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You post a section of your story each day or just a short story once in a while, like in the "Saw Traps" trap stories.

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All right, I put this thread into the general chat area again. This thread is open to every kind of stories.

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Katie MacSheen was very excited. She had received an invitation to Mr. and Mrs. Penerfikel's New Year's Grand Gala! She didn't know what she had done to receive the invitation, but did it matter? She was going and her mother had bought her a new dress and shoes and everything. Her only concer was that she wouldn't know anyone and not get asked to dance, but still, she would be THERE!

Katie's father was skeptical. "Think back over the year, Katie," he told her one evening, "What could've you done to deserve an invitation, when as far as we know know of your friends did?"

"Oh, I don't know, and don't really care!" she said. "Well, why should I care," she thought in bed that night, "I am going to the gala and will have lots of fun." All the same, one still had to wonder......

I"ll write more later sometime, keep reading, because even though this starts out as a romanace story, things are about to take a surprising turn of events.......

06-11-2006, 19:13:05
...the lock on the door wasn't that strong, even thought the door was reinforced steel. She though that she could contrive a way to open the door with the paperclips. She opened the book on petty thievery amd turned to "Step 12. Pick the lock. What Any Thief Needs to Know on How to Pick Simple Locks.

After she had read the chapter, she knew exactly what to do. She took the box of paperclips and started work. After 20 minutes and no oxygen left she had picked the lock and had opened the door, which she slamed shut right away to prevent the gas from getting into the oxygen-filled chamber.

Mr.EvilGuy's voice was heard again........

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I Have A Question Would It Be Possible To Combine/merge .saw Traps Thread And This One

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It has been said in Saw Traps that there was no place for general stories. That's why I took this general story thread out of the bin.

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oh ok

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I just put my Katie story here so somebody would acctuallu come here.

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Katie stepped out of the car and walked up to the door of Mr. and Mrs. Penerfikel's house, but before she reached the door a man in a black coat, pants and mask popped out from behind a climp af bushes, grapped her and jumped in to a car waiting for im apparenly around the bend. This went on so fast that it took Kaie a few minutes before she realized what had happpened. When she had figured it out, she sat very still, so she could she what was happening. She couldn't she what was going on outside because the windows were covered with a black curtain. She couldn't se who was driving the car, because there was another window seperating her, and the other occupants of the car, from the driver also covered with a black curtain. She could she that this was a limosine, that there were three other people with her in the back and that she wasn't tied up, but in a cage-like thing that she could she out of.

Then one of the people opened the cage and told her to get up. She did and sat down on one of the black cushioned seats "These people sure like black," she thought. Out loud she said, calmly, "why did you so rudely kidnap me?"

One of the people who looked like he was in charge, flipped on a light before answereing her, "Because we need you."

"Really," Katie said, "and why do you need me so much that you had to send me a false invitation and kidnap me? If you needed me so desperatly you should've just called me or sent me a letter and I would've come."

"Is that so?" the man sid, "Well you see we need you for awhile and there is no better ruse than a big long pary, to give a little bit of time to start, before they come looking for you."

"Oh, I see," Katie said, "Well if we are going to be together for awhile, would you mind telling me your name and the name of your companions? Don't worry I won't tell a soul, unless you do something really awful to me."

"Well I am Timothy Staraz, these are my dear freinds Caroline Carfy and Alexander MacKlin."

"Where is exactly are we going?"

"We are here."

06-13-2006, 23:42:07
"Where's here exactly?" asked Katie.

"We are at the old Pnerfikel house outside of town," replied Timothy.

"Oh. I see. Whay are we here?" Katie asked

"Because this was the cheapest place we could find!" pipped Caroline.

Inside was nicely furnished and Katie wondered why the outside was in such shambles, if the inside was so nice. There was three other people in the building a man, a woman and a little boy, they all looked related, well at least the boy had qualities of the man and woman. She was about to ask their names when Timothy interupted, "Well, if you would stop staring into GaGa-land, Carie could take you upstairs to change your clothes." She was about to enquire who "Carie" was when she realized it was the nickname for the woman introduced to her as "Caroline".

Upstairs was really nothing special, just more rooms. She was showed into the room designated as her's and changed in to the jeans, shirt, sweatshirt and tennis shoes. They all were just a tad to big for her.

