View Full Version : Armored Creep Tower Defense

04-17-2009, 23:21:15
Game name: Armored Creep Tower Defense
URL: http://www.flashninjaclan.com/zzz3496_Armored_Creep_Defense.php
Download: http://www.flashninjaclan.com/games/armoredcreepdefense/armoredcreepdefense.zip
Description: Build 12 different towers and battle creeps with three armor types

04-18-2009, 00:38:56
Bad graphics and standard defense game play. The tower icons in the
'buy' area are really small and hard to make out (on a 24" monitor). The
placement of the purchased ones float around too much so its hard to get
them right where you want them.
I'll rate it 4 out of 5 yawns on the snooze-o-meter.