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06-23-2006, 08:43:41
what do you think about this film?
my opinion:
first of all I have to say that that kind of film I Like very very much!
I like the two first one (very very good films) and I waited the third with a lot of impatience ......and what deception!!!!!
The beginnig is rather not bad, but nothing transcendent! nothing to do with the first 'punch' scenes of the 2 first one (Magneto in Auschwitz), and Diablo in the White House).
after that the list of aberrations begins and will be long like the film!!
- Cyclop's death (THE 'Jean Grey- Phenix' 's LOVE) she can't kill him it's impossible
- Xavier 's death : idiocy (even if the scene is not bad)
_The battle between Magneto and the X-Men : There are 6 X-Men, Colosus wolverine, Iceman,Shadowcat, Storm, Rogue to help the army.Do you understand???? On 6, 2 are in metal and Magneto doesn't do nothing!!!!
Magneto has the most powerful weapon(phenix) and he sends all his mutants be killed!!!
-The battle between phenix and wolvy is to be vomited because Jean Grey doesn't love wolvy!! and all her power can't destroyed Wolvy's underpants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!
the US army had to hide in it!
- The scene with the bridge is very sensational but useless! in X-MEN 2 Magneto destroyed his prison with 4 little balls!!!!! and he can fly!

- Archangel's swindle: we don't see archangel more than we see him in the teaser: disgusting!!!!!
-we don't see phenix in her fire form!!
and other things that I would like to forget!

The better thing in the film is the new Storm's hairstyle.

07-22-2006, 04:22:54
I liked it too. I saw it twice once with friends and another with my dad. Wolverine is funny. It sucked when cyclops...well collasped I'll just say that.