View Full Version : Click the colour and not the word

05-17-2006, 18:46:10
this game is driving me NUTS!! click the colour and not the word is the most annoying game ever im addicted to the theme tune now must beat final levelhttp://www2.b3ta.com/clickthecolour/

05-17-2006, 18:47:35
plz post if this game drives you nuts or post your score and level

05-17-2006, 19:42:52
109 level 6.... hahaha.... nice game..... but the colours look the same after a while... think i'm too tired... hahahaha

05-17-2006, 19:43:31
nice score beat me

05-17-2006, 19:44:56
actually it gets easier when you play for some time.... but the bright colours hurt your eyes at the same time to make you feel tired as well......

05-17-2006, 19:45:22
ok holding champion ship STARTING TOMMOROW AT 5 PM ON THE DOT THE HIGHEST SCORE GETS TO choose what they win[within reason] plz dont lie about score

01-17-2007, 01:51:26
Does anyone else think this game is annoying? I tried to play it once tonight and quit; it was getting on my nerves. I was getting too mixed up.

Sammie C
01-18-2007, 21:14:58
Just played this for the first time and got to level 4 with 26 points.
Is this a good score?? lol
The flashing of the words made me feel a little sick though, so I've only played it the once.

EDIT: Okay got the nerve to play it once more and got to level 5 with 60 points. I guess that's a little better now. BTW I didn't get the colour wrong, I just didn't click it in time.