When she came back downstairs everyone was sitting around the kitchen table apparently waiting for her. "Sit down," Timothy said and motioned to a chair between the little boy and Caroline. Obviously the seats were arranged by age order. Timothy, the inkown man, Alexander, the unkown woman, Caroline, herself and the little boy.

"Well, it is high time you know exactly what you're doing here, why, who we are and why we're here....

06-14-2006, 23:02:38
"Well, first of all, the three people you are noy accquainted with are the Tadds, Paul, Lisa and Mark. They were "needed" too."

"How long have they been here?" asked Katie.

"Well, originally it was only Paul we wanted, but then he decided to join up with us and brought his wife and kid with him. Anyway, we are sort of like a modren gypsy. We travel around doing odd jobs and put on shows sometimes."

"Well why do you need me?"

"Because you look like a good promoter."

"Come again?"

"You could help spread the word."

"About you guys?"


"Oh. That's all?"

"Well not exactly. There are a few other requirements."

"Such as.....?"

"Well you can't tell where we are located and why we do the things we do."

"Well, if I am going to be helping you in this way, can I know the reason why you do the things you do?"

"Oh, but of course. Well, Carie, Alex and I used to live in the country. We all lived in the same house, because we were all good friends. There was a little village close by and a bigger town about and hour's drive away. In the village, we were called the Cat, take the first leter of each of our names C-A-T and you get cat, see? We were very social and friendly towards the villagers, but it was easy to see they were uneasy. After all it was a tad strange to see two boys and a girl all living together. Well, anyway life went on in this way, until Alex met a girl. See was nice and pretty and we didn't mind taking her into our group, but her parents resented us so much, that when they saw Alex and her, I think her name was Tina, together they said that they would move out unless we were outlawed from the village, neighboring town and surronding country-side. Well, it was easier to get rid of us than them, because they were an old family and provided the village with fresh fruits and vegatables, so of course the produce was cheaper. So, we had to leave. Well, we find out that Tina left home because she hated her parent's decisions so much, but didn't tell where she was going. So we wander around looking for her, based on info and clues that Alex once in while. The last clue lead us here. DO you happen to know anything of this girl?"


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I sno one going to post any stories?

Poems are welcome to, acctually I am a very established poet

08-05-2006, 16:12:29
Jane walked through the rough life of high school, as she bumped into Camelia and Ethan, her best friends. "So, what are we going to do this afternoon?" questioned Jane. "Erm...work on our campaign for the yearbook?" suggested Camelia. "Nah. Want to go to Mr.Tanford's rock climbing place?" recommend Ethan. Mr.Tanford was their closest guardian. "Okay." Jane giggled. Rock climbing was her favorite sport since she was seven. "Oh yeah, and, can we stop at Style up before going to Rock mania? I'm dying for a strawberry red lip gloss!" Camelia interrupted. "Okay. Me too, I need a merle blue eyeshadow for the Homecoming dance." Jane agreed. "Well then, let's go!" Ethan hurried to the main door. "Wait! Where are you going! It's only 1 o' clock!" Jane laughed.

08-07-2006, 16:12:07
Jane brushed her long soft hair. She decided to call on Camelia to see if the plan was set.
"I'm standing here in front of my mirror."
"Yeah so...."
"I'm wearing my blue skirt with the pale green t-shirt with the gold accents on it."
"Oh that one! You'll look so fab girl!"
"Remember that turqoise beaded earring in Jewel Earth?"
"I need those!"
"Okay.Bye then."
Jane talked to Ethan about it, and he agreed.

Ethan came with his grey convertible. "Let's hurry." he started. They stopped at Double Tree plaza to buy the latest fashions in Style up. "There it is!" Jae shouted as they zoomed to the Jewelry aisle at Style up. The beaded earrings were the last pair in the beaded turquoise earrings set. "Yes." Jane whispered the loudest ones. "Yeah, if we don't hurry, we ARE going to be late." Camelia snickered. They ran to the Makeup aisle and grabbed a merle blue and olive green eyeshadow for the homecoming dance and a set of strawberry red and tickle-me-pink lip glosses. "Okay. Let's hurry to the shortest line on the paying counter and please.." Ethan stopped.
"Please what?"
"Haha, very funny."

