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10-23-2008, 01:13:04
Japanese escape the room game from Coo's House. Find clues and escape...as usually :wink:

Please use spoilers to give hints:
Enter text here...

To play click HERE (http://www16.ocn.ne.jp/~coo-tan/flash/defense_mouse.html)

have fun!

WARNING: There are more than one ending and there is a language barrier in getting one of endings.

10-23-2008, 01:28:22
ill try it

10-23-2008, 01:44:20
Ok, I got stuck on some code and I'm afraid the language may be a barrier here :( Well, of to bed I go - it's night time in my country 2:42. C U Funja

10-23-2008, 01:45:17
think there may be more than one ending i got out with the ending of the mouse putting a plaster on a crying cat but never went through the door with the code panel next to it

ok used the code from the calander and got a math problem on the window but cant solve it as it is in japanese and i am very tired

will try again tomorrow

10-23-2008, 01:59:29
yup i got the same ending......poor kitty

10-23-2008, 02:45:22
I get no ending. Seems the computer is asking for a cd-rom but I can't find one.

10-23-2008, 02:49:48
is this advertising? certainly isn't a game
haohuahong be careful. this is a direct quote from their admin
Premium service is more reliable, that is because only 300 accounts are hosted on each server, and here we have over 32000 accounts on each server, so free service can be unreliable on peak times.

RBS i couldn't find a CD Rom either when you come into the 'house' you are larger so you shrink down and go out the cat door

10-23-2008, 03:29:26
Ok found the catdoor finally and got the ending with the band-aid (plaster). Now I can't find the catdoor anymore!

10-23-2008, 03:34:21
can't figure out code for computer. help please.:man:

10-23-2008, 03:36:48
Nobody has the codes for anything or they have not posted any hints yet.

For the computer? You have the cd to activate computer?

10-23-2008, 03:40:51
i have cd. thought some must have code because they said they got out.

must have something to do with the numbers on the window and yellow book.

10-23-2008, 03:42:35
No codes. We don't know where the cd is. Care to share in a spoiler?

10-23-2008, 03:51:14
look at paper from drawer under computer put nail in middle hole attach thread to pencil put pencil in top left corner of paper. you should get a red circle through arrows. use arrow directions on apple picture....

10-23-2008, 03:56:40
Wow, you are doing great. I can't access the drawer directly under the computer yet.

10-23-2008, 04:01:56
can't take credit for all of it. I started this game in another forum but they all went to bed. time difference. now i'm stuck.

attach string to magnet. look at calendar circles 1 blue 1 green 11 blue. use these numbers in book case. blue book 1 green book 1 blue book 11 you here a click. now use magnet right side of mirror to get key...

10-23-2008, 04:15:02
lol, just lost my nail getting the pencil!!!!

10-23-2008, 04:20:11
for the apple picture do I use all the arrows on the page?

Edit: nvm, got it

Edit2: This one has me. Thanks for the nudges silvergirl I enjoyed seeing how things worked but I think the codes are beyond me.

Good luck every1

10-23-2008, 04:31:11
ok, got cd but no idea about the code for the comp, what numbers on the window btw?????

10-23-2008, 04:40:36
close window click button on right side of door once go back to window should see numbers...

10-23-2008, 04:44:38
close window click button on right side of door once go back to window should see numbers...
thanks silvergirl, hmmmm lol, now what???
not sure what to make of the numbers

10-23-2008, 04:48:03
One of the yellow books had some algebra primers in it but I couldn't make a connection. Possible language barrier from this point out

10-23-2008, 04:51:17
One of the yellow books had some algebra primers in it but I couldn't make a connection. Possible language barrier from this point out
yep saw that, im with you tried all different combos but no luck

10-23-2008, 04:56:53
I can't find the

Edit:Found it..

10-23-2008, 05:49:09
Got these codes from Nord but nobody really knows why they work.

Laptop is 5 then go to door and its 0000. You can now go through the door

old biker
10-23-2008, 08:14:13
out :D by door

10-23-2008, 15:09:43
I found 4 endings so far. Thanks for the codes for the second ending.

1. Cat Door
2. Parachute
3. Open Keypad Door
4. Knocking on Neighbors Door

10-23-2008, 15:50:56
keypad ending seems to make the mouse sad. I feel bad. :(

maybe left window 3*2=6 right window 3-2=1 - so... 6-1=5? don't understand code for door...

10-23-2008, 17:50:37
Can't get apple picture down. Tried down, up, up, right, left ... nothing, picture moves but? Any suggestions?

10-23-2008, 18:19:07
did you get the numbers on the window and open the drawer under the computer?

10-26-2008, 21:03:27
Out the cat door ..
picked up nail, flashlight (don't know that I used), thread, nail, napkin/paper, magnet, thread, key, .. hmm Seems like there was something else. Never saw a code on the window.
I saw calendars - lifted books 1, 1, 11 - and heard a click. Not sure what that was. moved chair - why? put thread on magnet and used behind bookcase for key. touched screen of TV? on bookcase to get small again. attacked cat with nail to get pencil