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05-12-2005, 15:30:25


07-14-2005, 01:38:22
I am stuck what do i do after i plug in the extension cord?

07-16-2005, 18:16:15
Where do I get the comb I'm really confused.

Mix master mike
07-17-2005, 08:27:09
Click the diary then get then pen

Then get the pizza

Then go to the kitchen then click the pink thing on the fridge, Then read the not on fridge

Then to the living room pick up the lava lamp
then to the bath room pick up the gel

Then use the pink carn to open a door

This is the part i got up to

ok in the room you pick up every think ( the rope the toster fireworks in the box) Then go back to the bed room then use rope

Thats all i got to now :(

Out of all this typing it tells you in Help LOL

07-18-2005, 07:16:31
Where do I get the comb I'm really confused.

Use the lava lamp to look under the bed and collect the items there. Then, when you have the tape, put that in the tape player and a piece will fall off that acts as a comb.

08-08-2005, 06:22:50
sooo lost...and this is probably one of the easiest games to man kind

08-09-2005, 01:35:44
well heres the walkthrough btw, theres an in game walkthrough u know
pick up pizza and pen from diary
in kitchen get pink card on the fridge
use it to open the garage door
pick up toaster card and fireworks in garage
go into the living room and get the lava lamp
use it under the bed
grab the crab and tape and if u want, click the money to want it burn
use the tape on the streo in the living room to get the comb
then go back to bedroom and combine cord and toaster then plug it in
use the toaster in the bathtub in the bathroom and pick up the EMPTY tub of gel and drop the crab in the tub.Mmm, toasty.:sick:
then go to the garage and light the fireworks. :D then go grab the resume and fill it out w/the pen
then combine the pizza w/ the gel tub
go outside
talk then comb ur hair
then use ur lava lamp
then endsumone tell me if i should make a walkthrough for the second one k ;)

10-16-2005, 21:02:20
well you dont really need to make one if there is already one in the game....

i played this one backwards, slacker 2 first then slacker lol, both games were good though

10-20-2005, 17:15:47
i completed slacker 1 and 2 and if u need help e mail me on <<please do not give away personal information in the thread>> :D

08-13-2006, 18:10:47
wow..that was very ..original!! i give props to that!!

mister mr
09-05-2006, 13:39:19
hey i no that u kill a nihilist with a lamp but havent completed it ***spoiler hey did i do ze spoiler right?*** i may seem nice, butu dont want 2 no my anger

09-05-2006, 16:34:21
loading.. looks good..

ok im too mad about it.. i cant use them. i press use.. and then for example press on the bed.. it doesnt work! they tell me too dark.. the press on that sun.. then on lava then use and u have to press that flash to get back to room cuz inventory will pop.. then nothing works.. i closed it!

09-16-2006, 12:50:02
klik diary and get pen
go to kitchen and get pink card on fridge
go to garage cant, use pink card
in garage take fireworks and cord and toaster
use toaster with cord
go to living room get lavalamp
go to bedroom
use lavalamp
under bed click eberything
in living room use tape
u get a comb
ij bathroom use shrimp
in bathroom then use toaster
after you eat shrimp go into garage
use firework
you get a paper out of microwave
combine pen with paper
in bathroom get suave jar
go outside
talk with nisilist or watever
then use comb
then use lava lamp
you win
sorry if i made a few mistakes xx

09-16-2006, 14:29:12
Here's a full walkthrough for you all.
You start in the bedroom
Get pizza
Read diary
Grab pen

Grab card
Try open garage
Use card on garage

Grab fire work
Grab extension cord
Grab 'Sparky the toaster'
Notice the fuse box

Grab lava lamp

Use lava lamp under bed
Grab tape
Grab lobster
Go back to the bedroom
Combine 'Sparky and extension cord.'
Use extension cord

Grab suave
Use lobster
Use 'Sparky'
You now eaten a good meal

Use tape on radio
Combine the pizza and suave

Remember the fuse box?
Well the whole lobster thing kill it.
Use firework

Combine application with pen
You've now finished it.

Use comb
You now look nice
Use lava lamp

Yay! Go you ! Now go play Slacker 2[/

09-24-2006, 19:10:19
This one was fun,
only had to cheat once...