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10-19-2008, 18:56:45
Buscando is another new Japanese point and click type room escape game by Ikko's BPM, who is also the same creator of El cuarto de la naranja and more. In this escape game, you are locked in a room and you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun! :)


Please use spoilers to give hints:
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10-19-2008, 19:14:46
yay.....i am out.....nice nd easy game.....:leb: ..

10-19-2008, 19:17:49
I think the place has already been ransacked and the burgler is hiding behind the door. Making some progress in the strange little game.

10-19-2008, 19:20:44
Found marker(used), knife(used), rock (?) and paper

10-19-2008, 19:20:47
I found four items so far and used some of it cutter (used), orange piece of paper or something like that, marker (used), scrambled password I guess

10-19-2008, 19:23:20
used the marker and knife. Can't find use for the wadded up thing, code on paper, or lights from the cats shining on windows

found something on top of liquor cabinet

10-19-2008, 19:25:30
@RBS You might want to use the knife again just follow the light :wink:

got new item suitecase

hm, I think I got bad ending

edit: got second end but not sure if it was the good one because I haven't used one item

10-19-2008, 19:31:07
Thanks Mindmasher but you first spoiler clue isn't working for me.

10-19-2008, 19:33:19
Thanks Mindmasher but you first spoiler clue isn't working for me.

I think you should use it on the face tongue or near that palce

can't find third ending, never used the orange thing

10-19-2008, 19:35:12
Use rumpled up paper (thought was rock) on table/green table top, gives clue to cut face on wall.

10-19-2008, 19:36:39
Use rumpled up paper (thought was rock) on table, gives clue to cut face on wall.

hm, I thought I tried that but got nothing, anyway got out without it

10-19-2008, 19:39:08
i have knife (used), marker (used), rock (used) and paper stuck now cant work out how 2 get the code

Its ok i got it

Im out

10-19-2008, 20:15:11
..Where is the game? O-o

10-19-2008, 20:30:07
I am getting a 404 Error, too.
Edit: Found other link (thanks to MegiPoland)

10-19-2008, 20:43:37
Thanks Adventure. I came back to start over and the link was busted.

10-19-2008, 20:54:47
Oops, I got shot. :P Now let's see if I can find a better end.

10-19-2008, 20:59:57
hmmm i think i died. what do i do with the case?

10-19-2008, 21:07:45
where is the case?

10-19-2008, 21:08:40
@Kira, No idea, there must be a third ending.

Dial 911 in the safe and press the key on the right of the zero (found that hint on Nordinho).

In the safe. Use the knife on the tongue of the smiley on the wall to reveal it.
Hold the note upside down. Middle 4 letters are in fact numbers.

10-19-2008, 21:12:39
can't use the phone help

10-19-2008, 21:16:12
can't use the phone help
Hmm, odd. Me neither anymore.

Edit: Got it
Wait for each number to disappears before pressing another on.

old biker
10-19-2008, 21:18:46
what to think about the note of the closet ?:haha: if that is a code :laughSMILE:

10-19-2008, 21:19:24
what to think about the note of the closet ?:haha: if that is a code :laughSMILE:
Actually it is. :P Or do you mean the one
on the dresser? That's probably a hint. :P

10-19-2008, 21:20:14
Out with the Police ending. Thanks Adventure. Never would have gotten it without hints.

old biker
10-19-2008, 21:35:51
uh ? out already ? saw a cop instead of a gun, with only 5 items used

@ adventure ,i mean ,change 1 letter of that word and you get something complete different

attacked the burgalar with the knife and got shot :haha:

10-20-2008, 02:47:54
I got two of the three endings. I've been shot, and I got the police. Hmmm...

10-22-2008, 18:31:53
5 items is enough? .. working on it.
died - died - dialed and waited - still died.

Read hints .. worked for others .. *sigh* Maybe need to hang out, hunt for a snack, and then see?
On to something else.

10-23-2008, 04:09:55
guys its not a rock or a crushed up paper its couch stuffing

10-23-2008, 20:33:21
easy :)

10-25-2008, 21:08:12
Out. I even figured the safe's numbers by myself.