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03-19-2009, 18:08:47
Car Sinking Escape is another new point and click type room escape game by 123bee.com. Taking a car ride, your car gets tumbled off the bridge and starts to sink in the river. You will have to escape from the sinking car before it sinks completely. Good luck and have fun!:)


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03-19-2009, 18:26:07
Ok....so far i have found....
key(green bag),wire stripper,wallet,key (glove compartment),screwdriver,detached speaker,got iron nail,manage to open belt,now found steering wheel lock.........n gUesS wht.......:D

...i am Out !!...Nice game ... :panda2:

03-19-2009, 18:34:14
So far I got the speaker out but can't find any iron nail

EDIT : found the nail, the pixel was tricky

03-19-2009, 18:37:44
OUT !!

Kind of a pixel hunt.

03-19-2009, 19:30:56
out! some things were kinda hard to find

~GH Dog~
03-19-2009, 19:44:34
can some one help cant open the bag

03-19-2009, 19:46:03
Where is key for green bag?

~GH Dog~
03-19-2009, 19:50:49
Click the right foot

03-19-2009, 19:58:52
Thank you, Dog/Boy!

~GH Dog~
03-19-2009, 20:03:35
can you help me
i dont know were the speaker is

03-19-2009, 20:03:38
Now I guess I'm trying to find the steering wheel lock...

It's to the left of the driver on the lower part of the door.

~GH Dog~
03-19-2009, 20:05:07
yes but what do i do with it?

03-19-2009, 20:10:54
Do you have screwdriver? And wire strippers?

Once you remove the speaker and have it in you inventory you use it to get the iron nail. There is a view that you get of the drivers right side by clicking between his right side and the gear shift. In this view, click the seat belt thingy and he will move back, then click on the light grey strip on the door and you will see the iron nail. Use the speaker on it.

I still can't find the steering wheel lock

~GH Dog~
03-19-2009, 20:13:59

im really stuck

03-19-2009, 20:21:48
Me too! No progress since getting unbuckled... I did get a view of the back and folded up a car seat for no apparent reason. So there's that.

Please let me know if you find anything.

I found the steering wheel lock!

I found another view in the back to the left of the seat

~GH Dog~
03-19-2009, 20:23:02
how did you do that

03-19-2009, 20:37:02
After you get ynbuckled you can click the arrow at the bottom of the first screen, then click left, fold up the seat and then click left again.

Haven't figured out what to do with it yet, though

Oh, just figured it out. I think I'm going to drown!

I'm out.

~GH Dog~
03-19-2009, 20:41:09
i dont know what to do with it

03-19-2009, 20:41:53
Break some windows

~GH Dog~
03-19-2009, 20:44:22
im drowning

03-19-2009, 20:44:38
says I escaped.......but judging by the size of the holes in the windows........i think i drowned

~GH Dog~
03-19-2009, 21:00:35
im drowning and cant get out

03-19-2009, 21:07:08
Quit after about 20 seconds of play. you cant even get out of your seatbelt?
their called ARMS!

Mods can we PLEASE have a new catagory, pixel hunter games.
then i dont have to play this kind of stuff anymore.

03-19-2009, 22:26:33
i agree bit of a pixel hunt but fun.....

old biker
03-19-2009, 23:08:08
thats weird .. the speaker keeps hanging on the screen(on the man s arm or seatbelt lock) cant get it of the screen anymore :o

and moves along to other screens ,think im gonna quit this buggy game ...sorry 123BEE.com

03-19-2009, 23:43:18
Out, but not much fun.

03-20-2009, 02:25:45
Yeah... after three or four minutes of being able to do absolutely nothing except move a foot (and that was only with the help of a previous post), I'm calling it quits on this one too... Shouldn't have to work that hard to find something.... anything!!

03-20-2009, 03:50:37
It's a lot of work, and I think if this happens to anyone in real life, they would've drowned. I would have used the bag to break the driver's side window and escape.

