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07-08-2006, 16:52:50
cool game were u have to defend u'r castle
using u'r mouse

link: defend your castle (http://www.onlinegames.net/play/defend-your-castle.html)

07-10-2006, 16:20:35
Gruesome, but addictive game. Hope you don't have arthritis in your mouse hand (although you may have it after playing this game). Happy clicking and flicking!

07-10-2006, 16:52:15
Quite A Good Game But Gets A Bit Boring After A While And Your Wrist Starts To Ache Lol I Gave Uo On Stage 10

07-10-2006, 19:16:43
I have no idea how to convert the enemy. help

07-10-2006, 19:39:55
lift the enemy up, and then let it fall down from high, easypeasy

07-10-2006, 20:22:48
i died at stage 19 the mid stick men keep geting me
(so close to the big stick men)

07-10-2006, 21:19:58
I have no idea how to convert the enemy. help
You can only convert one at a time. You have to buy a chapel. Then you pick up an enemy and gently drop him into the castle. A pillar of light will appear during conversion. You have to wait for the pillar of light to disappear to convert another.

lift the enemy up, and then let it fall down from high, easypeasy That's how you kill them! Conversion allows you to populate your archers, workshop, and wizards.

i died at stage 19 the mid stick men keep geting me
(so close to the big stick men) If you play it right, you can keep it going for hours. Yes, I was that bored and curious one day. Had over 1000 guys in all three fields and was blowing up giants right and left (the count looks funny after 999). I finally abandoned the game and let the enemy gradually wear down my castle so I could quit (Had it extremely fortified, really high walls etc).

FYI: A, S, D keys correspond to the 3 spells the wizards can do, so you don't have to click on those -- you can just press the key A=single-kill, S=multi-kill, D=instant conversion spell. The black hatted dudes in the red barrels are bombs, click on them before they get to the castle to kill many enemies.

07-11-2006, 04:51:11
This game is easy. I am self-sustaining by Level 20. All I have to do is click Ok to go to the next level after each one. (In fact I am "playing" right now as I type this.)

Here is the trick:

Important Notes:

First, to keep from messing up: Notice how when you end a level, it subtracts "Spendable Points" for troop upkeep? Well, this is actually counts for the next level. So say I have 100 guys, and I spend all of my money. At the end of the NEXT round they will all die, and I will most likely be overrun before I can recruit enough replacements. So never spend all of your money, and leave enough to pay troop upkeep, since it works kind of weird. It doesn't matter if you earn enough during a round to pay for it by the end, since it goes off the money you had at the start of the round for this.

Second, you need to make sure your wall is fully repaired at the end of each level. You should increase your wall (Fortify) a little at a time as you have the spare money. Later on you can dump a lot into this.

Third, the Demolition Lab is never really worth it. How it works is you click on a convert up at the top of the screen before you assign it, and it will run like a suicide bomber out at the incoming enemy. Then you click on it on the screen to make it blow up.

Steps to win:

1. Save up enough to build a temple. Now when you gently drop an enemy inside the castle, you will convert them. One at a time, can't do simultaneously.

2. Save up enough to buy the archery range. Now you will get a red flag and you can change your converts to archers. These will constantly shoot helping you to defend against the onslaught. Get 20 or so to start.

3. IMPORTANT: Before the giants come (around Level 14), you need to save up and buy a Mana Pool. Skip the Demolition Lab and Workshop for now. The Mana Pool will give you a yellow flag and let you change converts to wizards. This will give you 2 spells to start (kill 1 enemy and kill area). The # of wizards you have determines the speed at which your mana bar refills.
Get 20 or so to start. You need to the kill spells for when the giants come since you can't lift them up to drop them.

3b. After a couple rounds with wizards you get a third spell, Convert. This works extremely fast (unlike the slow temple), so you can rack up converts quickly. Be careful with it until you get a lot of wizards because it does take much more mana than the other spells.

4. Make sure to stay balanced and build up to 50 or so of each archers and wizards.

5. Now, get the Workshop. This will give you a green flag on the rear tower. Now you can change converts to craftsmen. Craftsmen will repair your wall/gate in real time during the level. This does not take money! Get about 10 to start.

6. Increase your numbers of archers, wizards, and craftsmen until you have about 200 wizards, 200 archers, and 50 craftsmen. Now you don't even have to do anything. Just realize this will take about 80,000 spending points a round to sustain, so never let your balance drop below or you will lose troops.
You never really need the Demolition Lab although you can get one whenever.

Final note... I don't think the game ever ends. I haven't found if it does. I think it is like those old Atari games that go on forever. I guess if you are self-sufficient you just set some point to call yourself a winner.

09-09-2006, 09:27:19
the secret to the game is not to spend all of your cash on stuff. make sure you have enough to upkeep your troops and this game becomes super easy.