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2 Tails
02-08-2009, 20:28:46
This contains stuff that for 12 years old or for Americans 13.

It was a cold rainy night,that a lone pichu was wandering the streets due to
his parents and his sister died of a Hunter attack.He bumped into a friendly fox,he looked behind him and said:"Are you ok,little one?" and the pichu said "Yes sir." and the fox said:"Your name is?" and the pichu replied and said:"Tails." and the fox said "I'm Yorick,get on my back I'll get you out of this weather." As Tails and Yorick when the Fox's hideout,he was welcomed inside.It was warm,cozy and awesome.This was the tale of a pichu and a fox.

No members in the story.
Just the thought naming the pichu Tails and my best bud Yorick after ourselves.

02-13-2009, 04:51:26
pretty good! is there going to be a second book?

2 Tails
02-13-2009, 22:15:26
Made but I'll take the time for the next chapter.

2 Tails
02-15-2009, 21:59:56
Chapter 2-The years after.....
Now a raichu,that Tails is off on his own in a treehouse that kids used to play in it but they all moved,as Tails watched every move the kids would near it but not get in it.(He has a tank!) One night,as a kid entered the treehouse he
tried to shoo out the raichu,he was zapped has he entered his scape he ran
away.Now the next day he was in a Tank searching for a city suited for him....