03-20-2009, 16:36:32
It's okay.. :|

Here is the Walkthrough Video for it

03-20-2009, 17:55:28
lots of pixel hunting, but it wasn't to bad of a game :)

03-20-2009, 17:55:36
Bit hard that one! :) no way I could have done with out reading the posts. Thanks all :) still enjoyed though :)

03-22-2009, 19:57:16
Break some windows

and out

03-23-2009, 12:22:33
Can't get out of seatbelt...any hints?

Ok this is a BUGGY game. I had already figured out how to get out the seatbelt, but it wouldn't let me....I thought I had to do something else......I actually had to go out of the screen and back several times before it let me do it. You have to use the iron nail on it, but ONLY when you see the words "seatbelt (it got struck)" on your screen. I guess that the game does not recognize the seatbelt when you click on it unless it has those words up....

03-23-2009, 18:07:02
welp, I spent 2 minutes trying to get the wallet out of his pocket, then I quit.

It looks like a fun game I just wish it wasn't so hard to find the right pixel.

03-23-2009, 19:27:44
Erm...*** am I supposed to do with a speaker? How un-practical. =[

03-23-2009, 19:38:57
Well. That sucked. Out, only help I needed [not much to choose from anyway] was whoever mentioned the other view/turn option in the backseat. Lol my score was 5555. =D

1. Click under steering wheel towards the guys feet, click the tip of his right foot a couple times to reveal a key.
2. Click around where his right pocket is and a wallet will edge out of it, keep clicking on the wallet until it opens all the way up to reveal another key.
3. One key goes to the glovebox [screwdriver inside] and the other goes to the bag in the passenger seat [wire cutters inside].
4. Going back to the first screen, look at the door on his left and click towards the speaker [or 'round black mass', rather]. On the next screen when the speaker is enlarged use the screwdriver to remove screws, then use wire cutters to...well...you know. Once done, click on the speaker to add it to your inventory.
5. Back at the original screen, click around between his seat and the gearbox which will [should] bring you to another screen looking at the right side of his seat. If you click the pink part of the seatbelt latch, his seat will move back. Click around on one of the gray lines going across his driver side door [cant remember if it was top or bottom one] and you should see what looks like a tiny thumbtack embedded in the strip, use the speaker [magnet on the back] to attract the 'iron nail'.
6. Go back to the original screen, then click on the seatbelt part in his lap, use the nail to release the latch.
7. Turn around to look at the back seat, look for the leftmost arrow/turn button and you should be looking at a seat [however disorienting this may be], click the seatbelt part, then the latch next to it, then you should be able to click a left arrow/turn again revealing the yellow steering wheel lock.
8. For some odd reason you must bash the driver's side window first with the steering wheel lock and then the back window [opposite the windshield]. Don't be like me and spend 5 minutes angry because you didn't remember to click the tiny mousehole you made with the steering wheel lock to escape. And you're out!!

^ I honestly don't believe this game deserves a walkthrough but since nobody else did it.

04-12-2009, 05:24:46
This game sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

05-01-2009, 01:37:10
Walkthrough(if needed)
1-Get a closeup on his shoes and click the top of his right shoe
2-get out of the view and click on his right pocket u should get a wallet. Get the key from the wallet
3- Use the first key to open the briefcase. collect the contents
4-Click on the passenger seat's compartment use the second key to open collect contents
5-Go to the small speaker by the driver's seat
6-Use the screwdriver then cut it with the scissor things
7-get the speaker and go to view of the chair lift thing push it out and click on the grey pipe-ish thing
8- use the magnet/speaker to get the nail. Go to the seatbelt of the driver after that then use nail to get it unlocked.
9-Turn to the rear view until u get the view of ur seat. Make it bend down and go search where the seat was for a steering wheel lock.
10- Use the newly found item to hit the window in which u were sitting.
11-Then go to the rear view window and use the item with that.
You Have Escaped~!:appl::git::yaya::lol::bouncie-smilie::jawdropper: