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old biker
05-25-2009, 14:31:35
Mystery room in another escape game by Kota.
Find and use items to get out.


have fun
there might be a language problem

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05-25-2009, 14:45:16
Anyone playing? I have a pencil, note paper with two arrows on it, a mouse, 2 different coins, a key and a circle.

However I don't seem to be able to use them and if you do to the click the door the game ends

Has anyone got any further?

old biker
05-25-2009, 14:54:55
i am (of course):haha:

still nosing around :P
have 6 items and 1 bug :haha:
think im out with key
the game looked very promesing but ...duh..
ok ..next :P

05-25-2009, 15:33:43
Out and bewildered! Fireworks were shot off, so I assume that was the good end. Easy if it was.

05-25-2009, 16:24:53
that was just strange

05-25-2009, 19:57:55
It was a mystery ok - out I think! Not easy to understand how or why though :thk:

old biker
05-25-2009, 20:07:58
think has something to do with alien (mistery)? :P

05-25-2009, 20:08:33
Wow that game was wierd!

05-25-2009, 21:19:49
I guess somebody wanted to make an escape game, but ekhm... ;)

05-25-2009, 22:57:49
think has something to do with alien (mistery)? :P
Nope, I understand mysterious alienish pretty well, but I didn't understand anything of this game. :P

Clueless what this was about, but out.

05-26-2009, 03:54:43
Wow what a let down.

07-01-2009, 09:57:38
hi lausco

07-01-2009, 19:11:23
Mystery Room = It's a mystery what the heck that was!! Out with fireworks!?!