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07-07-2006, 06:37:32
(Arcade/Action) This is a batting game. The pitcher is a robobun that shoots a speeding ball at you and you have to try to hit a home run. You know you have when the sky lights up in the background.

:bunny: (http://www.bb-anime.tv/trip/game/homerun.html) Play! (http://www.bb-anime.tv/trip/game/homerun.html)

1. I found if you get way back behind the plate you can get more distance (at least that worked for me).
2. No you cannot knock our any buns in this game. lol

07-07-2006, 16:51:14
Tried it, left "Start" is for 3 out session while the right "Start" is for 1 strike session. I haven't hit a homerun yet. Someone will likely have to translate the instructions.

the dunce
07-07-2006, 18:17:13
the links broken.... new link?

Eternal Becky
07-07-2006, 18:22:40
the links broken.... new link?
Nope, the link is working fine :) .

07-08-2006, 03:56:27
You got to get as close as you can to the pitcher to get home runs.

the dunce
07-08-2006, 18:14:27
it keeps sayin cant find the website...

07-08-2006, 18:52:43
For me the link is working fine, I just checked.