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Jess when Is you next katie storie gonna be out

07-29-2007, 14:04:48
Hey Jess, I just had to check your age because your writing skills are exceptional! You remind me of myself when I was your age. Are you hoping to pursue a career in writing? Also, I was home educated as well! :)

GTgirl@ Cute story - keep it coming!

Here's the Prologue of my book: Hope Island:Journey to the Rainbow...let me know what you think!

The thick heavy smoke could be seen before deafening screams filled the air. The boat sailed towards a little, square island which displayed a chaotic scene. There was a large fire on the beach and people were running about madly. As the ship got closer, the people were seen fighting each other, women clutched their babies and children as they were herded away from the fight into a city with great walls. A few moments later, clashing of swords could be heard and the squawking of distressed vultures pierced the thick smoke. A young pirate barged into the Captain’s quarters on the ship.

“Captain, we must turn back,” he shouted over the noise as the boat edged its way towards the chaos. The captain rubbed his chin and looked at the scene with a studious expression.

“We will not be doing that,” he said in a low, firm voice. His pale blue eyes lingered on the young man for a moment and took in the boy’s messy appearance. His grey shirt was faint and stained with mud, he was unshaven and his face was dirty. The boy looked unbelievingly at him,

“Look! It’s a mutiny! We have to retreat!” he exclaimed as he pointed at the men fighting with one another. The Captain looked back at the island.

“A mutiny would involve a captain and there is no captain on that island,” he said calmly before standing up. He walked around his desk towards the boy.

“We have a duty to protect our wives and children,” he continued forcefully. The boy looked grimly at the floor. Not wanting to waist time, the captain strode past and entered the deck, at once all of the pirates there stopped what they were doing and looked up at him.

“Gents,” the Captain roared. “Be prepared to fight, we did not build Comba for a war, we did not leave the island so the others would disobey my orders, I am not running away from my own land, my own men, my own flesh and blood,” he said fiercely. Several pirates nodded viciously to his words.

“Anyone who disagrees with me and wishes to flee will be thrown over board, this is no time for cowards.” The Captain roared, he looked about the men searching faces, all of them looked determined.

“Well what are you standing there for? Ready yourselves men, for battle and for death,” he shouted. At once men scrambled about bumping into each other and searching for their swords. The Captain smiled grimly as he slid his rusty sword into his scabbard and holstered his pistol. Within minutes the men could feel the heat of the flames on their faces as they approached the beach and each man had the inexplicit feeling that they were facing their last battle…

07-29-2007, 21:01:22
Jim was biking around the street and got his shoelace stuck in the bike gears so he fell over and cut up his knees elbows and arms as well as getting the gears stuck INTO his leg. It left a big scar when he pulled it out and hurt very bad! Now how do I know so much about this? Change Jim to Derek and you might just find out! (Still have scar)

08-10-2007, 17:01:07
I just made this up

one cold and spooky night in the GH plannet hotel, a storm raged and the lightning crashed. Invincible woke up and looked out of the window. He looked into the mirror and saw a figgure. He tried to turn the lights on but they wouldn't turn on because of the power cut. Invincible was scared and heard foot steps and screaming. In the empty room (room 19 (just made up))
a horrible sound was heard. Mitty woke up and called invincible (with the GH room telephone) but he was not there. The terrors of the night made all the cats of GH plannet hotel wake up. There was a knock on Mitty's door and just then a scream came so Mitty hid under the bed. Mitty's door opened and.................... TO BE CONTINUED

next part of the story........... the mods wake up and calm the cats. Gameshood himself wakes up. And the ________ was seen by invincible

08-10-2007, 18:33:49
I just made this up

one cold and spooky night in the GH plannet hotel, a storm raged and the lightning crashed. Invincible woke up and looked out of the window. He looked into the mirror and saw a figgure. He tried to turn the lights on but they wouldn't turn on because of the power cut. Invincible was scared and heard foot steps and screaming. In the empty room (room 19 (just made up))
a horrible sound was heard. Mitty woke up and called invincible (with the GH room telephone) but he was not there. The terrors of the night made all the cats of GH plannet hotel wake up. There was a knock on Mitty's door and just then a scream came so Mitty hid under the bed. Mitty's door opened and.................... TO BE CONTINUED

next part of the story........... the mods wake up and calm the cats. Gameshood himself wakes up. And the ________ was seen by invincible
Can't wait for the continuation! :D :D :D

