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01-26-2009, 09:43:22
This is an escape the room style game with a twist! You've been shrunk and are stuck in your computer's desktop. Use your arrow keys to move, and X and Z keys to open and close files and menus. Search files for clues and find your way to escape the desktop! It's a very unique game, so good luck and have fun! :D

(Pay attention to the tutorial. It will be quite helpful. ;))

Please use spoilers to give hints:
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PLAY HERE! (http://www.gamershood.com/flashgames/7260)


01-26-2009, 10:39:33
YAY a game where you can escape from a computer while your in it. good find. im gonna play it right now. :)

Edit: man this is hard. i cant find the secret file to get to the password file.

Edit2: lol nvm.

Edit3: the "Touch me not" mini-game is hard as. how did frodo get 90000? thats impossible for me.

Edit4: nvm dont need to beat score. how do i make the icons bigger so i can get to the network connections icon?

Edit5: nvm its the firewall. dont know the guys bday. i see 24 in middle but the left and right numbers are blocked by icons. and i cant see anything in the bday pic file. help please?

Edit6: i give up.

01-26-2009, 14:07:37
looks like a nice game, but dont liked to much. thanks f posting

01-26-2009, 18:42:56
Yeah, I couldn't get anywhere on it, either. :P I give up, too. Points for being unique, though!

01-27-2009, 01:26:47
so far i haveee...

gotten to the password file, found the name for the econnect (frodo), know how to change the date, but don't know what to set it as (probs his bday, but i can't figure it out from the picture), and opened the neomail thing, but i need the password and username... i also know that the password for his firewall is his bday, but i can't read what the picture says....

I have a feeling the user name for neomail is the_wizard, because when u open the mail folder under my documents, the email address its sent to is the_wizard@neomail.com........ i also have found the password for neomail, but idk if th ^-1 is part of it or what

im so.....
^^yeah taht explains it
ohh, and i can get up to the recycle bin and the econnect, which is how i got the game working to get the frodo

pllzzzz someone help me!!!!

01-27-2009, 01:37:41

Econnect password

01-27-2009, 01:53:20
tutorial is ok but when you get to "get inside a window" the instructions it gives dont work.

the control method is a bit too fiddly.
interesting concept, shame you have to play the tutorial before you can start a game.

01-27-2009, 10:03:39
so far i haveee...

gotten to the password file, found the name for the econnect , know how to change the date, but don't know what to set it as (probs his bday, but i can't figure it out from the picture), I think its about Trial version for one apps

i also have found the password for neomail, but idk if th [spoiler=password] ^-1 is part of it or what

Nope. Its math. ^ is exponent

edit: i can't still find missing file for that not touch game

edit2: nvm - gotit

edit3: oh no... email pasword is not about xponent. its about "lose = 3507"

old biker
01-28-2009, 08:38:53
im in the game now ,weird:haha:

01-28-2009, 14:00:50
wat do u mean by lose=3507

01-29-2009, 05:24:32
Might wanna write it down on something first for a better perspective, but take a look at 771 5317 34.... upside down.... ;)

01-29-2009, 20:56:00
got it!! to make bigger the icons,

you have to jump on the start bar and before you fall again, you press "x" and the menu will come out saying something like "+ icons" "- icons" etc. etc.

01-29-2009, 22:23:33
i can't get the birthday. i found it in the report, used it on the firewall disable, but ive tried it every way (or i think every way) and it wont work.


(do i have to include the year, too)

01-29-2009, 22:53:56
i can't get the birthday. i found it in the report, used it on the firewall disable, but ive tried it every way (or i think every way) and it wont work.


(do i have to include the year, too)

got it!!! take the birthday on the calender, then add 8 years (hence the 8 years later thing) then walla, its disabled

i beat it, in case neone needs help!!

01-30-2009, 12:14:16
got it!!! take the birthday on the calender, then add 8 years (hence the 8 years later thing) then walla, its disabled

i beat it, in case neone needs help!!

what do you mean ? the calender that we change to be correct?

02-12-2009, 23:39:32
got it!!! take the birthday on the calender, then add 8 years (hence the 8 years later thing) then walla, its disabled

i beat it, in case neone needs help!!

I need help. I still don't get how to disable the firewall. what is the password? or how do i change the date? i mean i know how to change the date. the pass is hume but what should i change it to?:longface:

02-16-2009, 01:57:11
okay, i can't figure out how to scroll up on the time machine.doc, i've tried everything i could think of and the the little paper clip guy is no help

02-16-2009, 12:39:36
I'll play this game when I get back from school.

02-20-2009, 04:04:52
What are you supposed to search for in the email? I still can't figure out his Birthday. grrr

02-22-2009, 10:52:42
Ugh, buggy. So buggy. I couldn't finish this one here; I had to go to their main site and refresh it a few times before I was able to there.

Why a spoiler cut? Why not? I've heard people complaining about this one, so I decided to include it. Use your arrows keys to run around for a bit and press up to jump.
Jump on the folder named Icon and press Z to click it.
A window will pop up. Hit the arrow for the direction you're going (it'll probably be right) and up at the same time to grab the window. Press up and down to climb around. Press left and right to swing from outside of the window to the inside.
Swing inside the window, climb as high as you can go, then press right to jump off. If you can't jump, move a little lower. If you miss try again.
Hit X to right-click the folder, then Z to select the Open option. The Status Message goes away on its own after a second or two, so don't worry about it. Right-click again, and this time, just move somewhere to get rid of the drop box.
Leave the window the same way you got in: by grabbing onto the side, swinging out, and jumping off.
A folder called Back to 'Main Menu' will pop up; this is pretty much what it says on the tin. Mess around if you like until you think you've got the hang of things, then get on top of the Back to folder by climbing almost all the way to the top of the window (if you go too far, you'll just stand on top of it) and jumping off. Click to leave the tutorial.

Watch the opening cutscene, then run over to the big circular button (hereafter called Start for the sake of my ease) and click it. This menu goes away as soon as you stop touching it, FYI. Jump across to the Explorer icon and click it.
Inside, the DVD-RAM folder is inaccessible. The D:Drive has two folders: Limbo contains a bunch of inaccessible files and Private has a couple of mildly amusing tidbits, but nothing important. C:Drive is where you want to go.
In the C:Drive, Music leads to a pair of files that will actually open Youtube in a seperate window, but the videos were removed. My Documents take you to a file called Mail.txt; pay close attention to this one because it's important later. The Birthday.jpeg is also important, but it's too small to see like this. Back to C:Drive, you'll see a blank space between My Documents and Password.txt, but you can't jump across. If you check the bottom of the window, you'll see there's supposed to be a hidden file here. Stand on the bottom of the window and right click, then choose Show Files from the drop down box to make Program Files appear. It's restricted, but it provides the bridge you need to reach Password.txt.

The clue is "Top scorer in 'Touch Me Not' game." Jump and immediately right-click to bring up a drop down that has Properties, + Icon size, and - Icon size. Click + Icon size until you can't anymore, then move to the far right of the screen and stand around for a moment.
You've probably already noticed the screen saver; now we're going to use it. Wait until it takes you as high as it can, then jump onto the E-Connect icon. Click it, then jump over to the Recycle Bin icon and click that, too. Finally, jump back to E-Connect and jump over to Network Connections. (Note, you don't actually have to do Network Connections now, but since you're there, you might as well.)
Now, if you haven't noticed already, you will soon. You can only have a certain number of windows open, so when you drop back down, go ahead and close Explorer. You can do this by climbing to the very top and clicking the X, or by right clicking the tab in the Start Bar and choosing Close. Incidentally, you can also minimize windows that are in the way but that you don't want to close yet.
Climb into the Recycle Bin folder and right click on Highscores.dat to restore it, then close this folder as well. Make your way to the Touch Me Not icon and click. The window that comes up looks a little different, but it works the same way. Just swing inside and click the big red button to start. Play the game for a while; you need at least 800 points to see that the top scorer is named frodo. Close this window and make you way to the eConnect window.

