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Elza rody
08-03-2009, 19:34:58
You've been kidnapped by pirates and must escape their ship by finding items and solving puzzles.



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08-03-2009, 19:54:11
Cute and fairly easy!

08-03-2009, 20:23:08
Got out of the cell but can't seem to do much else

pulled top ring off of drum in cell to get crowbar. used crowbar to get lid off of crate and found gold. used gold to break lock off cell door. went straight then into last room on left and got cannon ball.

that's it. I don't know where to move the drum outside of cell.

D'oh. Nevermind. I'm an idiot.

08-03-2009, 20:38:26
put cannon ball in cannon in first room on left for another key

08-03-2009, 20:40:37
does anyone know the code for the locker?

08-03-2009, 20:42:29
Its on the boot to right of screen...

08-03-2009, 20:42:37
@ tomboi

look closely at items in the room

And I can't figure out what goes in the slot on the wall next to the plaque of the weird pirate icon.

NVM. Apparently the sword is too heavy to lift without the shield but it's ok to lift once you already have it whether or not you have the shield. Whatever.

08-03-2009, 20:54:28
Any hints to the code on the door in the second hallway.

08-03-2009, 20:55:55
@ girlyoda

ok im stuck....where's the shield?

08-03-2009, 21:08:09
ok im stuck now.
where do you get the shield :S

08-03-2009, 21:16:34
use the rope and the hammock on the floor hatch - then put two cannon balls in it

08-03-2009, 21:54:25
use the rope and the hammock on the floor hatch - then put two cannon balls in it

Stuck after doing that. Any help please?

Also, the sacks are full of gun powder. Do I need that?

08-03-2009, 22:02:07
Any help out there on the code for the wooden door in the second hallway?

NVM ... that was too easy

08-03-2009, 23:19:04
ok got shield and sword, now i'm stuck........where to now?

08-03-2009, 23:58:25
Any help out there on the code for the wooden door in the second hallway?

NVM ... that was too easy
hey wats the code for the wooden door.

use the rope and the hammock on the floor hatch - then put two cannon balls in it
hey wats the code for the wooden door and how do i get the shield.

08-04-2009, 00:11:50
hey wats the code for the wooden door and how do i get the shield.

Read the maps on one of the rooms and follow the numbers. Never Eat Soggy Waffles. Check out the numbers that go with those directions.

Now trying to figure out the pass code. Any help??

NVM I don't know what happened but I have the shield now.

Out now.

08-04-2009, 00:17:10
hey i still can't figure out how to get the shield or what goes in the thing in the cellar thing

hey bluehulio can u help me with the code for the wodden door please.

08-04-2009, 00:35:04
whats the code for the wooden door in the second hallway!

08-04-2009, 00:36:06
the code is 0354

08-04-2009, 02:22:28
cool game.
easy peasy lemon squeezy :fingers:

08-04-2009, 05:01:09
what object goes into the weird grey thing in hallway 2, 2nd room on right (downstairs)

08-04-2009, 05:08:07
I'm either too short to reach something or not strong enough. These comments are not good for my ego.
Well, made it down the ladder and working on the password. and yawning.
the gem / diamond

Yawning too much ..
Maybe back tomorrow when I'm functioning.
Night all from the sunshine state.

08-04-2009, 06:39:51
i don't have a gem/diamond!

08-04-2009, 16:02:26
Excellent game! Yo,ho, ho . . .

08-04-2009, 18:20:28
I'm stuck with the hatch open from the second hallway, but I can't do anything to that machine thingy, as I need something to put in it. But what??? Also don't know the code for the door in the second hallway - assuming I get it after I figure out this thingy downstairs. Any help?


Thank you, escapegames24 members! I'm out!! I needed the diamond from the room that required a passcode. For that passcode, check the room with the refrigerator!

08-04-2009, 20:48:42
rats! Thought I had saved. *sigh*
OK back to where I need passcode.
tah-dah! I'm away with little treasure *sigh* and no good looking pirate after me ;)

08-05-2009, 00:56:19
where's the friggin' shield? ok, got the shield by pure accident. Now i need the sword which i am apparently too weak to pick up.

08-05-2009, 16:21:23

1. Go Left And Move The Barrels Ring, Up Or Down To Reveal A Crowbar. Take It!

2. Use Crowbar On The Crates Lid [Left To The Barrel], To Open It. Look Inside And Remove The Dust To Reveal A Goldbar. Take It!