08-14-2007, 20:48:15
In came a the ______ and started to make mitty scared. The door swung open again and invincible said "Mitty, this hotel is freeky and the reson i came to you because your hotel room is next to the ........ haunted....room....... Invincible saw the vampire and the vampire took control and started talktin with him. "Don't worry mitty, it wont take long to get to gamershood and then i will take over the whole of GH plannet" and just then when the vampire was about to take Mitty's soul, all cats woke up and the mods and GH. The vampire turned into a bat and flew away leaving Invincable to get one of the mods hearts to get to GH. Only GH knew how to turn off the power of GHP. Invincible could hear the vampires message, If you are weak my soul as you know it will be lost forever, you must not fail me!! Invincible took The vampires word and went to bed, onebun came in to see if Invincible was alright and then when onebun looked away........ TO BE CONTINUED
part 3(last part): Onebun makes all the other mods under the vampires control. A Huge war of GH started. How will the mods fight back??? Thats for you to find out!!! (just to say no one is killed cause everyone is doing challenges)

08-14-2007, 20:51:25
wow invincible! thats great :appl:

08-14-2007, 21:00:50
oh and the 2 remaining in the challenges are Onebun and invincible/ Gamershood and jenni.p123. Who will challenge eachother? who gets the power emerald? How did jenni.p123 survive? if you want to know the awnser think about her first post. in this story it created a magical power to win chalenges until 2v2

04-07-2008, 20:39:46
Here is one I wrote. :]

The stupid story

Once upon a time there was a stupid little story in a stupid little world that made a spell that everyone would turn to stone…And it worked and everyone turned to stone. And you will to if you make fun of this story….
An evil wizard took the book and used it and that’s what turned everyone to stone. A cat named Bobo flew in on a Pegasus and took the book from the wizard and used it on him…And saved the book from the terrible, terrible things that could of happened to it.
Bobo saved the day and helped the town from the wizard…But the people remained stone and Bobo could not change that…but he knew one thing for sure…That the wizard would be able to get the book again…But for now Bobo has the book… and in the castle the wizard is thinking of an evil plan to get the book back and to make the town turn to stone along with all the people.

04-07-2008, 20:47:43
and the second :D

The stupid story 2!

In the stupid little world with the stupid little story Bobo was thinking of a way to make the people normal again. He was thinking and thinking but could not think of a way to turn them back to normal. Just then the wizard came in, took the book, turned the town to stone and rode of into the dark and scary night. But Bobo hopped on his Pegasus and rode after the wizard. That night, at midnight, the town turned back to normal. The next day the wizard rode in and took the book from Bobo the sleeping cat, and turned the town to back stone,
And Bobo got so mad he sent out his troops on Pegasus and Bobo rode in the dark, cold lake on a Hippocampus.
Bobo got the book and turned the town back to normal. Then Bobo realized that when the last time he turned the town back to normal, he turned everyone back to normal! So Bobo is done saving the town but only for now!

04-07-2008, 21:03:41
I have a funny story
One day, a cat was watching another cat from a hole in the Ceiling.
He said "ceiling cat is watching you"
The other cat replied "OMG ceiling cat is watching me!"

The next day, the cat climbed a ladder and whispered "ceiling cat, are you up there?"
On top of a nearby door a cat said "I am door cat, subbing for ceiling cat"
"so where is ceiling cat?"
At that moment a hole appeared in the sky and ceiling cat appered in it.
he shouted "Where is your god now?"

Here is a movie version of it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W7N3-UdWj1o

04-07-2008, 21:06:33
lolz sure I will watch it

04-07-2008, 21:09:10
oh btw i should mention the movie version isnt entirely "clean"

04-07-2008, 21:18:55
whatever, lolz I am tired

04-18-2008, 19:05:05
So, I had this idea and wrote the prologue for it. What do you think?

Shades of Grey
Black Magic, White Magic…where’s the in between?


