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05-11-2005, 15:39:53

Solve the murder in CSI style.

07-21-2005, 17:15:44
I didn't know if you didn't sign up it would solve the case for you. Dang it!!!!

The Raven
07-24-2005, 23:57:09

The evidence proves that Brittany Love was the 'Barbee Doll Killer'.
In Brittany?s biography it is stated that she studied at West Virginia High School. The forensic analysis of the year book reveals that it was in this school in 1978 that the Barbee Doll killer first killed the student Gloria Fontinelly, victim number one. It was probably Brittany's own year book.
The first victim was killed in 1978 which rules out all suspects apart from Brandon Alvarez, Austin Ferrara, Jordan Zebley and Brittany Love.

The nails on Sparkle were Brittany's and she placed them on Sparkle to incriminate Brandon. She had scratched Brandon in a fight the day before.

The hair on the bed post also gives you a clue. The hair from Brittany is found on top the hair from that of the wig. Meaning that she was present after the wig was placed on Sparkle.

The baseball bat had fibres from Gnucci gloves and traces of Chanel no5 which indicated a women.

When examined in forensic the song lyrics of Spiders Web suggest someone female and someone close to Sparkle.

Brittany had put sleeping tablets in the drink glasses of Tate and Sparkle which explains why Tate had no recollection of the murder.

Brittany had no choice but to kill Sparkle since she had publicly threatened to tell the world the true identity of the Barbee Doll Killer. It is also stated, in her suspect file, that she was attempting to rebuild their shaky relationship.

If you read between the lines, you will discover that Brandon was seeing Deloris Love. He had in fact spent the night with her after leaving the party. This is not something he and Deloris would want to be made public, but means he had an alibi. He also had been staying at Sparkle's penthouse two weeks before the murder. He had used the flat as a way of secretly seeing Deloris which accounts for traces of his seamen found on the bed.It was probable that Brittany knew of the affair and tried to frame Brandon to take revenge on him.

Brittney has been formally charged and has admitted that she is, in fact, the Barbee Doll Killer. The story has shocked America and, as a result, Sparkle's album 'Truth' has been at the number one spot in the billboard charts for eight weeks.

Deloris has been left half of Sparkle's estate in the will, and has enabled her to fly to Switzerland to have her vocal cord operation.

Brandon has gone to a monastery in Tibet to recover from the episode and to write Sparkle's biography called 'The Whole Truth About Truth'.

Jordan Zebley was left an undisclosed sum in Sparkle's will and, feeling slightly guilty, has decided to build a music school for underprivileged musically gifted children.

Tate River left town to join the Moscow State Circus and Ferrara has flown to Thailand to work on a Jacky Chan movie.

Unfortunately Megan Palister has been committed to a mental institution for an indefinite period. She still believes and insists that Sparkle is alive and merely faked her own death as a publicity exercise.

Thank you all for taking part, we have enjoyed reading your deductions.

:d It Solves Itself Dont Bother Just Read This To Know Whaat Went Down Look Above