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05-28-2009, 07:42:33
Game Title : Bill’s Ranch
Genre : Simulation game
Theme : Old west
Graphics : Animations, Cartoons
Status : Final
Time units : Real time
Developer : Lagoon Software Ltd
Fee : Free with optional payable in-game advantages
Official Site : http://www.billsranch.com

What is the game all about?

“Bill’s Ranch” is a funny free simulation multiplayer game.
Beautiful graphics and some good music and a fabulous scenario.
“Bill’s Ranch” talks about a cowboys dynasty from 1855 to 2021 presented in 22 chapters.
You will evolve from the Pioneers age to the futurist United States as a real old west hero.
Not only will you manage your own ranch by cultivating your lands, building manufacturers, but also fight against enemies and other players to protect your lands.