Inside the eConnect box, jump on top of the password box and click to bring up a little keyboard thing. Just spell frodo and click done. Pay attention to the window that comes up; the password hint for the date was "MovieClub Founder Name", and according to one of these messages, that name is "hume." Close eConnect if you like and click on the green button next to the Start button. It says your browser expired on the 3rd of March, 2012, so we need to change the date to some time before that.
Go right click on the time, choose Change Date, and type hume into the password box. Now, it doesn't matter what you want the date to be as long as you change it to before March 3, 2012. Make sure to type it in mm-dd-yy format; if it's not working for some reason, keep in mind that you have to type the dashes, too. Close this box.

Click on the green browser button again. If you paid attention to Mail.txt back in My Documents, then you know that his email address is the_wizard@neomail.com, so type neomail into the address bar here. On the next screen, choose the_wizard from the drop down on the User bar.
The password hint for his email was (771 5317 34)^-1. I honestly have no what ^-1 means. Well, I have a little idea, but I cant explain it without confusing myself. Rest assured, the numbers are intended to be read upside down, whereupon they will resemble letters. Or something. The password is "he lies ill", so type that into the password box. Yes, complete with spaces.

The only password left is the one for the firewall, and it simply says "Birthday". This password changes every time you play, as you might have noticed by the only visible number in the picture on his desktop. That is his birthday. At least, that's the day part of his birthday, now we just need the month and year. We know by Mail.txt that a file called Time Machine has something to do with his birthday and that Osiris sent it in an email. You're standing on an email search box.
Type Time Machine (or just time, really). An email will pop up and start downloading a file. Once it's completed, a file icon will appear in the middle of the text box. To reach it, leave the window and let the screen saver carry you, then drop down on top of it and click to make it appear on your desktop. (NOTE! Major NOTE! If you fall through this file icon no matter what you do, refresh your game and try again. Don't worry too much; you already know most of the passwords, so you don't have to go through everything again.) Close the browser window.
Make your way across the desktop to Time Machine.doc. (NOTE! Another bug report. You may fall through Time Machine.doc. This is the part where I finally had to go find somewhere else to play it.) A giant, mispelled text document will come up. Take note of the "Eight years letterr" in the top corner, then right click anywhere inside the window and choose Spell-check.
Climb the red lines to scroll up until you can see the picture. It's Birthday.jpeg, aka the picture on the desktop, only now you can actually read it. The month and day will change, but I believe the year stays the same. You just need to add eight years because that's how long it has been since that picture was taken.
Right click on the grey circular button next to the time and choose disable. If you haven't already noticed, this is your firewall. The password to disable it will be mmdd10.

Now, if you haven't accidentally closed the Network Connections box, just climb inside and click the Osiris icon for a lovely credit reel.

If you move slow enough climbing the spell checker, it will actually correct most of Time Machine.doc.
"So here we go

If you are
reading this
then I have
managed to
type it using
my mind. Yes,
no finger-
typing used.

Lets hopenthingsppacegoesspacewrong here
So, where was I? Yeah, this is a slightly old picture taken a couple of years back ...when I
was working. The that a ca^HNFjfij&&7

Once upon a time
1 0000 0 | 110 111 0100 100 0 10 | 000 0110 00 010
01 0100 | 00 111 | 0000 0 010 0
&8uiokk. Clinicopathologic

The body is that of a <text missing> appears to be 27 year old. <text missing> bilateral tache noire.
The face appears to be normally developed. <text missing> clad in dark blue sweatpants. There is no
sign of any hemorrhage

<text missing> discernible marks, one of which can
be identified as some sort of a heiroglyphic
<period> <could not recieve further text>

Eight years later.

The question is what exactly is transhumanism.
Aren't we all transhumans compared to our
ancestors? We have evolved in a way that we do
offer a high degree of resistance too diseases that would have been fatal at the time.

If we had to go back in time to an era<end transmission>
and yes, I know, exctly what I am talking about
Do you know that I am dead? I do know that you are"