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09-26-2009, 19:41:25
Sacred Seasons is a flash MMORPG - im not sure who originally hosted it but i found it on kongregate. As far as flash MMOs go - this ones pretty darn good in my opinion - so its Genghis approved. If u decide to join in n wanna find me my username is GenghisD. Hope 2 c u there.

Play Here (http://www.kongregate.com/games/jamieyg3/sacred-seasons-mmorpg)

old biker
09-26-2009, 20:29:42
lets see ...

09-26-2009, 20:44:02
where u at on there old biker?

old biker
09-26-2009, 22:15:33
didnt feel like logging ,becouse the game went to slow for my PC

10-10-2009, 12:23:31
Level 116 User: Funiax if anyone cares

10-25-2009, 17:28:42
hello guys