My name is Karolyn Aller. Or, it used to be. Those who know me now call me Aikala. What follows is a story of black and white magic; of the secret kingdoms of the witches; of strange creatures and fantastical beings. But, more simply, it is the story of how one girl discovered that everything isn’t always clear-cut black and white. That girl is me. And this is where my story starts.

04-18-2008, 19:09:18
Wow, ImpQueen!!! :o Just with that Prologue, you have already pulled me in as a reader. I would really love to read more. :) I think it's a great start! :D

04-18-2008, 20:12:02
Yay! Thanks EscapeGirl - nice feedback gives me the warm fuzzies, and, no matter what you might think, actually does inspire you to write more. I'm working on the first chapter as I..type? Anyway, just a warning for you, it's a little dark/angsty in places, but Aikala does have a very strange sense of humor O.o I'll post more soon!


04-18-2008, 20:40:12
As long as it follows forum rules, I don't mind dark/angst. ;) And dark humor. :D Looking forward to it!!! :D:D:D

04-18-2008, 22:00:46
Mmkay, here's the first chapter. It's a little dark, with some slightly disturbing content, but doesn't go into graphic detail.

Added by Moderation: The content of this story might not be suitable for younger/sensitive members.

Chapter One

‘Could Karolyn Aller please come up to the front desk. Karolyn Aller to the front desk please.’
I sighed and swam to the side of the pool. Why does my mum always choose the most annoying times to call on me? How did I know it was my mother? Because it’s always her. I climbed out, pulling my goggles off. I could feel the people in the pool staring at me. Yeah, stare at the freak, I thought, get a good eyeful of the girl with the scars. I hated my step-brother so much. I had loved him until last summer, though. He was the reason I had jagged, circular scars running all the way down my back. He was the reason I now couldn’t trust anyone. Would you be able to learn to trust again after the one person you loved and trusted most in the world suddenly went completely physco on you and tore up your back with a can-opener?
Anyway, I hurried into the changing rooms, choosing to forego the shower for now, as my mum has very little patience. I quickly dried myself off and changed back into my jeans and sweatshirt. Shoving my wet things into my bag, I dashed out of the pool section of the leisure centre and up to the front desk.
When I got there my mum was leaning against a wall looking very chic in slim dark jeans and sunglasses.
‘What do you need, mum?’ I asked, pushing a strand of wet hair out of my eyes.
‘Darling, Evan called. He’s getting some time off this weekend and he wants to see you,’ she told me, her voice soft and lilting. I ground my teeth and clenched my fists. How dare she! How dare she even consider letting Evan anywhere near me after what he did! Evan is my step-brother, although I refuse to acknowledge him as that.
‘Mum, I don’t think it’d be good for me to….meet up…with Evan.’ She gave a puzzled smile. The cow, I thought, trying to keep my rage from showing.
‘But darling, you and Evan have always been the best of friends. I know you had a little…incident last summer, but surely you’ve gotten over that by now.’ I couldn’t help it. She was there when he took the can opener and rushed me. She was there when he ripped off my shirt and started opening my back.
‘Have you forgotten what he did to me so soon, you cow!’ I yelled, attracting unwanted attention from the people in the lobby. ‘Have you blocked from your memory the fact that he opened up my back like a can of soup? Have you forgotten these,’ I turned and lifted the back of my shirt, revealing the many puckered scars; almost complete circles of red tissue that interlinked like a chain all the way up my back.
She was unruffled.
‘Darling, please. Not in public. Now, come on. You’re meeting Evan this weekend, like it or not. And we’re going to a show in the afternoon, so you need some new clothes,’ she eyed my faded jeans and baggy sweatshirt with distaste, ‘So I’d appreciate it if you co-operated with me just this once.’ I glared daggers at her, but I could only see my own grey-green eyes reflecting them back at me from her glasses.
‘Fine,’ I grunted, ‘but don’t expect me to act all gushy and nice around him.’ She smiled, showing teeth that had taken years of braces and expensive whitening to perfect. How I hated my mother.

It's a little short, I know, but I prefer writing lots of short chapters to writing a few long ones.

