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11-05-2009, 08:43:52
Dragon Boy is a role-playing game by Godlimations where your main objective is to raise a dragon egg so it can grow and help you in battle. There is a short tutorial of how to play the game, access and use inventory, attack, etc., once you click start. The game will save automatically. WASD to move. Mouse to attack. I for inventory. O for options. P to pause. To toggle quality in case of lag, press Q. Good luck and enjoy. :)

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PLAY HERE! (http://www.gamershood.com/9804/role-playing/dragon-boy)


11-05-2009, 17:18:13
Arazec and Blaze just stand there and watch me get my ass kicked by thr bandit leader. How do I make them fight, or just do something other than follow me round and annoy the townfolk?

Ahhh. Despite being a sorceress she has no magic and cannot help till she has been given a skill. I seeeeee. And the dragon's still a baby so..

11-05-2009, 21:10:09
hello i cant do anything

11-06-2009, 17:36:12
anything? Like walk or fight?

If you're stuck in the town centre with everyone being mean to you, then you need to click on the carpet to the left hand side. It should have flames in the corners. That'll give you a battle field to go to, jsut level 1 for now. Click to kill WASD or arrows to walk. Your friends won't help till they've levelled up. The dragon needs food and will become useful at about .... umm.. either 20 or 50. I think it's 20.