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10-23-2009, 09:28:23
Hi Everyone!!!

I've not been around for a little bit as I've been busy doing THIS http://www.blurb.com/photo-book-contest/view_book/907457


Okay, I have a new project. It's a fun new book and I want to model it on Gamershood and all us lovely people who come on here playing. I need 10 people to write about.


(and you're over 18 or have parent/guardian's permission)

- Write at least 200 words about yourself (show your personality, your likes, dislikes...etc)
Moderation Note: please do not share personal information like your full name, address etc.

- Why do you go on Gamershood? (for copyright reasons, Gamershood will not be mentioned ((unless I manage to get permission for Gamershood to mention the site, which would be good for advertising and what not)) and will be referred to as "an online gaming community")

-What sort of games you play online and how often do you play?

- What are the benefits of being part of an online gaming community?

- Tell me about a time when you were playing a game and the forum helped you.

- Add anything else you think might be interesting to add.

SEND ENTRIES TO: <<email address removed by moderation. Please do not post such information publicly. Members can contact you by email form through the forums if you have allowed that in your User CP. A good alternative are also PMs>>

THANK YOU!!!! I Will start making decisions during the beginning of DECEMBER '09.

And PLEASE VOTE FOR MY BOOK called "ARNIE!" !!!!!! :D