3. Go Left, And Use The Goldbar On The Lock To Break It. Move Forward!

4. Move The Little Box [Next To The Door], To Reveal A Key. Take It & Move Forward!

5. Go Inside The 2nd Door On Left Side. Take A Cannon Ball, And Go Back!

6. Use Key To Open The 1st Door On Right Side, And Enter. Take The Hammock , And Click The Boot To Zoom In. You’ll See Some Arrows: Left, Left, Right & Left! Zoom Out And Click The First Locker To Zoom In. Use The Combination From The Shoe, On The Lock: Left, Left, Right, Left. Once Done, Click The Lock To Open! Take The Key And The Lighter!

7. Go Back, And Use Key On 1st Door On Left Side. Enter! Put The Cannon Ball Into The First Cannon [Left Side], And Get A Key. Also, Before You Leave, Take The Cog Next To The Black Powder Sacks! Leave The Room.

8. Go Inside The 2nd Door On Right Side. Use Lighter On The Lamp To Get Some Light. Put The Cog In The Missing Part On The Wall, And Pull The Lever!

9. Go Back And Move Forward!

10. Go Inside The 2nd Door On Left Side. Use Crowbar On Toilet Door, And Take The Rope. Go Back!

11. Go Inside The 1st Door On Left Side. Click On The Sign With Different Colors On The Barrel To Zoom in. You’ll See A Skeletion Head, And 3 Numbers. If You Look At The 3 Numbers, Clockwise, You’ll Get A Code: 3-5-4!

12. Go Back, And Click On The 1st Door On Right Side, To Bring Up A Code Box. Ener The Code From The Barrel: 3-5-4, And Press The Button On The Bottom Of The Box [The One With No Number On It]. If The Light Turns Green, You’ve Done It Right!

13. Close The Box, And Enter The 1st Room On Right Side. Take The Oar On The Right Side Of The Room. If You Click On The Paper Between The 2 Papers And The Map [On The Desk], You’ll Get Something Like This: 7 N. 9 S. , 3 E. 4 W. - It Means: 7 North, 9 South, 3 East, 4 West. But It Isn’t Correct. If You Think Clockwise On A Map, North Comes First, Then East, Then South And At Last, West. If You Put The Numbers, You’ll Get A Code: 7 [North] - 3 [East] - 9 [South] - 4 [West]! Click On The Red Box On The Desk, To Zoom In A Box Sealed With A Code. Type The Code From The Paper: 7-3-9-4, And Click The Switch! Take The Diamond Inside The Box, And Leave The Room!

14. Use Key On The 2nd Door On Right Side, And Enter The Room. Click The Right Mattress, To Move It And Reveal A Trap Door. Attach The Rope To The Trap Doors Handle, And Then Attack The Other The Hammock To The Ropes Other End.

15. Leave The Room, And Then Go Back To The Other Hallway. Enter The 2nd Door On Left, And Take A Cannon Ball. Leave The Room, And Return To The Room With The Trap Door. Put The Cannon Ball In The Hammock, And Leave The Room. Go Once Again Back To The Previous Hallway, And Enter The 2nd Door On Left Side. Take Another Cannon Ball, And Return To The Room With The Trap Door. Put The 2nd Cannon Ball Into The Hammock, And The Trap Door Will Open. ENTER!

16. Click On The Keypad And Input The Diamond On The Empty Slot. Press The “On” Button, And The Keypad Will Be Turned On. It Will Ask For A Password, But Just Click The “On” Button Again To Continue. Wait A Moment, While The Door Opens. Take The Shield And Go Back Up!

17. Leave The Room, And Go Back Twice Till You’re In The Room Where The 3 Barrels And A Sword Are. Take The Sword And Return To The Room With The Trap Door!

18. Put The Shield In The Missing Part On The Wall, And Then Use The Sword As A Lever!

19. Go Back, And Then Move Forward!

20. You’re OutSide The Boat. Click The Water To Escape From The Pirates, But If You Forgot To Carry The Oar, You’ll Have To Go Back And Get It!

Congratulations! You Escaped Yet Another Escape Game, And I Hope This Walkthrough Is Helpful!


08-05-2009, 19:18:54
Now that was a fun game, and it actually made sense! :D