04-19-2008, 10:27:40
:o WOW! Great writing!!! And poor Karolyn!! :sad: And here I always thought MY brothers were mean. Not compared to hers!!! :S

Looking forward to more of the story. :D

04-21-2008, 18:09:46
Heres a whole story, made in a few months , 2 years ago...
When i read through it I hate it!! lol..

It was an afternoon in June, and Chan was sleepily reading.
It was the last day of half term, forty eight more days till summer hols....
Chan wished she had a friend who lived closer to her.
All her friends lived quite far, she had to take a bus to see most of them.
There was only one girl she REALLY liked.
Her name was Laetitia but she recently moved to Dallas.
They emailed each other but it just wasn't the same...

Chan really wanted another friend, one she could trust, and visit, laugh and cry with...
Someone she could rely on, just like Laeti had been...

She dropped her book and went over to her window.
"Nothing ever happens here..."she thought, a little sadly.

But just then, a removal van parked itself in her street.

A girl about her age came out, and two boys.
The boys were pushing and shoving each other as play.
Th girl was just following her parents up the street.

They stopped at number 28.
Chan lived at number 22.

She was quite interested, as the girl looked about the same age as her.

She decided she would visit her as soon as she could.

Chapter 2

The next day, straight after Lunch, Chan ran over to number 28.
As she rang the doorbell, she suddenly felt nervous.
The door opened. It was the girl.
"Hello?" she asked.
"Um...hi, I'm Chan Keelia and...I saw you moving in so...I thought I'd pop over..."
"Uh...thanks...I was so sad to leave my friends behind..."
She looked hopefully at Chan.
"Well...that's great cos I need a friend too!!!" answered Chan
"Wow !Thanks! I was so scared to go to school tomorrow, you could come with me!
Oh, by the way, my name is Kimaya.
Er... shall I call you Chan or Keelia?"
"Well...my friends usually call me Keelia but my best friend calls me Chan, she's in Dallas now."
"I think Chan suits you better, it goes with your long, black hair!"

Chapter 3

Kimaya and Chan talked for about ten more minutes, but then Kimaya had to go and help her mum finish tidying.

As Chan got home, her mum immediately noticed how happy she looked, compared to the past few weeks.
"Something smells good!!" said Chan.
"I'm happy to see you so good humoured!" said her mum, smiling.
"I've got a new friend" she answered.
She sat in the kitchen as her mum baked brownies.

"Mum?" she asked.
-How would you feel if...like...you just moved, and a girl comes to talk to you?
-Well...happy? Yeah, happy probably.

Chan ran up to her bedroom and started to write in her diary.
It only had one sentence:
'I feel so much better'

Chapter 4

Holidays were over.
Chan regretfully left her bed, still half asleep.
As she snapped back from dream to reality, she remembered she had promised Kimaya to pick her up at 8:30am.
She checked her watch.
"How can it be 8am already?" she wondered, amazed.
Though she HAD gone to bed a bit late...
She hurriedly got dressed, ate breakfast, did hair etc....

It was now 8:25.
Time to leave!!!

"See ya mum!" she cried out, banging the door as she left the house.
"Your keys!!!" her mum asked. Too late Chan had left in such a hurry!!
This time, it was one of Kimaya's brother who opened the door.
A voice rang out from inside the house.
"It's for me, Taj! I'm coming Chan!"
She rushed out of the house, shouting goodbye to her family.
"I'm finally going to see what my new school looks like!"
she said, out of breath.

Chapter 5

Whispers in the playground.
"Who's she?"
-"Look at that girl!
-Some long hair, man.
-Look at her!!
-Look, Chris, a girlfriend for you!!
-Aww, shullup, I don't even know her!!"

Kimaya was glad she wasn't alone.
She was very nervous, she still didn't know what form she would be in.
"Hey, Chan, what form are you in?" she asked.
"I'm in 8RL, my form tutor is Ms R." she made a face.
"and I hate her sooo much!"

They walked into the building.
As they approached the head of year 8's office, a voice boomed out.
"Hiya, are you NEW?!"
It was Frank, the school bully.

Chapter 6

The bully was standing there, staring at Kimaya with big brown eyes, overlapped by dark eyebrows, narrowed down to show his meanness.
Kimaya stared right back at him.
"Get lost" she said, quietly but loud enough to be heard.
Franck turned red.

"I'll...I'll get you back for this!!" he shouted, and ran to his gang of morons.
Kimaya looked quite amazed.
"I...I made him GO!!" she stammered.
Then she burst out laughing.

"Did you see his FACE!!???" she asked.
"yeah, he looked like he had seen an alien!! He was lost for words!!!" answered Chan.

They made their way to the library.

Franck was there.

"Hello boffin!" he said.
"Oi, Chan, how can you make friends with dirt!!??"

They walked on, and as they went past Franck, Kimaya stuck out her foot and....BOMP!!!

The bully was on the floor, looking as silly as a sausage and very ashamed!!!

Chapter 7

Franck looked at Chan.
He looked at Kimaya.
He slowly got up, blushing fiercely.
And then...he ran away!!

Everyone around cheered.
His friends quickly walked off, ashamed too.
Everyone carried Kimaya and Chan around the building, cheering.
They saw Franck and barged straight into him.
There was about 20 people!!
Frank fell over and started howling, tears dripping down his fat face.
He got up, and, looking one last time at the group, he fled to another part of the playground.
They all started laughing and couldn't stop.
A teacher came by.
"Why are you making so much noise, and why are you carrying-"she looked at Chan and Kimaya.
"-those two girls?"
They quickly put down the two girls and the boys went to play football.
The girls split up into friend groups and went off.
Chan and Kimaya stayed.
"Well...I guess he'll be leaving us now!" said Chan.
"I hope so..."was Kimaya's answer.

04-21-2008, 18:10:16
Chapter 8

School was over.
Kimaya and Chan walked home, and when they arrived near Chan's house, they kept on talking about school and stuff.
"So what was your other schools name?" asked Chan
"I used to go to Greys Primary, and then to Field Secondary" answered Kimaya
They left each other and went home.
Chan made herself a peanut butter sandwich and Milk and watched T.V for a while.
She was glad to have a friend near her house, now she could see her easily...
Later on Chan went to Kimaya's house to do some homework.
After they talked a bit and went to the park.
"Do you sometimes want to be back in your old house?" asked Chan
"....hmmm...yeah, sometimes...it depends.." said Kimaya
They went home, both full of thoughts.

Chapter 9

There was only two days left until the summer holidays.
Chan was not in school, it was too hot so she had stayed at home.
Being the last week, school was optional.
Some people were already on holiday.

Kimaya was leaving in three days.
She was spending her holidays in France.
Chan was bored.
She had been on the computer all day and wanted to play out, but not alone.
She sighed.

She knew outside would be hot but inside was...boring.
Oh well....might as well get a bit of sunshine...
She went to ask her mum, leaving the computer.

Chapter 10

"I'm here, for goodness sake stop shouting Chan!!!"
"Mum, can I go outside? I’m bored..."
"Ok...ok, go and let me finish this cake."
"You never told me you was baking a cake!! Is it for tea? Dessert?"
"No, it's for your dad's friends tomorrow, he’s taking it to a meeting."
"Hm.......not fair...ok see ya, I'll go park yeah?"
"Ok, ok."

Chan left.
As she stepped out the door she got hit by the wave of heat.
"Oh well, she thought, might as well just go."
She bought a coke and headed to the park
Meanwhile, at Kimaya's...
"Mum?! MUM!!!?" Kimaya asked
"Yes?" answered mum
"Can I go to the park?
"Ok, be home before six o’clock"

Kimaya left home too.
She bought a pepsi, and headed to the park.
There, she met Chan, who was sitting on the grass, drinking her coke.
"Hi Chan"
"Huh? Oh, hi!"
They talked for a while, and went for a walk.
"I’m so HOT!" said Kimaya
"Yeah, wanna go swimming?"
-I would...but..
-You need ...permission?
-Phone home?

( Bip bip bip bip...)
Can I go swimming with Chan?
Yeah, mum
Ok, see ya"

"So..?" asked Chan
"I can, but I have to use MY money..."
"At least you can go!"

So...they went!!
Aaaaand, they had a fun time...until...

