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05-12-2005, 15:39:38


https://www.gamesloon.com/free-adventure-2/mystery-games-44/futurama-the-titanic-part-2-458.html (http://www.yayoye.com/the-titanic-2-online-game/60059/)

Walk around the rooms, find things and use them in right places.

The Raven
07-25-2005, 06:17:02
Too Ez No Need For Walk Through

08-23-2005, 04:41:05
This shouldn't even be considered a game

they should add the Titanic games all together to make just one game

08-05-2006, 18:03:13
urry that was LAME

08-19-2006, 17:33:41
urry that was LAME
That was soooo easy i lyk a challenge! CUM ON!!!!!!! :duel:

03-05-2007, 22:50:11
i picked up a crowbar but then it disapered NEED WALK TROUGH :tit:

03-11-2007, 16:01:26

You start in a room with a little green goo in the lower right

Go two doors up and two doors to right .. Click on the door on the right ( some kind of storage ) then the character will say something and click the arrow on the right to continue .. and click the storage again to get the crowbar and as you'll notice it will disappear..
after getting the crow bar go two doors down and one left (never mind the elevator .. well get to it later..) you'll soon find that you're in a room with two boxes .. click a couple of times on the top box to get your pnuematic screw jack then click the arrow to continue
try clicking on the elevator now and it'll say that it is rusty and needs greasing.. so go back in the room where you found the screw jack then go one door to the left and two doors up. click the grease!
after grasing it go back to the elevator and try it .. and you're done
the spoiler is not working =(

03-11-2007, 19:52:18
That game was too easy for me to post a comment on it...oh wait, I just did didn't I? :D

09-14-2007, 19:03:36
game is soo easy...

but for those who need it here is the walkthrough...

Go 2 doors up and 2 doors up right.Clock on the right door. It has some sort of tool in there. I think it's a storage room.Now click on the crowbar and notice it will not be there anymore thats beacuse you now have it.Now that you have the crowbar go 2 doors down and 1 left. Ignor the eleavator. Later we will get to that.Now soon you will be in a room woth 2 crates. Click on the top box and you will get some sort of tool thats a very fancy screwdriver...very mechanical.Now go to the elevator and click on it. It will say that the tool is rusty...so go back to the room w/ the 2 crates hwere you found the scredriver thingy and go 1 door to the left and 2 doors up. Now click on the puddle of grease under the pipe on the left hand side of the room. Now go back to the elevetor and click on the doors...Your done...yay

sorry my spoiler wasnt working...and on my first try too...=[[

malcolm's babe
01-20-2008, 19:05:45
that was the stupidest thing ever i thought there was ganna be more than just that it was just flat out stupid!!:tit::tit::tit::tit: