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old biker
11-15-2009, 21:49:53
Pacman Room Escape 2 is the sequel to Pacman Room escape 1 ,escape game by Roomescape.Tistory. Try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles


good luck

please use spoilers to give hints

dont post a videowalktrough for 7 days

old biker
11-15-2009, 22:08:07
only 2 missing items
for suduko usesuduko solver (google):D
and out ..easy this time :)

11-15-2009, 22:54:11
only 2 missing items
for suduko usesuduko solver (google):D

Or just solve it manually. :P Sudukos are nice time wasters. I used to do them a lot when I traveled by train.

To get started with this game
look under the door

And if you are stuck with the door code, however you are sure you have the right numbers.. (just like me)..
The arrow on the red note has an reason. ;)

It may be obviously that the game creator is a big fan of this figure skater queen. :P Nice game. :)

And off to bed. I am really tired. :yawnee:

11-16-2009, 02:43:45
Out, but with a little help.

11-16-2009, 04:08:30
Yay, out! Cheated with the sudoku though :P

11-16-2009, 14:22:18
Where is the red note?
Got everything else I think

Ahhh got it

Out, nice and easy though that red note was a little tricky

11-16-2009, 14:32:52
And... out! Thanks for the hints, everyone.