Chapter 11

A scream rang out in the swimming pool.
All heads turned and....
They saw a girl going under, under, under water....in the 6 metre bit!!!
The attendant dived into the pool, swam strongly under and came up with...nothing.
"what happened, what happened!!!???" people cried out.
"where's my DAUGHTER!?" shouted a lady

The man looked very pale and embarrased.
She...she...got kidnapped!" he said
"WHAT!!!" shouted the lady
"HOW?!" she asked
People started running to the exit, trying to find the girl.
The lady looked at the attendant, and...fainted with shock

"Quick!!!" shouted the attendant.
"get HEEELP" he yelled

People ran to get other people, it all resulted in a big tumble and more people got hurt.
Finally, the ambulance and the police arrived.

"So just what happened exactly?" asked officer Prune

Chapter 12

Officer Prune looked severely at the attendant.
"um...well, you see....um....this girl....uum....she um....she...she got ...um...kid....kidnapped...um.....yeah..."
"And did you do anything, didn't you go after the kidnapper???!! barked the officer
The attendant blushed, visibly feeling very awkward.
"I....I dived to find...her...but...but...um...she...she was...was...um...gone...um...yeah..."
Officer Prune sighed exasperated.
"Take him to the police station!" he said sharply.
"wh-why!!?" asked the bewildered attendant.
Prune ignored him completely.

Chan looked at Kimaya.
"well....I wonder what's going to happen to the girl..." she said.
"hmmm...yeah..." answered Kimaya

They went home, feeling quite...peculiar
"what's the matter?" asked Chan's mum when she saw her.
Chan told her what had happened, and her mum was shocked.
"well!! I don't think you should go swimming there anymore!!" she said.

Chapter 13

Chan was lying on her bed, thinking.
She was thinking about what had happened only 2 hours ago, the kidnapping.
The girl was only 11, as her mum had said on T.V.
Chan and Kimaya were on the news, too.
They were in the background, and then they had been interviewed.
Her, Kimaya, her mum, her dad and ...her cat (lol) had all watched the news, to see Chan and Kimaya.


"I'll get it!" shouted Chan, rushing to the door.
It was the postman.
"I've got a package for you" he said
"me, or my parents?" asked Chan
"well...it says Chan on top!!" he answered, grinning.

She went to her room, and started undoing the paper.
A box appeared.
She opened it.
Inside was a small collection of cat figures, ready to paint, and special paint.
A note read:

<<"Dear Chan,

I hope you are well and not too lonely,
I have sent you this, I know you love cats, and painting.
There are more to collect, I will send them as soon as possible
Much love,


Kamika was Chan's eldest cousin.
She was 25 and had a 3 year old girl called Kalisha and a 1 year old boy named Miskel.
She had unusual names but Chan thought they were lovely.
Chan put the box in her special drawer and went downstairs.

Chapter 14

Later on Chan went to Kimaya's house, they talked about the girl again.
"I guess....it could have happened to anyone really..." said Kimaya.
Chan nodded.
A few hours later, back at home, Chan decided to write to Kamika, saying all that had happened so far.
The holidays were over.
Lots had happened.
Chan's mum was 7 months pregnant, and Kimaya had a new pet dog.
Chan was going to get a kitten and Kimaya's brothers had a new hamster.

And...Chan and Kimaya were starting year nine...
So, since the beginning of this story, Chan had learnt lots of stuff.
You can always find a friend somewhere.
You have to be ready to be a good friend.
And your friends will always be there in your heart, no matter what.

The End

(sorry about double post but couldnt fit whole story)

06-13-2008, 08:50:36
The magic diamond (part 1)

“I cant iv got drama practice after school” jasper yells into the phone. “Oh well ok then I better go get ready for school bye” Corina yells back. Jasper looks at the clock and dashed for the door “bye” jasper shouts behind her. On the way to school she thinks to her self “hhmm Thursday today Iv got drama to look forward to and library before lunch and…” her thoughts where desecrated bye a bright light over the other side of the rode she was goanna be late but cursory got the best of her she went over straight away she was walking on an ally way so there weren’t many cars. She bent over next to the graffiti covered wall and picked up a special looking diamond it was black with a bright green glow she only had it in her hands for a second then she felt her self falling into some sort of a pit and then hit the ground with a huge thump “ouch” she cried before noticing where she was. She had sand under her toes and there waves crashing just around the corner, every house was a unique batch.

its a bit rusty but im 10