the bushes, you hould find a poster thing. Go back round the over the river and go towards the waterfall. Click on it and then you see some guy sitting there. click on him and then click on the poster. he will give you a banana(points in this game i think) to you for this. Go back across the river and thorugh the bushes to th well. Turn right towards the statue and then go towrds the back to the statue. Use tab to find a hotspot between the statue and thing the statue id standing on. You will get a mobile phone.

04-29-2006, 17:46:21
I already played a game exactly like that, I don't remember the name but you had to cross the river exactly by the same way??? and pick up money instead of bananas!!!!

04-29-2006, 17:50:02
Then you have to turn left at the well, go through the bushes and use the mobile phone to lure the turtle away from the pool. Then press the lever and the water will stop flowing. Then go back to the well and the bridge will be down!
Hint: on every location use tab to find hidden banana and coconuts

Once you find the coconuts near the big monkey staue, go on the bridge and throw coconut on at the lever. This will bring the other half of the bridge down
Sry everyone, but i'm writing this as i'm going along.

then go into the shack and click on the phone. Thats the end of the game
Man, that game is soo random at the end!

04-29-2006, 18:07:27
stupid ending, I was just starting to think it was a great game as I went into the hut, then it endend......

04-29-2006, 19:13:00
It has more..At the place with the tortle you can slide down the mountain, just click behind the tortle. I'm going there 2 c what we could do

Doesn't make any different,I am at 76% performance..

04-29-2006, 20:31:15
odd, i'm on 44% performance, and have 25% for the other one! nebody got a complete walkthrough, where u've found EVERYTHING and have 100% on both?

04-29-2006, 21:47:45
It has more..At the place with the tortle you can slide down the mountain, just click behind the tortle. I'm going there 2 c what we could do
Yes, but if you do that twice, the peanuts the snake gave you wont work again and you're stuck there !

04-29-2006, 23:22:41
You can go to elephant part only once, otherwish u stuck...There is nothing more we can do there...I think there must be something with the monkey statue, but I am not sure..

04-29-2006, 23:48:30
was this not a differnt game once

04-30-2006, 01:41:32
i caNT get behind the turtle, when i click behind him he stands in front of him... nothing happens

hmm did it with 465 points now,
50% object and 58% performance....

i dont know what else to do really.. i did go down the mountain afterall, than i found some peanuts and gave them to the elephant an i got the cellphone and too sms.. and 2 coconuts, and loadsa bananas....

the elephant carries u up so u dnt have to throw down the bridge
but i dont know what else there is to do

04-30-2006, 10:40:17
635 points, 79% performance and 75% of objects you got and used.

04-30-2006, 11:18:47
Hey Guys Guess What I'm Writing This Message On My Psp ( Playstation Portible )

04-30-2006, 11:49:35
Yep ENDER, you're right - I've played this game before too but with a different character but can't remember name either!

04-30-2006, 13:47:46
100% object 89% performance 734 point

04-30-2006, 16:44:09
same as winooz adventure

04-30-2006, 17:16:58
Hooray that was easy but fun ^^