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10-12-2008, 15:36:22
Mushroom Escape is a new point and click type room escape game from Strawberry Cafe, who is also creator of Heart Escape game. In this game, you have to search the room to find items and some clues for solving puzzles and escaping from the room. Good luck and have fun!


Please use spoilers to give hints:
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10-12-2008, 15:45:13
Is anyone playing this game i am stuck as always :D

2 yellow balls, a saw, a hammer,red plate,nails and a small shovel

10-12-2008, 15:49:33
pratik did u put the fire out?

10-12-2008, 15:50:05
I am, you have one more item that I do.


Looks like we need to build something to get up to that ledge.

Where is biker?

10-12-2008, 15:55:38
pratik did u put the fire out?
Yup i have put the fire out and got a code which i used on the box

After putting the fire out u can check the upper part of the chimney to get the second half of the saw and then u can combine it with the wooden stick which u have

Edit:Got one more yellow ball by opening the safe

10-12-2008, 15:57:43
still cant get the key but I built a ladder and got another yellow ball now have 3

do u have the code for the drawer?

10-12-2008, 15:59:42
how did u built the ladder :)

Edit:Examine the Hammer ;)

nvm made the ladder

10-12-2008, 16:07:36
Out with happy end, nice game

10-12-2008, 16:17:10
Yay....out with happy end.....:happyflower:

10-12-2008, 16:19:30
can't figure out code for the drawer either

10-12-2008, 16:19:53
stuck looking for the last ball, can anyone help please

10-12-2008, 16:20:42
I think you might have missed the one from the window ;)..just open it and look back where the light rays fall :)

10-12-2008, 16:38:50
I've found all the yellow balls, got the door open, but it won't let me leave. what have I missed/ done wrong?

nvm I'm out now, didn't think about ladder

10-12-2008, 16:42:27
I can't get the key from the window...help please!

Edit: NM, got it, but still missing one ball...

10-12-2008, 16:44:53
I can't get out the door either

10-12-2008, 16:46:38
same with me now, door opened, but can't get out...

Edit: Got it! The mushroom is too high to jump down..

10-12-2008, 16:49:36
use the ladder

10-12-2008, 17:04:46
Took me a bit to figure it out but I'm out! A cute game

10-12-2008, 17:19:06
out with no help... happy end :)

10-12-2008, 18:01:02
cute game...I like these ones!!!

out, with very little help!

10-12-2008, 18:09:09
I can't figure out how to put out the fire.

old biker
10-12-2008, 18:38:45
out ,and feeling very small

10-12-2008, 19:42:29
i can't figure out how to make the ladder

10-12-2008, 19:51:14
yay....i am out with happy end...:leb:

10-12-2008, 19:56:36
I can't seem to get the key in front of the window, I have the ladder there and the window open?

nvm I got it! i had to close the window first:P

10-12-2008, 19:59:01
i can't figure out how to make the ladder

after making saw use it on red plate u hv in ur inventory to cut it into pieces thn use nails nd hammer on it to make the ladder..

10-12-2008, 20:02:37
okay i'm out with the happy end.

10-12-2008, 22:46:18
Yay!! I'm out with happy end! :D
Thanks a lot for the hints! :)

10-12-2008, 22:47:15
Everybody got happy end it seems. Has me wondering if another is possible.

10-12-2008, 22:53:20
Like I said before, I can't put out the fire. I have a hammer, a stick/pole, and what looks like a putty knife.

10-12-2008, 23:14:34
Hi Crimson. What you want to do is
go to red panel and use hammer. When nails are out take the red panel and you are on your way

10-12-2008, 23:25:53
Ahhh! That's what I get for assuming those were screws! :haha:

10-12-2008, 23:30:52
I did too! But I was playing in "try everything and anything" mode and voila!

10-12-2008, 23:42:13
OK... stuck again. I can't open/close the window or get the key there... haven't used the trowel looking thing...

10-12-2008, 23:49:49
Hi!!! :hug2:
have you made the ladder?

10-12-2008, 23:51:29
Yes, got that done... and just assumed I wouldn't need it until after I escaped. :$ Moving along now...

And I'm out. :) Thanks for the hints, RBS and Dia!

10-13-2008, 00:20:53
Yay.. I'm out... took me a bit to work out the end bit! Little bit slow this morning.. need more coffee and raisin toast!! :) :) :)

10-13-2008, 06:45:16
This game was too cute :)

10-13-2008, 17:38:12
How did you get the drawer code? I don't see any clues for that??

EDIT** Nevermind. I found the clue...

10-15-2008, 18:40:04
Wheyy, happy end :ura:

That was easy squeezy, even for me and i'm rubbish at these games lol.

Quick question, why can't I edit my posts? Could someone reply to this via a private message thanks :)

10-15-2008, 19:30:45
Fun .. thought I had messed up when someone wouldn't let me go! LOL .. I did figure it out needless to say.

10-16-2008, 00:42:57
What is the code for the box. and where is the key for the box on the shelf.

10-16-2008, 15:44:08
Cute game. Thanks for all the hints, especially the one with the hammer :)

10-17-2008, 17:34:29
nice game, it's the same size as my house lol
the back of the hammer shows the code the faded hearts are the key

10-17-2008, 22:47:16
I'm missing the last ball! Help!

EDIT: nvm - found it and out!

10-18-2008, 02:35:05
lovely little game.
( Y )

Lady O/BigMomma
10-18-2008, 03:06:51
very nice game cute and hard

10-20-2008, 01:21:12
where the first saw, i do have the one in the fire place... please reply... hahhhh...... im going play the other game first..... daaaaaaaaa...

10-23-2008, 14:12:53
awww cute little mushrooms hehe xx

04-07-2009, 18:07:22
When the door is open, is that game over ??

I can't walk out !

07-23-2010, 04:46:45
SO cute :D couldn't understand what the game was telling me, so there was a lot of random clicking :$
But I managed it without help this time <3

07-24-2010, 08:25:12
Very cute game but as always I needed help with drawercode and with getting out..:D

07-29-2010, 14:02:34
I've done everything and am still missing one yellow ball.... ??

Oops! My dumbness.. thought the key from the window was for the door, had to use it on the bottom drawer!

And out with Happy End! :D